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Shut Up And Drive

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The couples have that dinner they planned and share some memories. Frank and Jamia ask Lindsey and Gerard out on a date. Alicia and Mikey make a late night run.

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They all sat around at the table conversing. It was Friday night and they had just finished the dinner they had planned earlier that week. "I need the bathroom." Alicia said before standing up and darting for the bathroom. "I'll be right back." Mikey said as he went to assist her. "I still can't believe she's pregnant. I'm going to be an Uncle. Better yet, Mikey's going to be a Father." Everyone hummed their agreements with smiles on their faces. Lindsey stood and started gathering the plates. Jamia began helping Lindsey with the dishes. She took the plates over to the sink, and Lindsey took them from her, and said, "Sit down. You cooked; I've got the dishes, beautiful." Jamia smiled and nodded. She began to walk away when Lindsey whispered her name. Jamia turned around, "Can I have a kiss?"

Jamia blushed and walked back to her. Lindsey sat the dishes down and reached for her. She wrapped her arms around Jamia's lower back. Jamia stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around Lindsey's neck, and gave her the sweetest kiss she could muster. The guys exchanged smiles and then looked back at the girls. Jamia nipped Lindsey's lip with her teeth. Lindsey smirked and said, "That's something we'll get to later." The guys started laughing and the girls snapped out of their lover’s trance. "Shit. Forgot y'all were here. Fuck you two." Jamia said as she stalked back to the table and sat down.

Lindsey gave them the finger and started on the dishes. The boys continued to snicker. "So..." Lindsey started, "Are we going to tell them about us?" Gerard stopped chuckling and said, "I don't see why not." Just then the pregnant couple walked back into the kitchen. Mikey helped Alicia into her seat, and kissed her forehead, before taking his seat. Frank reached over and rubbed Alicia's back. "Feeling better?" She nodded and said, "I'll be glad when this part is over. If it's ever over. Some people go through their whole pregnancy puking. I don't think I'd survive that." Frank continued to rub her back. "I hope that doesn't happen." Alicia nodded again in agreement. Jamia went to the fridge and got Alicia a ginger ale. "Here. This should help." "Thank you."

Alicia drunk some of the soda and sighed. "That was really good, actually." She drank some more as everyone stared at her, including Lindsey. "Slow down baby girl." Mikey said. Alicia blushed and sat the soda down. She burped and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Excuse me. I'm sorry guys. I've turned into a pig, it seems." Everyone shook their heads no and a few of them said "no". Lindsey walked over to Alicia, she kneeled down in front of her, and said, "Don't ever say that again. You're not a pig; you're a beautiful, pregnant woman. You're eating for two now." Frank chimed in "Yeah. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. You're beautiful and glowing. I can't wait to see Jam like this."

Jamia smiled and blew a kiss to her husband. Gerard nodded and looked at his brother, "Make sure to always remind her of her beauty Mikes." "Don't worry, Gee. He's doing a great job with that." Mikey leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back lovingly and the said, "Now... clasps hands can we take this to the living room, so I can lay out on that amazing couch, and my husband gives me a foot massage, because he loves me very much? bats eyelids pout" Everyone laughed and Lindsey said, "Sure. Soon as I finish these dishes." "I'll help you baby." Lindsey smiled at her husband and they went to finish the dishes.

Alicia kicked Mikey, with the foot he was massaging, as everyone laughed at her, recalling what Mikey said. "I'm sorry baby, but that was funny. I remember your Mom was fuming. Your Father handled it surprisingly well! He got so many cool points for that." Alicia shrugged and laughed. "I don't care. They had it coming. They never had a legit reason to be bothering me. They called me to the office all the time for no reason! You guys know they did! It was my colorful hair and piercings! They just tried to fuck with me." Gerard laughed and said, "They never messed with Frank. Frank was the smart ass!" Mikey nodded and said, "I think that's because they got tired of his snappy ass remarks." Frank laughed and said, "I still would've never done what Alicia did." Everybody burst out into laughter again! Mikey sat Alicia's feet on the couch and jumped up.

