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Chapter 3

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Harry Hibiki - the one shot series

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Chapter 3

Petunia hummed happily as she straightened up her living room in her home, her perfectly normal home where no strange things happened. She glanced over at the playpen where her beloved son Dudley napped. A smile crossed Petunia's face; her little Duddydums was getting so big! He was going to be a fine strapping lad like his father, she could already see it.

The house was nice and quiet right now as Dudley slept, Petunia loved her son to death but the quiet that came when he slept helped to ease any headaches she might have. Petunia sat down on her couch and happily sipped at her Earl Gray tea, in her little white china cups with little blue flowers painted around the rim. The last month had been perfect as the news of strange happenings all around Great Britain died down.

A scowl crossed her face, she was sure it was those freaks that Lily got herself tangled up with. Her foolish little sister, letting herself become a freak to do freaky things like make apples dance across the table. Sometimes Petunia was convinced that if that awful Snape boy hadn't stepped into their lives and convinced Lily she was a witch, Petunia's life would have continued as normal without...magic... entering it. She completely disregarded that she had wrote to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster to Lily's freaky school, begging to be let into the school as well. That was one shameful little secret, one moment of weakness, that she was determined to never let see the light of day.

'No, everything is perfect now,' Petunia thought with a blissful smile. Her sister and her family were out of her life, letting Dudley grow up without knowing the horror of magic. She thought about what she should do that day, Christmas was in a few short weeks and this year Dudley was old enough to enjoy it. She had so many gifts she had to buy her precious little son and a Christmas dinner that would be the talk of the street for weeks!


"Now who's that?" Petunia muttered to herself as she placed her tea cup in a white matching saucer and straightened the skirt of her dress as she headed for the door after glancing at the playpen to make sure Dudley was still sleeping. She wasn't expecting anyone today. "It better not be another door-to-door salesman," she said to herself softly, making sure her hair was perfect before opening the door with her best hostess smile on her face.

"Yes, may I he-" Petunia blinked as she opened the door to her house but saw no one.

"Ahem," A voice said from below her. Petunia blinked and nearly let out a shriek as she held up a hand to her mouth in surprise. Standing on her doorstep was a short, muscular man wearing an expensive looking suit.

"Oh! I'm sorry," Petunia said as she eyed the suit, her mind running as she tried to think of why somebody who looked very wealthy was paying her a visit.

"Mrs. Dursley, I am wondering if I might have a moment of your time," The man said in a short, clipped voice.

"If you're here to see my husband, he won't be back till this evening," Petunia said. "Or you can make an appointment at his office at Grunnings."

"I am here to see you madam," The man said, "not your husband. This is a matter of great importance." Petunia gave a quick look around; she could see her neighbors who were just as nosey and gossipy as she was looking out their windows and doors.

'Maybe it's about an inheritance,' Petunia thought. 'Wouldn't that put a bee in number 6's bonnet.' That brought a smile to her face and she stood to the side to let the man in.

"Can I offer you some tea mister-EEEK!" Petunia had shut the door and turned around to offer the man some tea before they got down to business only to find a short ugly creature in her nice clean living room instead of a short man. "What are you doing here? You! You're one of those things from that bank in.. in that place." Petunia tried to keep her voice under control as she quickly moved to stand protectively in front of the play pen.

"I have no plan of wasting my time here anymore than I have too," the now revealed Goblin said in the same clipped voice. "If you would calm down, I will be on my way as soon as my business is concluded."

"Fine, what do you want then?" Petunia asked she wanted the Goblin out of her house as soon as possible.

"I am Ragnok, the Director of the Wizarding Bank of Gringotts," The Goblin introduced himself. "I do not know if you received word as of yet, but your younger sister Lady Lily Potter nee Evans and her husband Lord James Potter were killed on the night of October 31st."

"Is that all you have to tell me? That my freak of a sister and her freaky husband got themselves killed?" Petunia said with a sneer. "I knew she would get herself killed off if she stayed in that world."

"If you are quite finished," Ragnok said coldly, he had a great respect for Lily Potter and he would be damned if he was going to listen to this human woman bad mouth her. Petunia flushed, her lips pressed together in a thin line. "As I was saying, your sister and brother-in-law were killed but your nephew Harry Potter survived."

"What does that have to do with me?" Petunia asked.

"It is possible that Heir Potter could be given to you to be raised," Ragnok said. An angry flush crept up on Petunia's face.

