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The black-haired wielder shot a blast of lightning at her retriever. A pair of chakrams held off the strike, but before their holder could move the keyblade wielder closed in for another strike. “No way!” A wall of fire sent the girl back near the gate of the mansion.

'Geez, if someone asked me if I saw myself being friends with you two in the future, I probably would've just denied it.' Axel threw one of his flaming weapons at Xion, who jumped back onto the gate to dodge.

In the same instant the chakram hit the gate, Xion darted at Axel in a spiral after kicking off the gate.

'I remember what having a heart feels like, and I once thought that it's nothing but trouble...' The second chakram was thrown and exploded on impact with Xion. The replica skid back and fired a few shots of strong ice spells, while Axel summoned back both weapons and quickly dodged almost in a blur.

'I was just in this for the plan at first, but as the days went by I guess I just got attached to you two.' Axel admitted in his thoughts.

'I don't know why, maybe cause my old best friend is changed, or the memories of those feelings just kept ringing themselves in my head...' Xion evenly matched Axel's round of blows with the keyblade, and after one more block she struck him back with a strong swing.

Axel gasped out in pain as he was sent flying, but one of the chakram left nearby Xion exploded and sent her flying also.

'It's because of this I know that in these recent times you, and Roxas, have been feeling confused, lost, and frustrated.' He sympathized in his head, before recovering in midair and landing on his feet.

'I'm not a replica so I can't say I know completely what your feelings are Xion, but I've seen the fate of a replica and it's not pretty. That's why I refuse to let you go down that path! After all, you and Roxas are my best friends.'

“Light!” Xion cried from behind her opponent. The keyblade was then coated in a golden glow, and Axel once again summoned a wall of flames that slowed the attack down enough for him to gain a bit of leverage to block with his ignited chakrams.

Green eyes stared in the sad blue ones that reminded him of two others. 'I wonder if it's 'his' power formed inside you two, but the feeling you both give is all too familiar for someone like me.'

“HA!” A explosion of light split apart the clash and both slid back, opposite of what the battle began. “I have to go, Axel!” She yelled charging straight for him.

“You won't be getting past me!” Axel replied, summoning beside him a few more chakrams of fire and flames coming from his body.

'When I'm with you two-I feel like I have a heart inside me again. And in this fight I made a promise to keep bringing you both back!'
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