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Chapter 4

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Harry Hibiki - the one shot series

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

There isn't much known about Ryoga's parents, all that is mentioned about them is that they both have the same lack of direction as Ryoga, that his mother sets traps when she leaves the house and his father calls the house to check in on his family. Nothing else is ever mentioned about them, not even their names. So I have since I started including them in my stories given them the names Ayako and Ryoichi, and I have come up with my own back stories for both of them since there isn't one already.

Also for this chapter "-" is Japanese and ~-~ is English.

Chapter 4

~Bye-bye!~ Harry waved as he and Ryoga watched Ranma, Ukyo, Shampoo, and Mousse leave the Hibiki household. The girls giggled and waved back while the boys rolled their eyes. Ryoga sighed in relief as they all left and closed the door.

He and the rest of the teens had brain stormed for at least a couple of hours in what training they may use to make sure Harry survived what came his way in the future. It hadn't been easy, several fights had almost broken out among them. Ukyo and Shampoo had to be separated at least twice and everyone had hit Mousse at least once.

'Never thought there would be a day I would be angry with everyone /but Ranma,'/ Ryoga thought to himself as he headed for the kitchen with his dog Shirokuro’s help. He was still pissed at how everyone reacted after Harry mistook Ranma's cursed form for his mother Lily Potter, all because they both had red hair. Even Akane, a girl Ryoga had a crush on for the longest time, was on his shit list. Almost every single one of Ranma's fiancée/rivals had come out of the woodwork and scared Harry with their yelling.

Ryoga had unleashed his, or her anger since he was in his new female cursed form at the time, on everyone after sending Ranma out of the room with Harry.

"How about we make some dinner, hmm Chibi?" Ryoga asked, shaking his head and smiling down at Harry. Harry giggled, he had no idea what Ryoga was saying since it was said in Japanese but his Ryoa was smiling at him it must be ok. "Yeah, I thought so too," Ryoga chuckled and set Harry down in the middle of the floor. Harry squealed as Shirokuro snuffled and licked his cheek.

~Doggy!~ Harry yelled as he hugged the bi-colored dog around the neck. Ryoga smiled and left Harry under Shirokuro's watchful eye as he opened one of the lower cabinets to get a pot out, leaving the door open as he turned toward the sink. Harry spied the open door and the pots inside, his green eyes lighting up.

His Daddy would sometimes take his Mummy's pots out and put them on the floor so Harry could bang on them. Harry crawled over to the cabinet and dragged out another pot, placing it upside down in front of him. Now he just needed a spoon. Harry looked up at his Ryoa as the teen opened a drawer to get out a spoon, leaving it open as he stepped away to stand in front of the stove.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the drawer, using his magic to make a couple of wooden spoons float out and fly into his hands.

Ryoga spun around in surprise as Harry started banging on the pot, laughing at himself for being jumpy and at Harry as the toddler squealed happily. The puppies started to bark and howl as they surrounded Harry. The sound was annoying but Harry seemed to be having fun so Ryoga left him to his play.

"My goodness, what in the world is going on in here?" A woman's voice said from behind Ryoga a few minutes later.

"Mom!" Ryoga said happily as he swept his mother into a hug. Ryoga's mother Ayako was a petite woman who had the same dark green eyes as her son as well as the same soft face and nose. Ayako was a world leading Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnast, a class way above Kodachi Kuno. Ryoga had watched her as a child as she practiced and adapted the art for him to use in his own way.

"My baby," Ayako said with a laugh as she kissed her son's forehead. As soon as Ryoga let her down, she slide her travel pack off her back and set it down against the wall, a pastel pink umbrella sitting on top of the pack. "Now who's this little fellow?"

"Umm... this is going to be very weird to hear," Ryoga said as he leaned down and plucked Harry off the floor, taking the spoons from the toddler and placing them on the counter. "I...umm... want you to meet your grandson."

~Hi!~ Harry said with a grin.

"Grandson!?" Ayako exclaimed in shock. "Hibiki Ryoga! What did you do!?"

"Not that!" Ryoga said with a bright blush. "I didn't knock a girl up or anything, I adopted Harry."

"Ryoga, I think you better explain," Ayako said.

"I found Harry over a month ago, his home had been attacked and his parents were killed," Ryoga explained with a sigh. "I took Harry because I didn't know how long it would take me to find help. Then a couple of weeks ago I found this bank run by goblins and they told me Harry was really famous in the magical world-"

"Wait, are you telling me you adopted the 'Boy-who-lived'?" Ayako asked. She and her husband had the same problem as their only son, a lack of direction and the ability to end up anywhere. Ayako wasn't as bad as her husband or her son but it was still pretty bad.

