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chapter two

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Harry Potter, set adrift by his Uncle, washes ashore of the island inhabited by the Warrior Women race the Amazons where he fulfills an ancient prophecy and finds a new home that will raise him to ...

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Harry Potter: King of the Amazons
Chapter 2
Groaning he sat up and rubbed his eyes as he tried to get rid of his pounding headache. “Ah, you’re awake.” the white haired woman, Propheta said happily as she walked over to him. “It seems that the ritual also fixed some damages to your body.”.
“What do you mean?” he asked and was startled by how deep his voice was, “Is that my voice?” he asked incredulous.
Laughing the Queen, Bellona, happily said “Yes dear husband that is your voice. You have been unconscious for a full day and Pythos has been panicking and fretting over you ever since.”.
Raising an eyebrow he asked, “Is that so?” before yelling out “Pythos! Are you there?”.
As he yelled this he heard a happy voice hissing “Master!” before he was being ‘hugged’ by a very happy snake, “Master is alright!”.
Why are you calling me master?” he asked as he pat the serpent on its head.
“I wish for you to be my Master. I shall serve and protect only you for the rest of my days.” Pythos said firmly.
“Why may I ask are you doing this?” he asked curious.
“You are speaker for one and your kind are revered by the serpents of the world.” Pythos said, “And you got the amazons to stop trying to kill me.”.
Smiling he replied “Then welcome to the family Pythos… but don’t call me Master. Just Harry.”.
“Okay Just Harry.” Pythos hissed while giggling.
“Cheeky serpent.” he muttered before turning to the two women who were looking at him warily as they couldn’t understand what he was saying. “Did the ritual all the way?” he asked curiously.
“Yes it did your Highness.” Propheta said bowing before gesturing to a large piece of a mirror that was hanging on a wall.
Looking at his reflection he saw that while he was still only about four feet tall but he was now covered with a fine layer of muscle from all of the chores his Aunt and Uncle made him do. His scar was fainter now that it had been before and he saw the hints of stubble appearing on his cheeks. All in all he looked and felt better than he ever had in his life. “Wow.” he muttered in shock and after a moment he realized that he was seeing perfectly and wasn’t wearing his glasses.
“It worked quite well your majesty.” Propheta said smiling.
“Please just call me Harry.” he pleaded.
“If that is your wish your… Harry.” Propheta said, seeming to struggle to now call him your majesty.
Suddenly a thought struck him, turning to Pythos he asked, “Pythos you said that you would only protect me for the rest of your life, yes?”.
“Yes Harry,” Pythos said nodding his scaled head, “why do you ask?”.
“What about my wives and future children?” he asked.
“I shall protect the family of the speaker!” Pythos declared firmly.
Well Bellona there is my first wife.” he said pointing to the Queen of the Amazons.
Eyeing her Pythos slithered over and raised himself up, inspecting her as he tasted the air around her while she stood her ground and did not look afraid. Finished with his inspection he returned to Harry and said “She is good. She will bear you many strong children.”.
“What did he say Harry?” Bellona asked curiously.
“He said he approves of you and that you would bear me many strong children.” he said simply.
Bellona’s eyebrows shot into her hairline when she heard this before she frowned slightly, “You are taking all of this surprisingly calmly.” she said confused.
“That is a side effect of the ritual.” Propheta said sheepishly, “He will mature greatly due to its effects. He is for all intents and purposes a very short adult but he will keep growing taller as he grows older until he reaches his full adult height.”.
“Will there be any other effects?” he asked his voice calm as he processed the new information.
“It can help you process information faster but other than that not that I know of.” Propheta said calmly. “Now I am sure the two of you will wish to spend some more time together so you are more familiar so I shall take my leave.” she bowed to the two before walking out followed by Pythos who took up a post outside of the door.
----General Point of View----
Over the next few years Harry spent on the island of the amazons he grew stronger in both mind and body as well as using his power to help his new people. One of the first things that he did was change some of the customs of giving away male children. He knew that the culture was that the amazons were warrior women so he made it so that while the daughters would be the warriors and dominants in the society, apart from him, the males would do jobs like cooking, healing, building, basically helping the lives run smoother among the people. Most of the Amazons seemed pleased with this idea as it saved some work for them and allowed then to devote their time to their fighting skills. One however was angry at this new law, Reyna still hated anything that was male with a sadistic passion.
It all came to a head after three years when he was ten and had just come back from a patrol and she handed him a jug of water, he was about to drink it when Pythos nocked it out of his hands and said that it had been poisoned. Sure enough when he had Propheta check the water it was found to have traces of Wolf’s-bane in it and Reyna was given what could be considered the worst punishment to any amazon woman, she was made a slave. She had her weapons taken from her and was made a slave of him and the royal family to serve their needs and produce future generations of amazons.
He had spent much of his time training and learning how to fight and by the time he was ten had a very large set of muscles and was never far from his spear.
What made him the happiest of his four years on the island was his new family. Besides Bellona he had married Propheta and Otrera two months after he arrived and within the year each had given birth to a child. Bellona had given birth to a baby girl with blonde hair like her mother’s and his eyes that they named Artemis. Propheta had given birth to a son that had messy black hair like him but turned white like is mother’s at the tips and they had named him Apollo and had named him as the next keeper of the ancient scrolls. Otrera had given birth to a daughter that was almost identical to her mother and was one of the first of her siblings to be able to walk around, they had named her Lillian which he remembered was his mother’s name.
Hylla had become his surrogate sister and was welcomed as part of the royal family and loved spending time with her nieces and nephew. Pythos had become something like his brother and adored the three children and was never out of their presence apart from when he was patrolling with Harry.
The lives of him and his people were relatively calm, until one day a letter came with a group of strange people.
Albus Dumbledore defeater of Grindlewald, winner of the Order of Merlin first class, Chief Warlock of the Wizenagamot, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, and Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat in his office along with his four Heads of House, the Minister of Magic, the Head of the DMLE, and Madame Pomphrey as they waited for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts letter to be addressed. Four years ago his monitors tied to his health and location had gone haywire and exploded making him go to the Dursley residence once they had returned from a vacation to find out why. When he arrived there he discovered that Vernon Dursley had dumped Harry in a crate over the side of a ship.
He was furious that the man had ruined his carefully laid plans and had had the family sent to Azkaban’s top security sector for what they did. He had spent his time since then trying to find the boy and place him in a home where he would still be controllable for the Greater Good.
His searches had turned up empty however but finally he would know where the boy was. As he was watching he saw the quill write on an envelope:

