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Chapter 10: The Demon Sword

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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Chapter 10: The Demon Sword

The elevator doors slid open, allowing Harry entrance to the lair. He walked into his home with a smile on his face. He had seemed to walk into an intense training session. Leo and Mikey were sparring on one end. Mikey swung his nunchucks upwards, wrapping it around one of Leo's katantas but Leo had managed to wedge his sword up and disarm Mikey.

On the other end, Raph and Don were doing some sparring of their own. Don expertly used his Bo staff to block his brother's attack attempts with the sai. Raph was starting to get agitated, his temper starting to get the better of him but Don swept his Bo from side to side, causing Raph's sais to spin from his hands, spiraling across the room. Harry stepped in and caught them.

"Looking for these bro," said Harry.

"Harry," cried the Turtles in unison. They rushed forward to greet their brother. It had been quite some time. Splinter had come into Harry’s line of sight, leaning on his walking stick.

"Welcome back, my son," said Splinter. "I wish to hear of your first few months at Hogwarts."

So Harry went about telling his family about the first several months, in detail. They were up through the night. Harry was now telling them about the three-headed dog on the third floor.

"So, it is apparently guarding something and someone was after it," said Harry. "What do you think, Sensei?"

Splinter looked thoughtful.

"I would imagine your hypothesis is not too far off what is truly going on, Harry," said Splinter. "Still, be on your guard and do not draw attention to what you know too much. A wise man once said one does not make decisions before knowing all of the facts. I would suggest you and your friends research the matter a little further before completely formulating your suspicions."

"If need any help Harry, we would be glad to help you research what you needed to find," added Leo. "Now are you sure you have told us everything you know about whatever is being guarded by that three headed dog?"

Harry scoured his brain for what he wanted but then it had hit him.

"Unless you can tell me who Nicholas Flamel is, then I am afraid there is nothing you can do for now," admitted Harry.

Don's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Nicholas Flamel, did you say Harry?" asked Don.

"Yes, Flamel, why Don do you know something?" responded Harry.

Don sprang up to his feet and ran into his room, with a gleeful expression etched on his face.

"I think we may be a few steps closer to solving this mystery if Don has a hunch," said Raph. "After all, there has never been a problem our brainiac turtle could not solve."

Don returned a couple of minutes later, thumbing through a massive tome. The title had read, Science Discoverys Throughout Time: Myths and Facts.

"I knew it," said Don. "I knew I read it somewhere now and now, a-ha I found it."

Don tossed the book onto the table as the six gathered around.

"I think I found your mysterious object, Harry," said Don. "Read this."

Everyone glanced upon the page.

Of all the scientific discoveries, which has been studied throughout time, the ability to transmute lead to gold, has been one of the most frustrating of them all. Only one man through the annals of time has been said to do this but we have little evidence other than a few records. During the twelve hundreds, an enigmatic man named Nicholas Flamel was said to be working on a ground breaking discovery, known only as the Philosopher's Stone. The stone was said to have the ability to transmute lead into gold. In another stunning discovery, it was also said to be able to produce the substance known as the Elixer of Life. It was said as long as a person took this formula regularly, they would live past the normal life expectancy of a normal person and for as long as they should want. The Stone has not been recovered and Flamel was not heard of much after the twelve hundreds."

Mikey whistled at what he had just read.

"Wicked, a stone which produced as much gold and life as one would want," said Mikey.

"Not wicked, especially if it fell into the wrong hands," lectured Don. "Someone could use it to upset the international monetary battle and we could have a crisis a hundred times worse the Great Depression. Also, imagine if some evil scientist got his hands on the stone. He would not be stopped."

"Or Dark Lord," remarked Harry, formulating his own worst-case scenario. "Someone who had been ripped from his body, wanting to return to full power."

"No, that can't happen," said Leo. "From what I understood from when that Dumbledore guy came here, Voldemort was directly on the course of taking over the world. He cannot be brought back to power, it could mean..."