He walked over toward the window, grabbed a piece of mail, and began to talk. "Alicia Simmons!" Frank got up off the floor and started walking over happily. He grabbed the mail, and pretended to rip open his gown, and drop it. He began quoting, what the shirt said, that Alicia was wearing under it. "Fuck this school. I'm finally... turns around out!" Then he lifts up his fake skirt to reveal the underwear that said, "Kiss My Ass!" Gerard gasped, pretending to be Mrs. Simmons, and jumped up, to run and grab Frank, off the "stage". "I'm so sorry Mr. Hemingway. pulls Frank" Jamia stood up shaking her head pretending to be Alicia's Dad. She smiled at Frank and said, "Honey. I can't believe you did that. Your Mom is so going to have your head."

Lindsey laughed and went to sit by Alicia's feet. She grabbed her foot and started massaging it. "I can't believe I missed that shit. I would've paid money to see their faces." Alicia nodded and said, "Yeah. The staff was so shocked, and upset, trying to calm down the hooting peers." Everybody went and sat back down. Mikey sat beside Lindsey's legs on the floor. "Nothing epic happened like that at my graduation." Gerard said, "Mine either baby. We're just a boring old couple, who had nothing fun happen at their graduations." Gerard made a bunny face at Lindsey and she laughed. "So, what's been going on with you guys? I've been so wrapped up in this pregnancy stuff that I haven't really been speaking to any of you."

"Well... Lindsey and I... have become an item." Alicia and Mikey looked around waiting for someone to crack a smile and say "just kidding". When no one did Alicia said, "And you guys are okay with this? I mean, you two did have a thing, so how could you not be?" she shrugged. "So, Gerard and I do have a thing." Gerard smiled at Frank and blushed. He was happy to finally hear Frank being sure of them again. Mikey smiled and looked at everyone. "So it's just one big happy family, huh?" "Yeah, except I don't have sex with Jamia and Frank don’t with Lynz, obviously." Alicia piped up and began asking questions. "So do you guys have schedules and stuff? Like itineraries and shit? Do y'all ever bump heads? Like what's up?"

Lindsey laughed and said, "We don't have any of those things. We just go with the flow. And so far, no. We haven't bumped heads. But I don't think we ever will. We seem to already have this under control." "Yeah, hopefully it stays that way." Frank intervened. Everyone nodded in agreement. Frank got up and said, "So! How about a game of Mooooonopolyyyyyyyy!?" Alicia swung her legs off of Lindsey. "Let's fucking do it!" Everyone started getting up, and started sitting around the coffee table, while Frank went to retrieve the game. He came back in and spoke as he was walking over to the table. "Okay. No cheating..." "Mikey!" Everyone said and then laughed. "Exactly, Mikey." Mikey shoved Frank and said, "Just set this shit up."

Alicia took off her shoes and walked upstairs to their bedroom. Mikey joined her only seconds later. "Well that was a very fun, well needed, get together." "I agree, Ali. Want a bath or just bed?" Alicia thought as she took off her clothes and threw them in the clothes basket. "I guess I could go for a quick bath. Very quick though. I'm tired." Mikey nodded and proceeded to the bathroom to run her bath water. "Not too hot baby! Remember what the doctor said!" "I got it!" Alicia smiled and walked over to her dresser. She took off her jewelry and put it in her jewelry box. She then walked over to their full length mirror and looked at her reflection sideways.

Mikey came out of the bathroom and walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rubbed her belly. He kissed the back of her neck and mumbled "I can't wait until we start seeing progress." Alicia smiled and leaned her head into him. He let go of her and walked in front of her and got down on his knees. He rubbed her belly and put his head on it. "I'm going to take good care of you and your Mommy. You hear me? I'm going to give you all the love you need. We both are; Mommy and Daddy." Alicia smiled and patted Mikey's head. "You're so amazing Mikey. I love you." Mikey stood up and kissed his wife. "I love you too, baby. So damn much. That's why I made you my wife. Every day, every second I fall more and more in love with you. And this is not me speaking bullshit. Ali, I mean it. I love you more than life itself. But then again, you are life. You give me life; Joy and I don't ever wanna lose that. Never. I love you. kiss Ali. kiss Ali, Ali, Ali."

Mikey's voice quivered as he said her name that last time. She lifted his head to see tears brimming his eyes. "What's wrong baby?" He sniffed and laid his head on her shoulder. "I don't know what I'd do without you." "And you'll never know. We're in this forever. Unless you wanna die. Until death do us part." Mikey chuckled and sniffed. "You're too perfect. Look at me. I think I'm getting your symptoms." She giggled as he hugged her and then took her hand. "Come on. Let's get you in this tub and out."