"No! I will not have that... that... thing in my house!" Petunia yelled. Dudley woke up with a loud wail at Petunia's yelling, the tall skinny woman spinning around to pick up her large son and cradling him, soothing him quickly.

"Believe me madam, almost no one wants Heir Potter to live with you either," Ragnok said coldly. "I am here to offer you a way out."

"A way out?" Petunia asked, setting Dudley back down in his playpen, handing him a bunch of toys to keep him happy and quiet then turned back to the Goblin. "How do you mean?"

"There is a young man that agreed to adopt Heir Potter," Ragnok said. "As Heir Potter's closest blood relation on his mother's side, you could sign away all rights to your nephew as well as consent to the adoption."

"And that will keep the boy away from my family?" Petunia asked. When Ragnok nodded, Petunia quickly made her decision. "Fine. Where do I sign?"

Ragnok walked over to the coffee table, taking out a file folder with papers inside and a scroll of parchment.

"Sign by the X's on the mundane papers," Ragnok instructed. Petunia grabbed a pen from a drawer and quickly signed all the papers. But when she reached for the scroll to sign it, the Goblin stopped her. "You will have to sign the parchment with a quill," he said as he took out a case from a pocket. When he opened the case, Petunia saw a long, thin, black quill that had an extremely sharp point. He handed the quill to the woman who just sniffed in disdain but quickly signed her name to the scroll.

"Ouch!" Petunia yelped as a sharp pain shot up her hand. She looked at the back of her hand where she could see in thin red lines her name carved into her flesh. "What is this!?" She asked as she held up her hand.

"To make this legal in the Wizarding World, you must sign your name in blood," Ragnok said as he picked up the dropped quill and placed it back in the case. Petunia looked at the scroll and shuddered as she saw her name scrawled out in her blood. "Therefore, you must sign in a blood quill."

Petunia muttered something about 'the work of the devil' under her breath as she stood up.

"Will this scar?" She asked as she held her hand close.

"No, not from this one time use," Ragnok said as he gathered up the paperwork and the scroll. "Thank you for your business madam." As Ragnok headed for the door, the glamour reappeared, looking once again like a short, stocky man. The Goblin stopped at the door and looked back at the Muggle woman. "I will send a copy of the paperwork for you to keep, just in case someone comes to question you. You will have what you need to keep Heir Potter away from your family."

"Get out," Petunia hissed, she was done dealing with all this freaky stuff. She just wanted to get back to her normal life. Ragnok said nothing as he turned back and opened the door. Petunia sat down on her couch again, holding her hand still as the door slammed closed.

"MA!" Dudley yelled after a few minutes of quiet.

"In a minute Popkin," Petunia said softly as she stood up, she needed to wash the blood off and bandage her hand before picking up her son again. Later, when her nosy neighbors asked what the visit had been about, Petunia quickly came up with a story about how Ragnok had been a lawyer who informed her that her poor, foolish younger sister had passed away. Since she couldn't tell anyone that Lily had 'gotten herself blown up', Petunia claimed that Lily and her lazy good-for-nothing husband James had been killed in a car wreck. To really play it up, she sniffed and cried crocodile tears at how they cut short her 'poor innocent nephews' life short as Harry had been in the car with them.

Petunia ate up the words of comfort the ladies of Privet Drive gave her as she hosted her little afternoon tea parties. When her husband Vernon asked what happened, she gave him a similar story then told him to put it out of his mind. When asked why her hand was bandaged up, Petunia lied and said that she had cut her hand during her distress of her sister's death.


Ryoga's green eyes fluttered open as he groaned. He slowly sat up, pressing a hand to his head. He tried to remember what had happened, he felt a bit woozy and light headed, he must have passed out from blood loss again.

'Gee, did Ranma flash me in his girl form again?' Ryoga thought to himself. His whole body felt weird and his center of gravity was off by a bit. Frowning, Ryoga looked down at himself and let out a girly squeak. "I'm a girl! Wait..." Ryoga blinked again and shook her head, now she remembered.

"It worked, I can't believe it, it worked," Ryoga said with a laugh. Her curse, it wasn't gone, but at least she didn't turn into a pig anymore! She blushed slightly as she suddenly realized she wasn't wearing anything but a robe, pulling it tighter around her body. "Where?" Ryoga sat up and began to look around for Harry. Last thing she remembered they were in that room with the goblins and the older woman who had been introduced as Minerva McGonagall before blacking out from a nosebleed after seeing her own naked form.