"The end of decent civilization as we know it," stated Don grimly.

"Which is why the Stone seems to be guarded," concluded Master Splinter. "Although it does not seem to be guarded well enough, if Harry could have slipped in the door. If someone had figured out a way past the dog, I shudder to think what might happen."

"It is almost like someone wants the Philosopher's Stone to be found," said Raph angrily. "Although only a total loon would dangle something that dangerous that Voldemort creep's nose."

"So," said Harry. "I am going to have to get into the corridor and take the Stone before Voldemort can."

"You most certainly will not," said Splinter in a stern voice. "There might be other obstacles other than that dog down there, obstacles which you cannot possibly even know, something a first year student could not cross."

Splinter rose to his feet, leaning against his walking stick.

"It has been a long evening, my sons," said Splinter. "We will resuming are training tomorrow afternoon, especially you Harry, as I want to test to see if you have had kept your skills sharp in the previous five months."

Splinter walked off towards his room with Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Don quietly following. Harry got up and followed shortly after. He needed his sleep; no doubt Sensei would have an intense training session.

The next day came rapidly. Splinter beckoned Harry into the room. Dressed in his training gear and wielding his weapon, the double edge sword, which he twirled a few times. Splinter turned to Harry.

"Now, Harry, you will have a sparring match today, you may use any tactics I have previously taught you," said Splinter. "The match will last until one has been knocked off of his feet with an offensive maneuver."

Harry looked ready for action. He had practiced his katas rigorously in the empty room underneath the Slytherin library but now he was ready for action.

"Yes, Master Splinter. If I may ask, who is my opponent?"

Splinter looked at Harry before bowing to him.

"It will be me," said Splinter.

Harry looked at his Sensei. He would no doubt be in for a few new lessons as Splinter was more skilled than Harry or the Turtles due to his experience. Yet, if Harry could hold his own, he would be able make a good impression.

"Are you sure, Master Splinter?" asked Harry, wanting clarification.

"Yes, I am sure, Harry," said Splinter. "Now begin."

Splinter, with speed few his age could, swung his walking stick towards Harry. Harry managed to jump up at the last minute and let the stick harmlessly hit the air. Harry was not but Splinter swung the stick from the opposite direction and this time, Harry had to do a back flip over the stick to avoid it. Swinging the flat end of his double-edged sword, Harry was hoping to get some offense it but Splinter casually knocked his blow back with his walking stick. Splinter swung the walking stick towards Harry's upper body but Harry managed to roll underneath the blow.

Harry swung his sword but Splinter ducked underneath it and followed by a twirl of his walking stick followed by an attempting jab, which glanced Harry's chest. Winded, Harry felt if he were to have a fighting chance, he would have to disarm Splinter of his walking stick. Beckoning his Sensei forward, Harry prepared for action. Splinter swung forwards while charging slightly but Harry back flipped over Splinter and calmly took the walking stick out of his Sensei's hand before throwing it to the side. Harry swung the flat edge of his double-edged sword but Splinter leaped over it and onto the couch.

With expert grace, Splinter made his move towards Harry, kicking the double-edged sword from his hand, unexpectedly. Harry decided to go for a leaping kick but Splinter rolled underneath and grabbed Harry, before tossing him to the ground. Harry winced, as Splinter bowed at him. The short but intense match had been over, with the Master winning but the Student showing he learned a few tricks over the years. Splinter looked at his student as the four Turtles were applauding the entertaining sparring match.

"Excellent effort, my son," said Splinter. "I see you have not slacked on your training but as I am sure you are aware, you still have a ways to go."

Harry and Master Splinter looked at each other before bowing at the same time. At that point, the lights in the lair went out.

"Oh nice wiring job, Don," cried Mikey in a sarcastic voice from in the darkness.

