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Cherry Tree Behavioral Center

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What do you get if you put together a depressed drug addict, a suicidal alcoholic, a sociopath and selective mute anorexic?

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What do you get if you put together a depressed drug addict, a suicidal alcoholic, a sociopath and selective mute anorexic? This might sound like the start of a joke, but at the Cherry Tree Behavioral Center this is exactly who was there. And this is what you get.

"So here is the main room, everybody comes here in the morning after breakfast before going on to the tasks they have been set out for the day." The blonde woman with the clipboard told us as we walked into a large room full of all different sorts of people, from different walks of life. There was older people, younger people, women, men, tall and short. I looked round quickly before turning my attention back to Gerard who just looked beyond unamused. "Everybody has, what we like to call a 'buddy'. This is someone who will help you with settling in and guide you whilst you get comfortable here." The patronising woman spoke again. "Now lets see who you have both been joined with." She questioned looking at the clipboard before letting out a small "aha" and taping her pen as a sign to follow her. She led us over to a table in the middle of the room where two girls were sat. One tall girl with emerald eyes and copper coloured hair and another with a dull red hair and piercing blue eyes. Both girls were stunning and for a moment I was lost as to why these two young girls could be in such a place like this. I was so taken in by they're beauty I didn't notice the strange silence that enveloped their table. Or the fact that even though there was mass hysteria going on around them no one else seemed to bat a glance and the girls, it was simply like they were ghosts. As we neared, standing behind the worker, the copper haired girl raised her eyebrow to Blondie, as if she was questioning her without the need to vocally express it. "Ok guys these are your buddies. Gerard you have been paired with Scarlett." She spoke staring at her clipboard as copper girl just stared at her. "And Frank you have been paired with Rose." The clipboard was pointed towards blue eyed girl, who had a small smirk on her lips. "Everything ok today girls?" She looked at them both as Scarlett rolled her eyes and scoffed, and Rose just looked at Scarlett with that smirk still on her lips. "Ok well I'll leave you all to get acquainted with each other. Remember girls, you are to help and assist the boys with any of their troubles, be nice." The warning tone was a simple touch after the long silence, before the blonde bimbo strutted off.

"She needs to get laid. Bad." Scarlett smirked causing Rose to chuckle whilst she rolled small bits of paper into balls.
"So I'm Gerard, this is Frank." My best friend spoke as we awkwardly stood in front of these girls, unsure of what to do with ourselves.
"You can sit down, we don't bite." Scarlett looked at us both. "Well she doesn't otherwise she wouldn't be able to eat for another week." She added laughing to herself as Rose punched her arm, still never voicing an opinion or objection. "So what you boys do to deserve hell like this?" Scarlett asked after recovering herself from what I presumed to be a joke. I kept trying to sneak glances at Rose as I sat opposite her. She was beautiful, she looked so delicate like at any moment she could shatter. There was something so beautifully haunting about her. "Oh don't bother trying to get a peep at of her. She's selective mute. You wanna hear her voice you gotta earn it baby." Scarlett stated matter of factly as she caught me looking at her friend a smile on her lips that was far from comforting.

"Ok everybody, time to go to your rooms and prepare for your tasks!" A man in a fancy suit shouted as he clapped his hands together looking around. "Scarlett, Rose you are excluded from tasks today as you have a much more important one to carry out." He spoke not even looking in our direction as everyone started to file out.
"Suppose we should show you the place you'll end up seeing as home then." Scarlett spoke before standing up and walking off causing us to quickly jump up and follow. "Alright, Frank your in that room. Rose is next door. Next is mine and then it’s yours Gerard." She pointed each of them out. "I'll show Gerard, you show Frank and meet out here in half an hour?" She glanced at Rose who nodded and set of walking into my room. How was I supposed to survive when the only person who was supposed to help me didn't even talk!?

I took one last glance at Gerard who did the same as me and quickly rushed to follow our ‘buddy’. As I walked in there was nothing really to take in, just what you’d expect. The basics. There’s a bed barely big enough for me to fit in, then a plain simple wardrobe. I noticed a door to the other side of the room next to the small window that barely let in any light. I must have been looking at the door for some time as I heard a soft cough come from the side of me.
“It’s nothing special. It wont lead you to Narnia. It’s just the bathroom.” I heard a soft and barely audible voice come from the side of me causing me to snap my head to look at Rose quickly. Did she really just speak? I thought I had to earn it? “I’m not total mute. I’m only mute when it comes to them. And people I don’t like.” She smiled at me as she walked over to the door and opened it to show me a shower, sink and toilet. “God I hate people who I don’t like.” She shook her head before looking at me as the door clasped shut. “So as you can probably guess, hell doesn’t come in blood red, or fiery red or any colour for that matter. It comes in white.” She motioned around the room, which was all white, as though she was an estate agent showing me around a multi-million house.
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