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Chapter 5

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Harry Hibiki - the one shot series

Disclaimer: Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling and Ranma 1/2 © Rumiko Takahashi

Author note: Thanks to my beta Blissfull Wulf.

Chapter 5

Ryoga grinned as he spotted the building down the road, shifting Harry on his hip. He had for the last few days been wandering around looking for the farm his girlfriend Akari Unryu lived on with her grandfather. Akari and her grandfather bred and trained sumo wrestling pigs, as odd as the idea sounded but no more than anything else in Ryoga’s life, and their pigs were champions in their own right.

Ryoga had met Akari after he defeated her prize pig Katsunishiki, leading the girl to decide that he was the perfect man for her as no one had ever defeated the 14th Yokozuna champion. Akari also liked his, what she called anyway, pig-like qualities and loved his pig curse. Ryoga wondered how Akari would take to his curse being changed into a girl. He thought, or hoped anyway, that she would be fine with it after all Akari was a very sweet and understanding girl. She even tried to make herself hate pigs when they started dating when she learned that he disliked them so much, that was a lot to give up considering her lifestyle and her love for swine.

Ryoga was more worried about how she would take him being a father now. Ryoga looked down at Harry who was looking around with curiosity at the farm as they walked up. He knew Akari wanted to marry him but he didn’t know if she was ready to be a mother so soon. It was a lot to ask for someone their age.

~Uhn! Piggies!~ Harry squealed in English as he pointed at the pigs outside in their pens.

“Harry,” Ryoga gently tapped the toddler’s nose, getting his attention. “Buta, piggies are buta. Bu-ta.”

“Oo-ta,” Harry repeated with a giggle, this was a fun game his Ryoa liked to play with him. His mummy and daddy did the same thing when they were trying to teach him how to say a word.

“No, Bu. Ta.” Ryoga repeated, sounding out the word.

“Buta,” Harry repeated, laughing as Ryoga grinned and nodded.

~Good job Chibi,~ Ryoga praised in English. He thought soon Harry would know Japanese as well as he knew English.

“Buta,buta,buta,buta,” Harry chanted happily. Ryoga chuckled softly as he continued walking, one hand on the fence to guide him.

“Hello? Did I hear someone?” A girl’s voice asked as she stepped out of the barn with a feeding pail in her hands. “Ryoga!” Akari yelled happily as she saw her boyfriend, quickly putting down the pail and running over to the other teen.

“Akari,” Ryoga greeted with a smile, blushing madly as he caught her one armed in a gentle hug, careful not to let her squish Harry or to hold her too tightly.

“Ryoga I was starting to get a bit worried,” Akari said as she finally stepped back. “I know your trips were long but-“

“Hi!” Harry chirped, interrupting Akari. Akari blinked and looked over at Harry having just noticed him.

“Well, aren’t you just a cute as a piglet,” Akari cooed. “Who’s this little fella?”

“Akari, I would like you to meet Harry,” Ryoga introduced. “Can we head inside, I’ll explain everything. It’s really important.”

“Sure thing,” Akari said, taking Ryoga’s free hand to guide him and wondering what was going on.


Inside the house shoes were shed and Akari took off her winter coat, hanging it beside the door. Once they were in the main room sitting at the low table Ryoga took a deep breath and looked at Akari.

“Akari… Harry here is my son,” He said.

“Son?” Akari squeaked in surprise.

“Yes, I adopted him,” Ryoga quickly explained before she could jump to the conclusion like everyone else had that he slept with an unknown girl and got her pregnant. He quickly explained how he came across the Potter home and how he took Harry with him when he went to find help, helping the squirming toddler out of his little snowsuit then letting Harry wander around to explore as he knew the baby couldn’t wander too far from him. He edited some of what he told Akari, while she did know magic was real as she knew about his Jusenkyo curse Ryoga wasn’t sure how she would take to knowing about Wizards and Witches and the like.

“So why you?” Akari asked after a few minutes as she thought over his story. “Didn’t he have any family like a grandparent or something?” Akari herself was an orphan and had been raised by her grandfather.