"I guarantee you it was not my work," said Don in an irritated voice. The lair was so black one could not see there hand in front of their face. Until the lighting of a match was heard and Splinter reemerged from the darkness, holding a candle in his hand.

"If we lost power, than the entire city must have experienced a black out," said Splinter. "Normally I discourage trips to the surface but this matter is worthy of investigation."

"All right, let's do it," cried Raphael enthusiastically.

The four Turtles and Harry rushed out of the lair as Splinter shook his hand. Youth could be so enthusiastic at times. Splinter sat down, beginning to meditate by the candlelight. After that intense sparring match, he needed to clear his mind.

Topside, it was pretty mild for a December night in New York. At least, there was no snow or ice. Don looked about and the same thing could be said everywhere else on their side of town. Total blackness.

"Master Splinter was right," said Don. "Pitch black. I wonder what could be the problem."

"Yeah, it seems odd the power would go out on a calm night like this," said Harry. "Which means, I bet my broomstick someone cut the power."

"Still," said Mikey with a mischievous glint in his eye. "No one can see us, which means…"

Mikey playfully shoved Raph down. Raph sprang up and chased after Mikey, but in a good-natured way. Harry was fighting the urge to smile but Leo, the voice of reason, had to speak up at this moment.

"Guys, do you really think we should be doing this," said Leo. "What if someone sees us?"

Raph looked at Leo incredulously. Harry decided not to point out that the four Turtles would be the ones who would be in for much freaking out if they had been seen.

"That is the beauty of it, bro," said Raph. "No one can see us."

Leo was stopped from making a remark by a noise of someone leaping overhead across the street. Harry could have cursed underneath his breath. Across the street, he spied a group of three ninjas. The same ninjas, which they had fought last summer, with the red symbol, which appeared shaped like a foot on the top of their ninja apparel, appeared to be up to no good.

"Oh no, not them again," said Harry, remembering the aches and pains from the first fight.

"Didn't we fight these guys once before?" asked Mikey rhetorically.

"Yeah and our process of going to the afterlife nearly sped up considerably," said Don.

"Who's up for some payback?" asked Raph, with an excited glint in his eyes before running off.

"Raph, wait," said Leo before rolling his eyes and running after his brother. Don and Mikey followed them with Harry coming behind them.

Climbing in through an opening on the room, Harry could see they were in some kind of Ninjitsu Historical Museum. A group of three ninjas were making for a display case with a sword in it. One of the ninjas opened up the case.

"Ahem," said Harry. "Didn't your mother tell you it wasn't nice to steal?"

The ninjas drew their weapons as did the Turtles and Harry.

"We can take these clowns, there’s only three of them," said Raph in a confident express.

At the moment of Raph's words, dozens more ninjas dropped from the roof. They all looked angry and wielding pointed weapons.

"You were saying, bro," said Leo.

The Turtles and Harry went straight into action. Harry used his double edge sword to block a blow from one of the ninja's regular sword before kicking up in the air. On the other end, Leo was ducking a block from some kind of staff. Leo swung his sword, slicing it in two. The ninja looked at Leo before shaking one end, revealing a blade. Leo looked wide eyed and blocked a jab towards his throat with his blade.

Don was having a tough time, as three ninjas had cornered him, all armed with the sickle and chain weapon called the Kusari-Gama. They tossed the chains and had wrapped it around Don's Bo staff, pulling it away from his grips.

"Hang tight, bro," said Raph as he rushed over, dodging the assaults and promptly knocking one of the sickles back with a well placed swipe with his sai.

Mikey swung his nunchucks upwards, wrapping it around the spear of one of the ninjas before yanking it from his hand. Moving in for the attack, Mikey wiped out his adversary with an expertly placed kick.

"You cannot touch Michelangelo, mighty nunchuck master of the universe," said Mikey before a group of ninjas sprang up and knocked him back. Mikey narrowly avoided three spears aimed at his chest by rolling out of the way.

