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All about Rose

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“So what’s the deal then? Between Rose and that doctor?” Gerard asked Scarlett who was messing with the cigarette packet. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who noticed that there was something else that was going on between them.
“Oh well you see because she doesn’t speak, he thinks he can have his way with her. He’s a pervert and Rose is his target.” She shrugged clenching her fist a little tighter, her knuckles whitening, her nails digging into the palm.
“So if he is like that why doesn’t she just talk? I mean if it’s an act then it’s got to be better than what he will do to her.” Gerard questioned, sounding slightly confused.
“You don’t get it. She has a problem with food. Everyone knows it, even to an extent Rose knows it but it doesn’t mean to say here is the best place for her to get better. If she didn’t do the whole mute thing then she would be stuck in here. She would die in here, because she isn’t going to change as long as she’s in here.” Scarlett sighed as her eyes glistened ever so slightly. “Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is telling you to stop doing something, or that something is bad for you, yet you can’t help but keep doing it? It’s a routine, it’s a comfort, and it’s all you know?” She looked at us both as we nodded. “Well that’s exactly what it’s like for Rose. All she knows is her Anorexia. We took her to doctors, to specialists, to just about everyone but no one could make her stop. The only person who can is her. By her being a mute it means that when she does talk, she can start to get her control back, she can go to the toilet without having time limits, she can have a shower without someone sitting outside her door listening. Then when she starts to gain weight they will think she’s fixed.” She shrugged before looking out into the distance where there was a group doing what looked like meditation.
“Well how is she going to gain weight?” I asked slowly, if she wasn’t going to change then surely she wasn’t going to miraculously grow?
“I told you I’m a costume designer.” She looked at us smirking. “The obviously check her pockets for stuff that could weigh her down. They don’t check the lining. So we got some of my clothes so they were bigger on her and I put in a false lining and every so often we increase the weight. Funny thing about this place is that stones keep going missing.” She laughed as she looked at the small stones that surrounded the water feature. Both Gerard and I laughed along. The professionals might say that these girls are damaged but they are certainly very smart and have outwitted them.
“Are you not scared about losing her though? When she does come out of here?” I asked before lighting up another cigarette.
“No. I know she’ll beat it. She’s a fighter, it just takes her some time to pick her battle stance.” She smiled still clearly proud of her best friend. “Hence why I got myself admitted into here. I am passionate and intense but nowhere near the extent that I told them. I’ve always protected Rose whether she knows it or not and I wasn’t going to let her come into a place like this on her own. She is my best friend. She is my family and I certainly wasn’t going to sit around and watch her suffer here. No chance.” Scarlett stated in a matter of fact tone, unintentionally answering my next question.

After we talked about Rose we decided to head back into the building as not to raise suspicion about where we were. Scarlett had us hand over our cigarettes and she buried them around the back off the tree just like she had done with her own. We were making our way back through the door when he heard a grunt coming from the office of the doctor who’s Rose’s meeting was with. I quickly looked at Scarlett whose face had become red with anger and her eyes had clouded over with rage. She leapt for the door but Gerard was quicker grabbing hold of her and holding her to him. “Stop.” He whispered, “Think about the relapse.” He held her tighter as she was fighting against him.
“You wanted me to talk doctor, so I will.” We heard Rose’s soft voice just as Scarlett broke free, freezing when she heard her best friend. “Now unless you want me to scream and cry and give a real good show I suggest you get back to your computer and write how well I’m improving and that Scarlett Jones and Rose Watson will be up in front of the board for a chance of release in the next couple of weeks.” You could clearly hear the smirk in her voice.
“You know I can’t do that Rose.” The doctor’s voice came out as a broken tone.
“I didn’t say what I knew, I said you will. Really doctor one simple instruction and you still get confused. You have five seconds or I scream.” She moved so we could see her silhouette through the pane of frosted glass at the top of the doctor’s office door. “5..4..3..2..1..” She started, the door handle rattling as she felt around for it. I looked over at Scarlett who looked as confused as ever and shrugged back at me.
“Right! Fine! Just don’t scream!” The doctor’s panicked voice rang out as the noise of the keys of a computer being typed rang out.
“Good doctor. See it gets so much easier when you do as your told doesn’t it. As always Doctor Bridges a very useful therapy session.” The smart ass tone of Rose rang out as she opened the door smirking before seeing us all stood there.
“Guys.” She looked and sounded surprised at us all, just as Doctor Bridges’ face came into view. His blooded nose and everything.
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