“His grandparents on both sides of his family are dead,” Ryoga said with a frown as he crossed his arms over his chest, remembering what Minerva had told him about Harry’s birth family. “His father was an only child. His mother has a sister but… well I don’t think she and Harry’s mother got along and from what little I heard about her she doesn’t seem fit to raise any child. Both of his godparents are unable to take care of him so it was really a choice of either me or his aunt.”

“Well… that really is sweet of you,” Akari said, watching as Harry toddled around exploring. Thankfully there was nothing breakable in his reach.

“Yeah well the… people… who helped me with the adoption helped me in other ways too,” Ryoga said. “They… well… I don’t turn into a pig anymore.”

“What? Oh no Ryoga, why would you do that?” Akari said with a sad look. Ryoga’s curse was just one of the many things she liked about Ryoga after all. “Your curse is gone for good?”

“No, I’m still cursed,” Ryoga admitted. “I just don’t turn into P-chan anymore. It’s been changed into a female version of my normal form.”

“Oh… why? Can you change it back?” Akari asked. Ryoga frowned slightly.

“Akari, I can barely take care of myself when I turned into a pig,” Ryoga said. “There was no way I could take care of a toddler like that. We were already attacked by a bear, Harry and I were lucky we didn’t get eaten. And why in the name of Kami would I want to change my curse back? I hated turning into that pig, at least as a girl I’m still a human.”

“But Ryoga, your curse was so wonderful,” Akari said.

“No it wasn’t Akari,” Ryoga disagreed. He didn’t know why Akari thought it was so great to turn into a pig. Sure she loved pigs, her whole life revolved around them but did she not realize how hard it was for somebody who spent most of their life on the road to turn into a tiny piglet? Ryoga couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times he had almost been eaten, by both other animals and by humans! Akari sighed softly, she wished Ryoga would see pigs the same why she did sometimes. Still, there was nothing for it now; hopefully he would let the curse be changed back later.

“So what else have you been up to?” Akari asked dropping the subject. “You and your… son.” Akari wasn’t sure what to think about that, she was only 16 and wasn’t ready to be a mother or to get married though Ryoga was the man she was set on getting married to one day. Would Ryoga even want more children now that he adopted Harry? Akari wanted to have children of her own with Ryoga, just not for a while, that would help raise their family’s prize sumo pigs and one day take over the farm. Would Harry even be suited to properly raise sumo pigs?

Ryoga smiled as he started to tell Akari one of the more amusing tells of his adventures of learning how to take care of a toddler, making sure to keep mention of any magic out of the story. He noticed the sliding door open out of the corner of his eye, relaxing slightly as Akari’s very large sumo pig Katsunishiki came into the house figuring the giant pig wouldn’t harm Harry since he was so well trained. Akari patted Katsunishiki fondly on his side as he walked past, the pig sniffing the air as he caught Ryoga and Harry’s scents.

Katsunishiki looked around the room, looking for the new person in his mistress’s house. He spied a small human sitting in front of a set of shelves pulling little pig shaped knickknacks off while repeating ‘Piggy’ and ‘Buta’ to himself. Katsunishiki walked up behind Harry, his piggy snout wiggling as he sniffed the boy. Harry blinked as his hair was ruffled by the sumo pig’s breath, snuffling around on his bottom to look behind him. Harry’s green eyes widened in fright, Katsunishiki was a large pig after all but to a toddler the swine was giant and in his fright he was reminded of the bear attack in the cave.

“AHHH! RYOAAAA!” Harry screamed in fright as he burst into tears and threw his arms out in front of him. His budding magic acted out, blasting into Katsunishiki and knocking the sumo pig back with a surprised squeal. Ryoga jumped up at Harry’s yell, ducking down as Katsunishiki sailed past him into the sliding doors, knocking the doors down in the process, and ran over to Harry.

“Shhh Chibi shhhh,” Ryoga said as he picked Harry, cradling the crying toddler close. “I’ve got you shhhh.”