Harry James Potter

King’s Hut

Island of the Amazons

Black sea

“Island of the Amazons?” Fudge exclaimed, “What is this?”.
“I don’t know but we must go collect Harry and place him in a proper home!” he exclaimed before yelling out “Fawkes!” and the group was flashed away in Phoenix fire.
When they landed they were immediately surrounded by women wearing sparse clothing made of leopard’s skin pointing spears at them. “Who are you?” a rather attractive woman with long brown hair demanded, “Identify yourself!”.
“We are teachers from Hogwarts trying to find Harry Potter.” Minerva said nervously.
The brown haired woman’s eyes hardened, “What do you want with our king?”.
“King?!” Fudge exclaimed in shock.
“Perhaps we should take them to my brother to pass judgment Otrera?” a young woman with blonde hair said to the brown haired woman, Otrera.
“Good idea Hylla.” Otrera said lowering her spear, “Follow me and be respectful in our King’s presence.”.
The group of women lead them to a large hut at the back of the city, inside they saw four thrones, two of which were occupied while three children played on the floor with a monstrous snake. The first figure on a throne was a beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and green eyes, while the second was a man who, while only five feet tall, exuded an air of power as he leaned back into his throne and watched them approach. The man had a powerful build akin to that of a Spartan Warrior and had a small beard which was clearly taken care of.
“Otrera, Hylla who are these people?” he asked the two women from before.
“They claim to be teachers here to speak with you my king.” Otrera said bowing causing Dumbledore to start in shock, ‘she had said Harry was their king but that would mean…’ he thought shocked at the appearance of the man that was apparently Harry.
At this the man, Harry, rolled his eyes “Otrera we’ve been married for four years would you please call me by my first name.”.
“Married?!” Severus yelled out in shock, Dumbledore was surprised that he had kept his tongue held for as long as he had.
“Yes I am one of Harry’s three wives.” Otrera said sitting on one of the empty thrones.
“Three wives?” Minerva asked aghast.
“It is the customs of our people that my brother does this.” the blonde girl from before, Hylla said, before walking over to the children on the floor.
“Daddy what do these people want?” a small brunette girl asked looking at Harry.
“Pretty soon nothing will surprise me.” he heard Amelia Bones mutter behind him and silently agreed.
“That is a good question Lily.” Harry said smiling as he placed the little girl in his lap. He turned to them and asked “Well? What is it you want?”.
“We have come to offer you a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Minerva said, still clearly miffed at the fact that someone who should be eleven years old already had three wives and three children.
“And I should leave my people why?” Harry demanded, “I have three beautiful wives and three amazing children. I have a people to lead. Why should I come with you?”.
“You need to learn to control your magic.” he said firmly, trying to think of a way to control Harry.
“Not good enough.” Harry said simply.
“What if your people could come with you?” Filius interjected quickly making him curse mentally, he wanted to separate the boy from these people not keep them around.
“I’m listening?” Harry said calmly.
“We could find a place for your people to settle near our school or find you an island where your people could live that you could use magic to get back to easily.” Filius continued much to Dumbledore’s dismay.
“I would consider it.” Harry said flatly.
“What all would my husband learn at your school?” the blonde woman on a throne asked.
“He would learn the subjects of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology, Potions, History of Magic, and Astronomy and in third year he can select two or three other subjects to learn.” Pomona said happily.
“You would first need to go to Diagon Alley to get your supplies and get money from your vault.” Filius continued.
“And I would have my medical expert Madame Pomphrey look you over for any illnesses.” he said hoping that he could influence Poppy into putting some bindings on the boys core.
“I have trust in my own healers but I know nothing of yours.” Harry said with a hard look on his face, “I will go with you to this Diagon Alley and my vault for now and then will inform you of my decision for your school.”.
“Well then if you would just grab my arm we could be off.” Dumbledore said hoping to get the chance to obliviated every one of the information gained today and find a way to make Harry look like a normal eleven year old.
“I go nowhere without my wives, children, sister, and protector.” Harry said firmly.
“Of course your Majesty,” Amelia said making him mentally curse again. “Would you permit me to ask a question?”.
“Proceed.” Harry said waving for her to continue.
“Why do you look the way you do and have, well, children?” Amelia said slightly flustered.
“When I first washed ashore four years ago and fulfilled the prophecy of the island our Oracle, Propheta, who happens to be my last wife performed a ritual fueled by the power of the island itself on me that all but made my body that of an adults. The only difference was that I would not grow taller due to the ritual and would have to wait naturally for that to happen.”.
“I understand your majesty.” Amelia said nodding. Standing Harry began hissing and at first Dumbledore thought he was in pain before he realized that he was speaking in Parsletongue to the snake, “Definitely not going to be surprised anymore.” Amelia muttered again.
Once he was done hissing Harry turned to the little boy and asked, “Apollo could you go get your mother please? We’re about to leave.”.
“Okay Daddy.” the boy said happily before running off.
“This is going to be a long day.” he heard Severus say and agreed wholeheartedly.
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