Harry rolled out of the way of a sword swing. He ducked a second shot and kicked a ninja back. Another assassin attempted gut Harry with the spear but Harry moved and his opponent shattered a ceremonial vase with its spear.

"You break it, you bought it," said Harry before flipping over the table and pushing it into the ribs of the ninja. Harry then tipped the table upon onto the warrior, taking him out of the equation.

Raph and Don were pitted against a group of ninjas. Don managed to reclaim his Bo staff and Raph kicked one of the ninjas right into a well-placed jab to the ribs by Donatello but two of the assassins grabbed Raph. With great strength, they flipped the hot-tempered terrapin over. Don then blocked a sickle shot with a Bo staff.

A ninja knocked Leo into a table with another couple of vases, causing the vases to shatter and the table to collapse due to the impact. Mikey had managed to roll into the area, wrapping his nunchucks around the sword of the assassin who moved to finish Leo, before he swung his fist into the ribs. Mikey went airborne and crashed his nunchucks right into the face of his opponent.

"That should teach you to mess with one of my brothers," said Mikey before reaching down and ripping off the foot shaped symbol off of the ninja. "And look here, a trophy to boot."

One of the ninjas made for the case as the four Turtles and Harry attempted to dive at the other ninjas who were getting away. Unfortunately, the ninjas leapt out of the way and the five brothers crashed heads together, dropping to the ground in agony.

"Oh, that was not pleasant," said Harry, massaging his head.

"I sense a training session in our future," said Mikey in a singsong voice before spying the ninja who was after the sword. "Hey, our ninja friend is trying to get away with the hardware."

"Come on, we have got to stop him," said Leo, as they rushed to the ninja who was picking up the sword. Harry could not help but noticing the ninja held the sword with some sort of metal glove.

"Just put down the sword and we will call it a draw," said Raph advancing on the ninja.

This assassin had other ideas. He swung the sword open and a shockwave flew out of the sword, knocking Raph backwards. The ninja swung the sword again as Leo, Don, Mikey, and Harry went after him. Those four didn’t get that far as the sword shockwave also stunned them. The ninja slipped away without a word, having stolen the sword. Harry and the Turtles lay on the ground, in pain from being blown backwards by the force of the shockwave, which flew out of the sword.

"What was that thing?" asked Raph while groaning and clutching his head.

"It is not anything I have ever seen," said Harry. "Maybe it's magical, I don't know."

"Not likely, it is most likely a self osculating sword which emits electrical vibrations when swung," said Don.

"Now repeat that just one more time, in English," said Mikey looking befuddled.

"It packs a shockwave, which will knock you directly on your back," said Don in more simplistic terms.

"What could those ninjas want with a sword which emits a shockwave?" mused Harry thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, Oroku Saki was preparing for sparring with some of his ninjas at his headquarters. Removing his ninja robe top to reveal his bandaged torso, Saki bowed out his ninjas who bowed back. Saki bent his knees before he leapt into the air, before kicking three ninjas to the side with a series of expertly placed maneuvers. Two more of the sparring partners charged Saki, wielding swords but Saki blocked the swords with his bare hands. Seconds later he kneed one of the ninjas in the midsection. Swinging his fist upwards, Saki knocked the wind out of the second of his opponents.

At that precise moment, the mountainous man known as Hun, Saki's second in command, walked into the room with the sword, which Saki's ninjas had stolen earlier the night on a tray. Saki looked at his faithful subordinate.

"Ah, Hun, one moment please," said Saki, holding up his hand before he promptly made quick work of the remaining ninjas. Saki then walked over to Hun.

"As promised Master," said Hun, offering the tray with the sword to Saki. Saki picked up the sword, with his hand, admiring its craftsmanship.

"After all these years, I have acquired it once again," said Saki with relish. "The demon sword, the Sword of Tengu is mine."

Saki looked around, waving the sword in front of a case with the armor of his more sinister alter ego, known simply as the Shredder.

