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Of Polka Dot Shorts and Nightmares

by Storm 2 reviews

Sun Hill CID deal with a strange case involving unusual nightmares and child kidnapping's. AndreaNeil romance. Slight X-files Crossover. Better Summary Inside.

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Of Polka Dot Shorts and Nightmares.

Author's Notes:-

Slight crossover with the X-Files post season 9, No spoilers though. DRR.

Background Information.

John and Monica, (from the X-files), have ended up in London 9 years after the End of The Truth. They are now married, under a new name with 2 children, an 8 year old son, Matthew and a 3 year old daughter, Josie. The story takes place after Kerry is shot but sometime before the explosion and Andrea's exposure. Neil and Andrea have been together on the quiet for about five months. He knows she's a journalist but no one else does. Major spoilers for anyone in Aus and NZ.

Spoilers: March episodes of The Bill in the UK.

Dedications:- I'd like to thank, Gem6, for reviewing every story I have wrote so far, I never would have had the heart to continue any of them without you and, my colleagues from work, (who I hope never see this) who gave me the inspiration for this without even knowing it, just by acting like a bunch of kids on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. Nothing unusual there. (strange dreams come when you are bored out of your mind).

Summary:- Sun Hill CID deal with a strange case involving unusual nightmares and child kidnapping's. Andrea/Neil romance. Slight X-files Crossover.


The Stairwell.

"Ah, there you are Neil; can I speak to you in my office please?"



"Yes Sir,"

A Few minutes later in Okaro's Office:

"Have you any suspicions on who the leak could be?"

"Not yet sir, No!"

"It's essential that we find out who's behind it as soon as possible."

"I know that Sir?"

"Good, we don't want this to get any further. Whoever is behind this has caused some pretty big problems."

"I know that Sir, it's one of my top priorities."

"Good, get back to work. Oh and Neil, this conversation stays inside these 4 walls,"

"Of course Sir."

Down in the ladies locker room.

"Mornin everyone," says Honey in an overly cheerful voice.

"Mornin," everyone else in the room mumbles.

"You'll never guess what I heard, up in CID last night."

What?" asks Yvonne, "and what was you doing up there anyway?"

"I was just dropping off a case file for the DI, he'd already left apparently and when I walked in the main office Phil and the others burst out laughing ...,"

"... and?" interrupts Yvonne.

"Well apparently Phil and Ken were walking past the DCI's office a few minutes earlier and the door was open and they heard him on the phone with someone, talking about some kind of practical joke. The only thing is they didn't get to hear much because they were almost spotted so they darted into the safety of the main office."

"Someone's gonna be in trouble when Meadows finds out," giggles Andrea.

"Come on you lot," calls Inspector Gold, poking her head around the door, "everyone's waiting for you in the briefing room."

"Coming Ma'am," they all say before following her into the briefing room.

Inside the briefing room:

"Now that everyone's here," starts Inspector Gold, "The DI wants to speak to you all before I give out the assignments."

Gina takes a couple of steps back and DI Manson steps in front of the relief. "Right, as you may or may not have already heard we've had a recent spate of kidnappings in the area. Mostly young children between the ages of 5 and 10. They have all been taken in broad daylight not far from there homes. About 3 to 5 days after they have been reported as missing they have turned up dead, over 30 miles from the place they were last seen, face down in a forest clearing."

"How many have there been?" asks one of the officers in the room.

"6 so far, which we know about, maybe more."

"Are there any suspects?"

"At the moment we've got no firm suspects, we're looking into anyone in the area with convictions for GBH, ABH, manslaughter and offences against children."

Smithy fills in the next part, "The Super has given permission for 3 uniform officers to help with this case. That means some of you lot."

"Ok," Inspector Gold, takes over again; "PC's Hemmingway, Dunbar and Powell are to help CID, the rest of you are paired with the same person you were with yesterday. Any Questions."

Nobody moved. "Ok, then, get out there."

Everyone in the briefing room moved toward the door and out into the yard.