"You know about that?" Ryoga asked.

"Yes, I've heard about it from a French wizard that has family in England," Ayako said.

"Well the goblins told me that both his godfather and godmother couldn't take him in," Ryoga continued. "And some guy called Dumbledore wanted to place Harry with his aunt against his Okaasan’s wishes. So I agreed to take him in instead."

"Oh baby, do you know what you're getting into?" Ayako asked. "Taking care of a baby is a big responsibly and you're still a baby yourself."

"Mom I'm 17," Ryoga said with a blush.

"You're still my baby," Ayako said. "And you always will be."

"Mom..." Ryoga blushed again, shifting Harry on his hip. "I know I'm young, but Harry needs me and the paperwork is all signed so he's mine. Don't worry."

"I'm your mother, I'll always worry," Ayako said with a sigh. "There's nothing for it now, I just hope you know what you are getting into. Now, let me see my grandson," she held out her arms for Harry. Ryoga grinned and handed Harry over, the toddler sucking a thumb as he looked up at Ryoga's mother.

~Chibi, this is my mom,~ Ryoga said in English.

~Ryoa mama?~ Harry repeated, Ayako giggling at Harry's cute attempt at Ryoga's name.

~Yes, and she's your grandma now too,~ Ryoga explained. Harry looked a little confused, not quite understanding what Ryoga meant.

"Wait until your father finds out about this," Ayako said with a sigh.

"Find out about what?" A male voice said from the doorway, Ryoga's father and Ayako's husband Ryoichi Hibiki looking at both of them and Harry in confusion.


Ryoichi Hibiki was a tall, strong man that had a wolfish, almost roguish look to him. When he smiled or laughed, anyone could see he sported a set of cute fangs just like his son. Ryoga took after his father in his looks in many ways.

The three Hibiki's sat around the table, Harry sitting in Ayako's lap as she refused to give up her grandson just yet, as Ryoga once against explained this time in more detail just how he ended up as a teenage father.

"Well that's quite a tale son," Ryoichi said as Ryoga wound down. "I'm proud of you sport."

"Ryoichi, he's only 17," Ayako said worriedly.

"Aya-chan, Ryoga had to pretty much raise himself most days," Ryoichi pointed out. "Yes he's young but I think he's responsible enough to take on fatherhood. Look at what he's done already, he figured out a way around our little family problem."

"I'm right here," Ryoga said as they talked like he wasn't there.

"What about your curse thing?" Ayako asked, she had discovered her son's curse when coming across a cute little black piglet one day in the rain. Feeling sorry for the critter, who she thought had to be somebody's pet since it had a bandanna tied around its neck, she took it inside and tried to give the pig a hot bath to warm it up. The piglet fought with her but Ayako won that struggle in the end only to scream in surprise and shock as she was suddenly holding her very naked son.

Once she calmed down, Ryoga explained to his mother why he turned into a pig. Ayako in turn told her husband next time he called her.

"I got that taken care of too," Ryoga said with a sigh as he picked up a glass of water sitting on the table. This part he hadn't told his parents about, so Ayako and Ryoichi watched in surprise as Ryoga poured the water over his head and instead of changing into a tiny pig he changed into a girl.

"Oh, I've always wanted a daughter," Ayako said as she started to laugh. Harry squealed in laughter as well, clapping his hands. He loved it when his Ryoga changed shape. It wasn’t as exciting as a piggy but it was still amazing to the toddler.

~Ryoa! Again!~ Harry said. Ayako grinned and cuddled the giggling toddler.

"Oh you are so cute," she said.

"Well that's one way to get around it," Ryoichi said as he looked at his son-turned-daughter. "How did you change your curse? Go back to the cursed training grounds?"

"Iie, the goblins at the bank contacted this witch who's an expert at changing things," Ryoga said with a shake of her head. "It was an added bonus that she knew Harry-chan's birth parents and supported me in adopted the chibi. She changed the shape of the curse so I would at least be human."

"Why a girl then?" Ryoichi asked. "Why not your normal form?"

"Tried that, didn't work," Ryoga said with a small frown. "It held only a few minutes then I was forced back into my original curse form. At least as a girl I'm still human."

"I think it's a smart choice," Ayako said.

"Then you agree our boy is ready to be a dad," Ryoichi said with a grin. Ayako sighed and brushed Harry's hair back, tracing a finger over the scar on his forehead.