"Now, I can use the sword to find other artifacts of its unique origin," said Saki, still admiring the sword. "My age old enemies can no longer hide from me, as I will use the sword to track them down and destroy them."

Saki turned to Hun, before placing the sword on the tray.

"Hun, prepare the Foot Ninjas," said Saki. "We will use the sword for the plan we discussed earlier."

"Yes, Master," said Hun clasping his hands together while giving a short bow. Hun walked off, with the sword.

Oroku Saki knew soon he would soon be able to track down his enemies. Saki would then destroy them slowly and painfully. If all went to plan, Saki would achieve his finest triumph.

Splinter looked at the Foot Symbol with a far off angry look in his eye. The Turtles and Harry just finished telling him about the fight with the ninjas and the sword which the ninjas had taken.

"Do you know what this symbol means, Master Splinter?" asked Don.

Splinter did not respond for a moment. It seemed to Harry he was debating on what to tell his sons and exactly how much to tell his sons. The wise rat spoke after a moment.

"Trouble," said Splinter simply and shortly.

"Trouble as it what exactly?" asked Harry.

"Nothing you need to know, Harry," said Splinter shortly. "I would advise you five not to go after these people ever again. They are of no concern of yours. You are not to investigate anything involving them any more"

Splinter got up, leaning on his walking stick.

"Now if you excuse me," said Splinter. "I need to meditate upon an important matter. I will see you in the morning."

Splinter walked towards his room, pulling the door shut behind him.

"That symbol seems to have Sensei weirded out for some reason," said Mikey. "I wonder what exactly is he not telling us."

Don had already got on his computer, punching up the records for blackouts.

"Look at this," stated Don. "Another blackout, this time by the river front."

"Who thinks we should go investigate?" said Raph, cracking his knuckles in anticipation.

"I dunno, Master Splinter said..." began Leo before Raph cut him off.

"Not to investigate anything about the ninjas," said Raph. "He didn’t say anything about the blackouts."

"So let's get ready for action," said Harry rushing out as Raph, Mikey, and Don followed him quickly. Leo looked at them.

"Hey, wait up, guys," said Leo, rushing after them.

On the bridge just right by the harbor, Harry and the Turtles were watching. Don pulled out five pairs of goggles before passing them around.

"Night vision goggles," remarked Harry looking impressed. "Very nice."

Don raised his hand and looked around, looking for something out of the ordinary. After about a moment of searching, Don located his target.

"Look at this, guys," said Don, pointing towards docks on the other end of the water. "It seems like our ninja friends are up to no good once again."

A quick look confirmed to the others that Don was correct, as some kind of vibration cannon had been pointed towards the water from the docks and a shockwave was emitting from the water. A whirlpool circled through the water from the vibrations of the sword.

"We need to get in for a closer look to see what they are doing," said Harry.

"No sweat, I came prepared," said Don, reaching up on a pack, which he placed on his back, and pushing a button. A glider shot out of the side of the pack. "Unfortunately, this will have to be the test flight."

"You mean it has not been tested yet," said Mikey, looking frantic.

"Duh, Mikey, how do expect to test a flying machine in the sewers," said Raph, shaking his head in disgust.

Don got a running start before he glided off the top of the bridge, moving forward as the glider arched forward and then up.

"Good first flight, but I forgot to take into account the wind residence on my Bo staff," said Don to himself but as he moved closer, he saw something that caused him to do a double take. He saw the sword from earlier tonight the ninjas stole. He gave a gasp before pulling out his two-way mirror. "Harry."

"I'm here, Don," said Harry on the other end of the two-way mirror.

"Tell the others I’m going in for a closer look. It seems they are using the sword to power the cannon," said Don who flew towards the shockwaves the vibration cannon, which was hooked, to the sword was giving off. He flew into the water, splashing into the water due to the vibration forces causing some kind of super gravity has he flew over it.

