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“Your heart can't beat mine, Sora!” The dark-wielding teen spat out.

Sora narrowed his eyes, and gripped his returned keyblade tighter. 'I wish you would listen to me Riku. best friend and rival.'

'Ever since we were little we always had fun challenging each other to a lot of games.' Goofy used his shield to block the dark firaga from Riku, and Donald quickly used aerora on the group. 'I remember when one of our friends mentioned we acted like rivals more than anything. Of course I asked Kairi later to tell me what that meant.'

Riku performed a backflip to dodge the incoming 'Strike Raid' and landed on the next floor. The silver-haired teen slapped away the following shield with Soul Eater, and countered Donald's firaga with his quick reactions. Sora ran up the stairs to attack.

'A person competing for the same thing, and trying to outdo or become equal with. In a way me and you always tried doing that, but I was the one trying to be equal with you.' Sora jumped from the last step and launched a left horizontal strike, but Riku quickly rolled away.

The keyblade wielder followed up with another Strike Raid. Riku clashed the attack with his own version knocking both blades away in different vertical directions, one spinning in the air and one stabbing into the ground.

'When I told you this at first you told me, 'Don't be silly Sora, we're friends nothing else.' I felt like you didn't think I was tough enough to be your rival.' Both glared at each other before dashing forward.

'Looking back I feel kinda silly and like a little kid and misunderstood you, I guess?' Sora ripped his blade from the ground, and Riku caught his coming down from the air.

'I declared out of anger that we were rivals, and since then we both began to push each other in a lot of ways. Some funny, and some meaningful. And we never forgot that we were best friends.' Both blades met in a stalemate, and both wielder tried to overpower the other as sparks came the swords.

'You might not feel the same anymore, but I still think of you as a best friend and you along with my new friends continue to give me strength! That's what-,' Riku grunted trying to keep his stance as Sora began to push him back.'Being your rival-,' Sora quickly broke the connection and struck with a second attack, Riku went flying back into a column. 'has done for to me!'

Riku tightened his hold on his weapon and glared at his opponent, who mirrored his expression only with a big smile.

'Plus, deep down, I know you feel the same way with me.' The spiky-brunette's companions came up behind him, and after a few seconds all four charged at with a loud yell.

'I'll bring us all back together again, even if I have to save you from the depths of darkness, Riku.'
[*Rivalry End
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