Tension bled out of Ryoga's shoulders as she found Harry sleepily peacefully in a small crib a few feet away from her. Her soon-to-be adopted son made little cute sleepy noises in his sleep as he curled around his little stuffed stag.

Now that she knew Harry was safe and nearby, Ryoga staggered to her feet, one hand fisted in the folds of the robe to keep it closed. Looking around again, Ryoga spotted a mirror on one wall and quickly walked over to it. She wanted to see what her new cursed form looked like.

Ryoga noticed right away that her new female form didn't look too different from her normal male one. She had the same longish, shaggy looking brownish black hair. She looked to be the same height and body build, just a little more feminine looking. Ryoga was sure if her curse had been the result of the Nyannichuan then her hair would be some other color than her normal color and she would look a lot more girly. But since Minerva was the one to guide the changes, she had made Ryoga's female from as close to her birth form as possible.

Ryoga bit her lip as she looked down at her covered chest, there was still a part of herself she hadn't seen.

'Get a hold of yourself Hibiki,' Ryoga thought as she closed her eyes. 'This is /your body, you're going to have to see it sometime and you're going to have to get use to it. You can't get a nosebleed and faint every time you want to take a bath or something.'/

Steeling herself, Ryoga slowly opened the robe and looked at herself. She had to quickly pinch her nose to stop another nose bleed that wanted to erupt. Determined to get over her habit of fainting over female flesh, Ryoga forced herself to look again.

'Ok... this isn't too bad,' Ryoga thought. As she had noticed earlier, her body wasn't too different from her male one, the biggest difference was the pair of breasts in the middle of her chest. They weren't huge, in fact compared to the rest of the girls Ryoga knew in her life, her new breasts were pretty small. Not 'A' cup size, a 'B' at least. Ryoga's eyes started to drift downward. Feeling a trickle of blood start to escape her nose, Ryoga decided that she would take this a step at a time and quickly snapped the robe back closed tying it tight around her waist.

Turning away from the mirror Ryoga took in the room again. It wasn't much, just a bed off to one side and the crib where Harry napped. Other than the mirror behind her, there was a table in the room that she hadn't noticed before. She blinked; sitting on top of the table was a tabby cat who was looking back at Ryoga intently. The cat was sitting a little too stiffly and had a human level intelligence in its eyes. It had strange markings as well, all around its eyes were black lines that almost looked like the glasses Minerva had been wearing.

"McGonagall-sensei?" Ryoga asked. The cat blinked then jumped off the table. With a pop, the cat changed in mid-air into Minerva who looked a little impressed.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"One of my... well I don't know if you'd call her a friend but she's cursed like me," Ryoga explained as she sat down. "Shampoo, she turns into a cat. Your cat form reminded me of hers."

"I see," Minerva said. "Are you alright, you fainted after the transformation was complete and you are bleeding a little bit." She pointed to Ryoga's nose. Ryoga reached up and sighed as her fingers came away wet with blood.

"It's nothing, I always get nosebleeds when I see a girl's body," Ryoga explained as she wiped the blood off her face with the sleeve of her robes. "I'll have to get use to seeing that now."

"Yes well... as long as you're alright," Minerva said a bit doubtfully. "I picked up a few things for Harry while you were sleeping." She said as she pulled out a package from her pockets and enlarged it with her wand. "Mostly some more clothing, a few things you'll need as he gets bigger and a couple books and toys."

"Arigato," Ryoga said as she looked into the package. "McGonagall-sensei... could you get me some photos of Harry-chan's parents? So he'll have photos to look at of them."

"Of course, I will be glad too," Minerva said with a sad smile. She was so happy that Ryoga wanted to still let Harry know his birth parents. "I have a request of you. I would like you to keep me updated on young Harry as he grows."

"Alright, but you might have a little problem contacting me," Ryoga said. "I can end up anywhere on the planet at any time."

"So I assume an owl is out of the question," Minerva said with amusement.

"Ryoa?" Minerva and Ryoga turned to the crib where Harry was now awake. He was standing in the crib, holding his stuffed stag in one arm and rubbing his eyes with the other. "Up?"

Minerva smiled as Ryoga walked over and picked Harry up gently, cradling the toddler in her arms. Harry tilted his head to the side confused. His Ryoa looked different and patting Ryoga's chest found the same weird bumps that his Mama had.