Andrea, Yvonne and Lance all follow the DI up to CID.

In the CID office they are greeted with total chaos. "Hey Gov," shouts Phil, "We've got a report of another kidnapping."

"Ok, Phil, Sam, Ken, my office, now."

They all crowd into the DI's office.

"Ok, Phil, what have you got?"

"A small boy, 8 years old, abducted from the street in front of his house. Apparently he was riding his new bicycle up and down the street, his mother was in the front garden. She took her eye off him for 2 minutes and the next thing she knows he's no where to be seen."

"Has anyone spoken to the neighbours? Checked the neighbouring streets? Maybe he just went to a mate's house."

"She only took her eye off him for a couple of minutes Gov. She checked on the neighbours but no one was home."

"Ok, you and Sam get down there, take Lance with you, Ken, you and Yvonne find out as much as you can about this latest report. Friends, neighbours, everything you can find. We need as much as we can get."

"Gov," say Phil and Ken leaving the office, with Sam, Lance and Yvonne.

"What about me?" asks Andrea, when the others have left.

"I want you to come with me to talk to the latest victim's parents. Their daughter was found dead early this morning and no one's been to talk to them yet."

Neil and Andrea leave the building and head over to the victim's house.

Outside the house:

Neil taps 3 times on the door. The door is opened almost immediately, and they are left standing facing a man with blotchy red eyes. It's obvious he had been crying recently.

"Mr Jones? I'm DI Manson and this is PC Dunbar, Sun Hill, can we come in?"

"Ha ... have you found Lucy? Is she ok?"

"It would be better if we could speak about this inside if you don't mind Mr Jones."

"O ... of course, my apologies, please, come on in," says Mr Jones stepping out of the way to allow them to enter.

He closes the door behind them and shows them to the living room. "Please, take a seat officers, would you like anything to drink?"

"No thank you Mr Jones," says Neil taking a seat on the large, overly comfortable sofa beside Andrea.

"Call me Tom, Please."

"Tom, then, your daughter was found in the early hours of this morning, in a field in Hendon. I'm afraid, she's not survived."

"No ..." Mr Jones says shocked, "that can't be. My baby, my little baby girl. Who did this?"

"Unfortunately we don't know. I've got officers working on it right now. We want to catch him just as badly as you do."

"I can't believe this? How am I gonna tell my wife? She's upset enough as it is."

They continue talking for over an hour. They leave when the DI gets a call from Phil, saying they've got a lead.

Andrea and Neil drive to the place where Phil is waiting for them.

"What have you got Phil?" calls Neil, marching over to him with Andrea at his heels.

"The latest kidnapping, the 8 year old boy, the parents have remembered something. It may not be connected but, according to the boy's mom, he woke up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare."

"Lot's of kids have nightmare's Phil."

"I know that Gov, but the mom said that he normally doesn't talk about his nightmare's, but this one had him pretty shaken up."

"What do you mean?"

"He told his mom that in his dream he is in a large circular room, filled with bright coloured spots. He is approached by a man in polka dot shorts, who carries him into another room. In this room he is surrounded by fire, with no way out. He is tied to a chair and left in the room with the fire lapping at his clothes. The next thing he knows, he's lying dead, face down in a field surrounded by police officers. That's all she can remember. It's probably nothing but ..."

"Ok Phil, go talk to the parents of all the other victims, see if they noticed any unusual nightmares or behaviour. This could be an important link."

"Yes Gov,"

Phil goes off to question the families of the other victims and Neil and Andrea head back to the station to search for information on crimes involving strange nightmares.

The day progresses slowly and the end of shift eventually rolls round. The officers all head home. The only people remaining in the CID office are, Andrea and Neil.

"Ok, coasts clear," says Andrea tiptoeing out into the main stairwell.

Neil quietly follows behind her and together they sneak into the DCI's office.

"Meadows is gonna kill us when he finds out about this."

"Yep," is all Neil says.