“Katsunishiki!” Akari yelled at the same time, running over to her pet’s side. She touched the pig’s side looking him over for injuries. Katsunishiki was dazed but unharmed. “What was that!?” Akari yelled as she stood up and turned to face Ryoga who finally got Harry to calm back down. One of the toddler’s hands was fisted in Ryoga’s top while he sucked the thumb of the other hand, his head on Ryoga’s shoulder. Ryoga sighed and rubbed Harry’s back.

“That was just a little bit of magic,” Ryoga said.

“Magic? Like your curse?” Akari asked with a frown.

“Sorta, there’s a lot of different types,” Ryoga explained. “Harry is, or will be one day, a wizard. He’s a magic user, he just accidently used some to blast Katsunishiki back a bit.”

“A bit!” Akari yelled making Harry whine a bit. “He could have killed Katsunishiki!”

“Katsunishiki is fine,” Ryoga said with a scowl, waving his hand at the sumo pig as Katsunishiki stood up and shook himself out of his daze. “See? It was just an accident, your pig just scared Harry a little bit.”

“And that excuses him from using magic to blast Katsunishiki across the room?” Akari asked with a huff, her hands on her hips.

“Yes, I think it does. Harry didn’t do that on purpose Akari, he doesn’t have any control over his magic yet,” Ryoga argued.

“No control!?” Akari said. “What if he does that again? He could kill one of my other pigs!”

“Akari, he’s only around 20 months old, not even two yet,” Ryoga said. “No one has control at that age. He’s not going to kill any of your pigs, this was just an accident. He’s just a baby.”

Akari shook her head, scared by what Harry had done and thinking of what could happen if the child did that to her other pigs.

“I’m sorry Ryoga, you have to get rid of him-“ she started to say. Ryoga’s dark green eyes widened as he pulled Harry closer to him.

“What!?” Ryoga yelled, rubbing Harry’s back against as toddler whimpered. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Ok, that’s a little harsh but you have to get rid of his magic before he’s allowed near the pigs,” Akari said, knowing right away that telling Ryoga to get rid of Harry was the wrong thing to say. “How can he train sumo pigs if his magic hurts them?”

“Train sumo pigs?” Ryoga frowned then shook his head. “Harry isn’t going to train sumo pigs and I’m not going to get his magic bound.”

“Ryoga, you are my future husband,” Akari said. “Which means I will end up as his mother and our family has trained sumo pigs for generations.”

“Akari, you’re sweet and I can see me being happily married to you but neither I nor Harry is going to train your pigs,” Ryoga said bluntly. “I hate pigs, I hated turning into a pig. I can’t even bring myself to eat pork. I push much of that hate aside for you but I am not going to spend my life working with pigs.” Akari gasped, her fingers covering her mouth as her eyes widened. “And I’m not going to change Harry just to satisfy you. Magic is part of what Harry is. If you can’t accept that then I’m sorry but I can’t be with you.”

“You… you would chose him over me?” Akari asked.

“Every time,” Ryoga said firmly. “Harry is my son and I swore I would bring him up as best I could. Raising him to be a pig farmer is not in the cards.”

“Fine,” Akari said with a sniff as she turned away from Ryoga. “You can leave then. Take him with you and don’t come back.”

“Gladly,” Ryoga said as he grabbed Harry’s snowsuit and dressed the boy warmly. As Ryoga left the room, he could hear Akari start to cry. He paused for a moment then shook his head, making his choice as he grabbed his pack and left the house. Harry couldn’t even look at the pigs as they walked away from the farm, burying his face into Ryoga’s neck. Further down the road Ryoga stopped again and looked back at the farm and the house.

“Goodbye Akari,” Ryoga whispered. “I hope you find somebody one day who can give you what you want.” Looking down at Harry, Ryoga smiled and knew he was making the right choice as he continued to walk away.


Author note: Whoop! The editing for all the fanfics is done and my hiatus is over.

I hope everyone likes how I handled the breakup between Ryoga and Akari. Akari only spoke as harshly as she did as she was startled and scared by what Harry did, fear can make a person say things they wouldn’t usually say or speak without thinking first.
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