"Oh alright yes," She said with a sigh. "My baby is growing up!"

"Mom!" Ryoga blushed heavily, burying her head in her hands as Ryoichi laughed. Harry looked at them confused, looking up at Ryoichi.

"Don't worry little man, women are impossible to understand," Ryoichi said as he plucked Harry out of Ayako's arms to hold him. "Don't even try, they are a mystery to everyone."

"Ryoichi!" Ayako punched her husband in the arm while Ryoga scowled at her father at being compared to a real woman. "Don't tell our grandson that! Kami-sama, we already have a grandson, I've got to do some shopping."

"Shopping?" Ryoga asked.

"Of course, I've got to get my little grandson gifts for Christmas," Ayako said with a smile, she was warming up to her only son already being a dad and having a grandson to spoil. "What have you got to take care of him? Does he have clothing and toys?"

"I've picked up baby food and diapers a couple of times at stores," Ryoga said as she scratched her neck. "And I packed some spare clothing and a couple of toys he really seemed to like." Ayako hummed to herself then stood from the table.

"Shirokuro, come here girl," She cooed, patting her leg as she called Ryoga's dog to her.

"Awoo," Shirokuro walked over to the woman's side, a pack of puppies on their mother's heels.

"Where are you going?" Ryoichi asked.

"I know I packed some of Ryoga's old clothing and toys away, I bet Harry will love those," Ayako said. "Come on girl, let's go up to the attic." She walked out with the bi-color dog to retrieve the items.

"Crazy woman," Ryoichi said fondly as he watched his wife leave.

"Dad?" Ryoga asked softly, catching her father's attention. "Do you really think I'm doing the right thing?"

"Well... I can see why your mother is worried, you are still only in your teens," Ryoichi said, smiling as Harry stood in his lap and reached up toward the dark red bandanna he wore around his forehead. "But we raised you, as best we could, to be a responsible young man. You already put Harry ahead of everything else, that's what any good parent would do."

"I'm just afraid I'll mess up," Ryoga said looking down at the table top and tracing patterns on the surface. "I mean, what if he gets hurt or I don't know, what if I mess him up somehow. He's suppose to be a really powerful wizard one day and he's gonna have people after him, what if I don't prepare him enough for that?"

"Ryoga, son, look at me," Ryoichi said placing one hand on one of Ryoga's shoulders. Ryoga looked up at her father, her fangs peeking over her lower lip as she bit it. "Parenthood is never easy, if anyone tries to tell you any different they are lying. You'll make mistakes, I did when I became a father, and sometimes I still do. But as long as you learn from those mistakes and do your best to raise this little monkey, everything will be fine."

"Are you sure?" Ryoga asked she still had her doubts she could really do this despite what she told her mother.

"You love this kid right?" Ryoichi asked as he picked up Harry and held him out toward Ryoga. Harry laughed and held his arms out toward Ryoga who smiled and took him, sitting Harry in her lap.

"Yeah, how could I not?" Ryoga said as she smoothed Harry's wild hair back. "He's just so full of love and life."

"Well there you go, any blind man can see you care for him," Ryoichi said with a smile. "It won't be too long you'll love him as much as his real parents must have to give their lives for him. It won't be easy Ryoga but anything worth doing or having never is."

"Alright, I'll remember that," Ryoga said with a small smile. "Thanks Dad."

"Of course son," Ryoichi said with his own smile. In the hallway Ayako smiled to herself as she listened to her boys. She might still have misgivings about Ryoga, who she still saw as her baby, already being a parent but Ryoichi was right in the end, Ryoga was growing up. He was giving this poor little boy a family since Harry's first one was taken from him.

"Ryoga... I've been wondering about this for a while... just who is Yoiko?" Ryoichi asked looking at Ryoga in confusion as she started to laugh. (1)


Author note: Ok, just a quick notice, this will be the last chapter for a short while. I'm going on a short hiatus but don't worry it won't be as long as the years old writer's block I had. I am going back over the previous chapters of this and my other stories to give them a tune up. As soon as I'm done, I'll be back to writing.

(1) Yoiko is Ranma, he disguised himself while in his cursed form and told Ryoga he was his sister because Ryoga was taking Akane over to his house to meet Shirokuro and her puppies. Ryoga ended up believe Ranma was his sister because he wasn't sure if his parents had more children since they didn't get to see each other a lot. But when Ryoga's father called the house Ryoga asked him and his father told Ryoga he didn't have a sister. This arc happen only in the manga and not the anime.

Edit 8-29-14: My beta pretty much go all the little mistakes.
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