"Don't worry Chibi, it's still me," Ryoga assured him with a small laugh. That seemed to satisfy Harry as he laid his head down on the teen's shoulder. "You could send mail to my house, I manage to stop by to drop off souvenirs every now and then."

Minerva nodded, she thought that might work out better. She could have a House Elf that worked for her and not the school to pick up and drop off mail at a mailbox for her. A smile spread across her face as Harry saw her and held his arms out to his 'Mimi'.


A couple of hours later Ryoga found himself back in Ragnok's office back in his original male form. To one side of him sat Minerva while Harry sat in his lap.

"I have here in front of me papers that will allow you to adopt young Mr. Potter in both the magical and non-magical worlds," Ragnok said as he pushed forward the paperwork that would make the adoption legal in the non-magical world. "We have contacted the Tokyo branch of Gringotts and they have sent the forms to make it legal on their end. I assume you will sign as a witness Professor McGonagall?"

"Yes, it would be my pleasure," Minerva agreed. She was feeling very good about this, Ryoga seemed like a nice young man and she could see he cared for Harry. The witch had no doubt he would raise, love and protect Harry like James and Lily had. Still, there was a small part of her that felt bad about deceiving Albus Dumbledore, her boss, mentor and friend for so many years. But since he wanted to put Harry with Lily's sister Petunia, who Minerva was sure her and her husband Vernon were some of the worse Muggles possible, Minerva had to push her guilt to the side. This was about protecting Harry and making sure he was raised by a loving family.

Ragnok pointed on the Muggle forms where Ryoga and Minerva needed to sign, this part went off without a hitch. It was when it was time for Ryoga to sign the scroll that would allow him to adopt Harry in the wizarding world did they run into a problem. When Ryoga used the black blood quill, nothing appeared on the parchment.

"Is it out of ink?" Ryoga asked when he didn't see his name on the line where his signature was to go.

"That is a blood quill," Minerva said with a slightly pale face. Ragnok took the quill back and using Goblin magic waved his hand over it to make sure the magic was still working.

"There is nothing wrong with the quill," He said with a frown.

"Errr, just how does the quill thing work?" Ryoga asked.

"The magic of the quill cuts into your skin and draws your blood to use as ink," Ragnok explained. "There is a power in blood and it's not unusual for official documents to be signed with blood."

"Oh, well maybe my skin is too tough?" Ryoga suggested after thinking on it for a second.

"Come again?" Ragnok asked.

"What do you mean by that Mr. Hibiki," Minerva asked.

"I... well... I trained to use a technique called the Bakusai Tenketsu, the Breaking Point," He translated for Minerva. "It's a chi attack that was originally used at construction sites to clear away rocks. I can blast apart rocks by jamming my finger into the stone's weak point and forcing chi into the point. It has a side effect, it toughened my skin to the point that I'm nearly invulnerable to any physical attacks."

"That... is an interesting attack," Ragnok said slowly. "Sit here, we may have to do this the old fashioned way." The two humans watched the Goblin leave the office before Minerva turned to Ryoga.

"Mr. Hibiki, just how did you train for a technique like this?" Minerva asked. Ryoga flushed slightly and looked down into his lap, playing with Harry's soft hair.

"I don't think you want to know," He mumbled softly. Ragnok returned a few minutes later with a knife and a bowl in his hands. The knife was covered with runes Minerva observed as she watched Ragnok motion for Ryoga to hold out his hand.

"We use this type of knife to cut up the hides of dragons," Ragnok explained. "Dragon hides are very tough, I doubt your skin is tougher than theirs." Ryoga hissed softly in pain as the knife sliced the palm of his hand, the blood dripping into the bowl that Ragnok held under the cut. Once he had enough blood, he cast a healing spell in Gobbledygook, sealing the cut and leaving a scar behind on the palm of Ryoga's hand.

"As the blood quill does not seem to work on you, you'll have to dip a quill in your blood in the bowl to sign with instead," The Goblin said. Ryoga sighed softly and did just that, signing his name on the line. Once Minerva signed her name as a witness, Ragnok called for another Goblin to have the papers filed away in the Ministry of Magic and the Muggle government.

"Congratulations Mr. Hibiki, it's a boy," Ragnok said. Harry laughed and clapped his hands as Ryoga hugged him closer gently.


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