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The guys learn a thing or two

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After Rose had shown me my small room, she helped me to unpack my small suitcase that I brought with me. The reason it was small is because I wasn’t planning on staying here long. I didn’t need to be here but of course the doctors expressed their concerns and stated this was the “best of the best” so this is where I was shipped.
“You really do have a lot to learn here.” She broke the silence that had fallen on us. I turned to look at her questioningly to see her holding up my cigarette box and lighter. I went to grab them but she quickly snatched them away a small smirk on her deep pink lips. “Are they just cigarettes or something more?” She took one out, the smirk never leaving her lips, and ran the glorious stick under her nose; her eyes fluttering shut as though she was enjoying the smell of them. “Come on, we have to meet Scar and your friend.” She tossed the packet towards me as she walked out slowly to see the smirking face of Scarlett.
“Does he?” She looked at Rose who simply nodded. “Marvellous!” She chirped as we all set off to go outside.

“Ladies. Stop.” Came a booming voice just as we got to the door. The girls stopped before spinning on their heels to look at the young man from before. He had an ID badge that stated his name was ‘Dr Bridges’. “You know you’re not allowed out without permission.” He looked over at the girls, completely ignoring us. I noticed his eyes lingered on Rose as he looked up her and down taking in her small frame. I noticed Scarlett look at Rose and roll her eyes. “Rose we are due our meeting soon please do not forget.” He warned in a defeated tone when he realised that the girls were going to walk on regardless of what he said. We quickly followed as they ignored him and carried on skipping down the few steps that lead to the green grass at the back of the building.

“Can you climb?” Scarlett looked at us both as we stood underneath a large old tree.
“Yeah we can.” Gerard smiled just as Scarlett took off up the tree, Gerard quickly following.
“Go ahead.” Rose smiled at me as she motioned up the tree. “I don’t climb.” She mused as I started climbing. When I got to the top I looked down to see Rose reaching round the bottom of the tree for something, before Scarlett through a ladder down for her. Scarlett took her place on one of the braches as Gerard was on the one underneath, I took mine which was slightly at the side of Scarlett’s as Rose took hers underneath me.
“Should we be up here?” Gerard asked as we noticed Rose fiddling around in her pockets before throwing a white pack up to Scarlett.
“Relax. There all preoccupied with patient time. There’s only the delectable Dr Bridges that isn’t and he won’t come moaning our way, as long as we have Rose that is.” Scarlett spoke smirking down at Rose as she opened the white packet and took out a cigarette before getting the metal lighter out and sparking up, before long the sigh of pure bliss was heard as she took her first drag. I noticed Gerard quickly follow suit, knowing he’d been dying for a cigarette since we got in the car to leave this morning.
“So proper introductions.” Rose spoke, as Gerard choked a little at hearing her voice. “I’m Rose Watson, I’m 21 years old, I have a degree in law and I’m in here because I’m considered anorexic.” She gave out what sounded like a well-rehearsed speech before she took a drag of her cigarette.
“I thought you was a selective mute?” Gerard looked at her questioningly.
“That’s where she was smart. She acts like she a mute in front of them so when she does finally gather the ‘courage’ to speak in front of them they will think she’s getting better and she won’t be as strictly followed around when it comes to food.” Scarlett spoke looking down at Rose with an impressed look, who in response just smirked.
“Ok now shoot.” Rose looked at Gerard smiling, who coughed and cleared his throat before starting.
“I’m Gerard Way, I’m 28, I’m the lead singer of a rock band and I’m here because I’m a suicidal alcoholic because it was my way of escape from bullying and rejection.” Gerard opened up a little taking a deep drag from his cigarette with shaking hands.
“Ok. Gerard, that was good but when you talk to them don’t offer all that information at once. We discovered the quickest way out of here is to do the steps they expect. The denial, the anger, the sadness, the realisation and then the recovery.” Rose smiled at him, as he looked back confused at her.
“Enough chit chat it’s my turn.” Scarlett laughed before stubbing out her stick. “I’m Scarlett Jones, I’m 22, I’m a costume designer and I’m apparently a sociopath with the occasional psychotic tendencies.” She rolled her eyes at the last part. “Between us. I don’t have these tendencies, all because I get…” she paused trying to think of the right word, “passionate about things does not mean I have psychotic episodes. It just means people were doing it wrong.” She laughed as she brought her legs up straight on the branch.
“Now it’s your turn.” She looked at me as I took a deep breath.
“Frank Iero, 26, guitarist in Gerard’s band, depressed drug addict.” I kept it short as I picked at the fray bits of denim on my jeans, looking up at Rose who looked impressed.
“That’s how you deliver the getting to know you speech.” She smiled looking up at her best friend who nodded her head in agreement.

“So how does this work then? I mean you said go through the stages?” Gerard finally asked after a while of getting to know each other a little better.
“Basically, if you skip a stage then they are going to say you will relapse because that stage will come back to you.” Scarlett started, “so first when you have your meeting you disagree saying you shouldn’t be here because you don’t have a problem. Then a couple of weeks later you start to get angry because your stuck here, then the sadness comes about a week after that because there’s nothing going to get you out. But suddenly, a couple of days after you start to think maybe I do have a problem and then they see a glimmer of hope that you will become a success on their records. Finally, the longest stage you start to get better by doing the classes they tell you to do and speaking more in your talks.” She told us stage by stage.
“And not sticking your fingers down your throat.” Rose chirped in rolling her eyes.
“So what stage are you both in?” I asked looking up and down from them both.
“Well any moment now Rose is going to start talking and it will be a miracle and she will be the most improved of the week as she will be considered to be recovering. Whereas, I’m in slow recovery in order for us both to get out of here together.” Scarlett looked down at her best friend and smiled. There was something about that that suggested Scarlett deep down know Rose needed help and that’s why she told them she had a problem in order to be there to support her best friend.
“Oh shit.” Rose jumped before rearranging herself so she could get of the branch. “Got my meeting with him.” She spat out the last part. Why did he look her up and down for so long? Why did Scarlett roll her eyes? And why did Rose sound so angry when she mentioned her meeting. “Wish me luck with the prick.” She chimed as she climbed down and quickly ran towards the building, leaving us all sat there to talk more about this hell of a home.
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