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A complication of One-Shots based around certain battles of Kingdom Hearts in order. The thoughts of friends as they battle to make the path they believed in.

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'I never thought it would end like this...Terra.' Aqua narrowed her eyes at the man who only took her friend's appearance.

'I guess I'm partly to blame aren't I?' 'Terra' dashed towards her and began to attack with his keyblade.

'When I was declared a Master, I was happy that we were accomplishing our dream. Then I saw your disappointment along with anger, I would say it was then I began to worry for you...' Aqua summoned a reflect to block the hammering attacks. When her target was deflected, she quickly sent him flying with a firaga.

'Thinking of my new responsibilities I wasted no time chasing you and Ven on the order I was given. It was then I think I began to let being a Master as Ven said, 'Go to my head.' 'Terra' quickly recovered and began to fire a few shots of darkness at the water maiden.

'Little did I know that it would only widen the gap already forming between us.' Aqua used acrobactics to avoid the few shots, only to have to hurriedly put up another reflect to deflect the dark volley aimed at her.

'I only wanted to protect you! I wanted to be with you! I wanted to save you from your own troubles! But at the time my pride and frustration wouldn't allow me to go after you, when you pushed me away...'

'Terra' vanished, reappearing a few times before unleashing a new barrage of strikes that seemed familiar to Aqua, she managed to parry until the finishing shockwave knocked her back. Aqua grunted and recovered onto her feet, only to skid further from the shoulder tackle she received.

'Even if you didn't trust me anymore, I continued to look for you. It wasn't about duty anymore, only my feelings for you and the light I wanted to offer you...'

Aqua used a 'cura' on herself to relieve the pain, before thrusting forward at the approaching 'Terra'. The possessed warrior put up a defense to minimize the damage, dashing away to avoid a follow-up, but was knocked into the flowers by another unexpected powerful thrust.

'Seeing you both again and seeing the dangers you two would face. I made it a goal to help you no matter what!' Aqua activated Spellweaver, and began to attack with her blade in telepathic movements.

'When I saw what the masked boy did to Ventus, I wondered what would become of you...' The two swordsmen clashed with numerous strikes, both blades grinding against one another in a stalemate.

Channeling the darkness into the keyblade, 'Terra' managed to push Aqua back and sending her rolling on the ground with a cry of pain.

'I failed to save Ventus, but I promise as long as I wield this weapon I will...' Aqua narrowed her eyes at her opponent and began to stand. 'With all my heart-,' The Stormfall was enveloped in a bright light and a larger transparent blade took form around it. 'Save you from the Darkness that's taken you!'

She darted forward with her blade reared under one arm for a strike. The man of darkness smirked, and covering himself in a shadowy aura, followed her lead and charged. Both clashed and an explosion of both light and dark smothered the area.

'Because I love you and want to bring back our bond.'

Love End
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