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The consequences of rejection

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She only asked for some more time to figure things out...

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(A/N: Ok, this is my first fanfic in English ever! I hope there aren’t too many faults in it, and if so, please tell me.)

Delilah’s POV:

“Julius, please don’t go! I need you!” cried out my crackled voice as my brown eyes, filled with tears, looked at the blonde boy.

“You left me no choice, Delilah. You made your point, now I’m making mine, I’m sorry.. I really am..” said Julius. I wanted to see emotions in his eyes, but all I saw was darkness, life had left him a long time ago.

“I never said that I didn’t love you back! I just asked for some more time, because I wasn’t ready yet to have a full-relationship with my best friend. I was afraid of losing you, both as my best friend and partner. Please, don’t end it like this.” I ran toward the boy and gave him an unexpected hug, before my soft lips touched his.

Julius backed off, something I should have expected, but didn’t. I looked hurt into his beautiful, blue eyes. He simply pushed me to the side and walked with big steps away from me, the girl that broke his heart in millions of pieces. I was left alone in the living room of the Academy, only the sound of a series on the television was hearable. Why was I so stupid for not seeing that I had hurt his feelings when I rejected his question to be his girlfriend. We had been dating for quite some time now, four weeks to be exact, so I should have known that he was going to ask me sometime soon. The door, that connected the hallway with the living room, got opened and a dark-toned woman stepped into the almost empty room. Her green eyes met mine and she walked over to me, putting me in a hug.

“I heard the two of you yelling at each other. What happened, sugar?” Scarlett asked, giving me a worried-looking face. She pulled me out of her hug, so she could look me directly in the eyes.

I sighted, I didn’t want her to know what happened between me and Julius, it was private stuff you know? But on the other hand, I was a bad liar and I hated to lie to the woman that felt almost like a mother to me. I sighted again.

“Julius and I were in a fight, but I rather don’t tell you the details. In short: he wants to leave the Academy because of me. I hurted his feelings by rejecting his request to become his girlfriend. He catched it wrong, obviously, because I said I needed more time to figure things out. And because of my stupid action, I probably lost him forever…” I said quitely, and tears began to make their way down my pale cheeks.

“I’m sorry to hear that, sugar. But I don’t think Julius will leave you or the Academy anytime soon. Yes, he’s hurt, but no relationship is without obstacles. If he loves you, he should give you the space you need. You should go talk to him.” answered the black woman.

I looked at her with tear-filled eyes, red from crying. “Right now? I don’t think that is a good idea…”

“Right now, sugar. The longer you wait, the worser things get.” she said.

I gave Scarlett a thankful hug and ran toward Julius’ room. I knocked on the door, but when I didn’t get a response after three minutes, I opened the door, a little suprised by the fact it wasn’t closed like normal.

“Jay, sorry to interupt, but I really need to talk to you about…” my voice stopped abruptly when I saw a gun pulled to Julius’ head.

(A/N: What will happen next? Find out in the next chapter ^^)
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