"Don, Don, are you there bro?" asked Harry. No answer. Harry turned to Leo, Raph, and Mikey. "Come on guys, Don is in trouble. Let's go."

The four rushed around, but were forced to stop in their tracks. More ninjas were on the horizon.

"We don't have time for this," said Harry angrily.

"Somehow, I do not think we have a choice," said Mikey as the four pulled out their weapons preparing for battle.

The would be attackers swung their swords at Harry but he expertly dodged their attacks, moving behind them, and then caught them with a split kick as they turned around, knocking both ninjas in the face. Yet another assassin swung a chain around, wrapping it around Harry's arms and pulling him into a sickle. Leo jumped into action, cutting the sword before Harry could get his head removed by the sickle. Leo then had to block three swords at once for a few seconds before Harry rushed forward to his brother’s defense, kicking one of the ninjas into the icy water below. Leo flipped the other two ninjas over with his feet, sending them flying onto a nearby ship.

Meanwhile, Raph and Mikey were having their own problems. One of the ninjas swung his staff, sweeping Mikey's legs out from underneath him. Mikey sailed right into the ship where more ninjas were waiting. Dozens more attackers circled around but Raph leapt down onto the ship, kicking a pair of ninjas back.

Leo looked outgunned for a moment as group of ninjas advanced upon him. Looking up, Leo spotted the sail to the ship. Tossing his sword to the side, Leo severed the ropes connecting the sail, letting it drop onto the foot ninjas.

Harry was having his own problems. One of the ninjas had placed the wooden end of the spear on his throat and attempted to push Harry overboard into the ice-cold water below. Leo rushed over in an attempt to save his brother but he was cut off at the pass by three of their adversaries. They swung their swords, which Leo barely pushed back.

It looked to be the end of Harry Potter but thankfully a figure emerged from the water, cracking his Bo staff over the head of the ninja and knocked him for a loop.

"Nice timing, Don," said Harry to his brother as he used his double edge sword to leap up and cut the ropes for a net one of the ninjas were standing on which caused them to fly upwards.

Ninjas were advancing upon Mikey who was swinging his nunchucks. The ninjas charged at Mikey, wielding their swords and Mikey swerved around at the last second. Two ninjas crashed into the wall but the third one spun around and swung his sword at Mikey who ducked his head into his shell to avoid being hit. Michelangelo swung his nunchucks and smashed them right into the jaw of the ninja. The ninja fell back, blood flowing from his mouth, as he did not move.

Harry rolled back, before knocking a chain back with his double edge sword. The ninjas tossed two more chains, wrapping them around the feet of Harry before dragging him up a ladder and hanging him down. A third foot ninja climbed up, with a sword in hand. Harry hung upside down and defenseless as his opponent lifted his sword but Harry managed to swing, catapulting the assassins which were suspending him upside down, causing them to fall thirty feet into the ocean below. Harry climbed up to the port, with the ninja swinging the sword.

Harry winced, falling down, clutching his arm. He put his hand out as blood dripped from his arm. He managed to sweep the leg out from underneath the ninja as his attacker prepared to deliver the crushing blow. The ninja flew off the port, into parts unknown.

Don slammed his Bo staff down on a ninjas’ foot as Mikey swung his nunchuck around Leo's sword, which formed a trip wire of sorts. The Bo staff was aimed and connected into the chest of his opponent, which caused him to trip over the makeshift trip wire. Raph tossed his Sais, knocking a ninja in the chest. The ninja fell backwards, into the water and out of the fight.

"There are too many of these guys," said Mikey but at that moment, the cannon could be heard giving off even stronger vibrations. One of the operators of the cannon motioned for someone to come, as they appeared to find what they were looking for.

"Never mind them," said Leo. "We have got shut down the cannon."

A helicopter had arrived on the scene, lowering a giant hook like contraption into the water. With a might jerk, it lifted up what appeared to be some sort of metal exoskeleton. At this point the Turtles along with Harry, who was nursing his shoulder leaped down onto the dock.