They use 10 rolls of toilet paper to wrap around various pieces of furniture in the office, making sure to disguise the CCTV camera installed to catch his reaction.

"Ok, that's enough, lets get outta here," says Neil, sneaking out of the room and back to CID.

"NEIL IS THAT YOU?" bellows Superintendent Okaro down the hallway.

"Gov," cringes Neil.

"Still here?" Okaro asks when he gets close enough.

"I was just on my way home Sir."

"I won't keep you, I just wanted to know if you've had any developments with the abduction case?"

"Possibly sir, the mother of the latest victim reports that her son suffered a horrific nightmare the night before he was taken, that is quite unusual for him. We're checking if any of the other victim's suffered anything similar, but it's probably nothing."

"... and about our conversation this morning?"

"Nothing so far Sir."

"Keep me posted," says Okaro before walking off down the stairs.

"Will do Sir," Neil answers before heading back to his office to collect his stuff.

"Thanks for waiting for me?" he says to Andrea when he enters his office.

"Sorry, I didn't think it was a good idea for him to see us both sneaking about after hours so I made a dash for your office."

"Yeah, that was probably a good idea. Let's get out of here before he comes back," says Neil putting his coat on.

He turns round to find his face mere millimetres from Andrea's. He closes the gap between them and they lock in a passionate kiss.

They don't break apart for several minutes and when they do they are both out of breath. They catch their breath before heading out of the office and down to the car park in silence.

"Want a lift home?" asks Neil.

A nod of her head is enough of an answer and they both get into his car and drive away from the station.

Outside Andrea's flat:

"Want to come in for a coffee?" asks Andrea before opening the door to get out.

"... Well I probably shouldn't but ... I suppose one won't hurt."

They both get out of the car and Andrea leads the way into her flat.

She open's the door for them, Neil closing it behind him, and puts her coat on the coat rack in the hall, she instructs Neil to do the same, before heading into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Neil comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist.

A comfortable silence falls between them, neither knowing what to do or say. Andrea turns round to face him and is about to speak. She is cut off as Neil brushes his lips against hers, gently at first, but then harder when she begins to respond.

"Forget the coffee," Neil manages to get out between kisses.

They stumble up the stairs towards Andrea's bedroom and collapse on the bed in a tangled heap. In a flurry of heated kisses and flying articles of clothing they strip down to nothing. Rolling in the sheets, they join as one.

A few hours later:

Sometime in the middle of the night, Andrea wakes up with a start. Shaking with fear, she sits up trying to catch her breath. Neil stirs beside her and also sits up to see what's wrong. Beside him, Andrea is sitting crying her eyes out.

"What's wrong?" asks Neil, not knowing what happened to make her so jumpy.

"Nightmare," Andrea manages to get out between her tears.

She takes a few calming breaths before continuing. "I know what's happening. ... With the abduction cases. It's like that boy said. A man in Polka Dot shorts. I was there. He ... he ... burnt me alive."

"Slow down, what are you talking about?" interrupts Neil.

Andrea takes a deep breath, and then explains again "The boy that was abducted yesterday. Phil said the Mom said something about a nightmare. I've just had the same dream. Only, it was different. It wasn't like any other dream I've had before. It seemed too real. Almost like I was there, seeing everything from his eyes. The polka dot shorts, the room of fire, being burnt alive, everything. I felt it. We've got to find him Neil. I can just feel it."

"Ok, calm down, there's not much we can do tonight. Let's try to get a few more hours sleep ok, we'll look into it more in the morning."

"I'm scared!"

Neil wraps her into his arms and pulls her down to lie on his chest. "It's ok to be scared," he mumbles in her hair drowsily.

They drift steadily back to sleep in each others arms, safe in the knowledge that they are safe for the time being.

Well what do you think? More coming soon if you like it.

To Gem6 and anyone else who is interested, I have not forgot my other story, (A Few Little Surprises), i've lost my notes, and as soon as I find them i'll type up the next chapter.
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