"Hold it right there, boys," said Raph. "I believe you have something which doesn’t belong to you."

The ninjas or rather technicians, looked at the Turtles. One pulled out lifted his hand up and fired a series of laser blasts out of his wristband. The turtles had to get out of the way. Harry, shoulder dripping blood, had the sense to knock his brothers into the ice-cold water away from the laser blast.

"That guy is way too over accessorized," observed Mikey, as they had to duck into the water to avoid more blasts. In the heat of the battle, the laser connected with the vibration cannon, which caused it to spin like crazy.

"We have got to get out of here," said one of the technicians. "The vibration cannon will destroy us."

"What about the sword?" said the second technicians.

"Never mind that," said the technician quickly, who pulled up his cohort and grabbed onto the hook, which had lifted the exoskeleton out of the water.

"They are getting away," said Raph frantically but the cannon had stopped spinning and was not pointing directly towards the city.

"Never mind that, we have bigger problems right now," said Harry who pulled himself up, with blood still flowing from his shoulder where he was cut. Harry felt weak from the blood loss and nearly fell but Leo and Mikey caught him.

They had to stop the cannon. If they did not, it could level the entire city. Don looked at the cannon frantically, at a loss of what to do.

"What about disconnecting the sword?" suggested Leo.

"You know, that just might work," said Don who reached for the sword but he yelped in pain. The sword burned his hand, for some reason he was not able to touch it.

"Here, use this," said Leo kicking a metal glove, which the tech workers must have left behind.

Don placed the glove on his hand and yanked the sword from the cannon. The cannon vibrated one final time before sputtering to a stop. The city had been saved and not a moment too soon. Unfortunately, police sirens were heard, meaning the five brothers had to make themselves scarce right away.

Back at the lair, Splinter had the metal glove on, looking at the sword. Harry had his shoulder bandaged and the bleeding at stopped. Other than a sharp pain whenever he moved his shoulder and a light headed feeling, Harry felt fine. After a moment of inspection, Splinter looked up from the sword.

"This sword is unlike any I have ever seen," remarked Splinter. "The metal appears to have unique properties and is extremely powerful."

Splinter placed the sword on a ledge in the lair.

"Best it remains out of the wrong hands," said Splinter. "Good night, my sons."

Splinter turned, walking off to bed. The Turtles and Harry resolved to do the same, as it had been another long night.

Elsewhere, Oroku Saki was extremely enraged. The tech division of the Foot had just given their reports.

"So, I finally find concrete proof of the presence of my enemies in the city," thundered Saki angrily while indicating the metal exoskeleton, which had been dug out of the harbor. "And all it cost me was the Sword of Tengu."

Saki slammed his fist down upon the table, which he was sitting behind. The tech guys looked sheepish before one spoke.

"There were circumstances, Master Saki," said the tech division leader. "The four creatures and their preteen friend, they came out of nowhere and we had to run for it."

Saki angrily whipped out a photo which the Mouser optics had recorded, the last image it record, at Baxter Stockman's lab before it was destroyed.

"Were these the creatures?" demanded Saki.

"Yes, sir," said the tech division leader.

"And did their preteen friend have untidy black hair with green eyes and a lighting bolt scar upon his head," said Saki, although he knew the answer to the question.

"Oh yes," said the foot division leader.

Saki looked at his followers, who had failed on their mission.

"That will be all," said Saki shortly.

The tech leaders bowed, walking out of the room. The door opened, revealing Hun who had a grin on his face. He grabbed the tech leaders by the throats, pulling them into the room. Saki could hear screaming in the other room, as the tech division begged for mercy. Then he heard silence. Saki stared at the vague picture of the creatures, while placing a metal gauntlet on his hand with spiked prongs. He raised his arm above his head, before angrily spearing the picture with the spiked gauntlet.
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