Alicia moaned as Mikey dug in deeper. "That feels so good baby. Don't stop." Mikey smiled as he applied more pressure. "A little harder." Mikey complied and earned another earnest moan from Alicia's pretty lips. "That's enough baby. Thank you." Mikey stopped massaging Alicia's back and turned her around. "You're sure that doesn't hurt the baby?" "Not yet. I have to grow a little more first. But I don't even think it does any harm." Mikey nodded and kissed Alicia's forehead. He leaned down and kissed their baby. "I can't wait until you get bigger baby." He rubbed Alicia's stomach as he laid down next to her.

They stared in each other's eyes as he continued rubbing her belly. "I never thought this would be me. Married, with a career and a child on the way. This is everything I never thought I'd have. You're my dream I never knew I wanted. I love you so much Ali." "I love you so much too, Mikey." They kissed sweetly one last time before turning off their lamps and going whispering sweet nothing's to each other until they fell asleep.

Lindsey smiled as her husband came up and kissed her with his wet lips. "Baaabe! Wipe your mouth first." She smiled as he wiped his lips. "It's your wetness." He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. "Alicia looks beautiful, don't you think!?" Lindsey called out to her husband. "Yes, she does." he said as he came back in the room and got in bed. "I can't wait until we get pregnant. I want to see how much you'll glow." Lindsey chuckled and shook her head. "I can't imagine it."

Gerard looked at her and smiled. He intertwined their fingers and brought her hand up to his lips to kiss. "You'll be the most beautiful woman in the world." Lindsey blushed and giggled. "Thanks baby." Gerard nodded and pulled the covers up over them. "Wanna watch something?" Lindsey nodded and reached for the remote.

Gerard woke up as he smelled something amazing being made. He got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. When he was finished he went downstairs to find his wife in the kitchen plating their food. He walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her head. "Smells good baby." "Thank you. It'll taste even better. Go take a seat."

He kissed her head one more time before going to take his seat at the table. Lindsey was right behind him with their plates. She went to the cupboard and got two glasses out along with two mugs. She took the glasses to the table and sat them down. She then went to the refrigerator and got out the orange juice. She went to the table and poured the juice into the glasses. Once finished she returned the juice to the refrigerator and went back to the counter. She grabbed the finished coffee and poured it into the mugs.

She took the mugs to the table and sat those down too. "Thank you so much baby." Lindsey nodded and kissed his forehead. "It's always my pleasure. Especially when you appreciate it." "I always do baby. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?" Lindsey nodded as she chewed her food. "Mhmm. It was great. The food was amazing. Jamia has always been a great cook." It was Gerard's turn to nod. "I agree. Frank helped. He poured the sauce." Lindsey burst out laughing and hitting the table.

"I'm sooo telling him that one." Gerard's eyes grew wide as he continued to laugh. "No. No you can't. He'll fucking punish me man." Lindsey's laughter died down a bit. "Oh yeah? Then maybe I should really tell him. raised brow You'd like the punishment, no? smirk" She nudged him with her foot under the table. Gerard finally calmed down and answered. "I guess so. smirk" "Hmmm. I bet. wink" "Hush up and eat lady." Lindsey chuckled and finished eating her breakfast as she repeatedly looked at Gerard with a knowing smirk. He smirked back at all the right moments.

The phone rung as Gerard and Lindsey were sat on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons. Lindsey reached for the phone on the table and answered with a smile on her face. Gerard eyed her suspiciously, as he muted the television, and listened to see who was on the phone.

Jamia: "Hey! Did you guys have fun yesterday?"
Lindsey: "Yes, we did, actually. We talked about it over breakfast. It was a really good dinner."

Jamia smiled at Lindsey's answer. She twirled the cord nervously as she asked her next question.

Jamia: "Cool, cool. So, Frank and I were wondering if you guys wanted to go out together later on? Around 6ish? To the movies or just out? Maybe an arcade or something? I don't know."

She bit on her lip nervously while she waited for an answer. She didn't know why she was so nervous all of a sudden. She chucked it up as the fact that they're a couple now. She smiled as she heard Lindsey asking Gerard if he wanted to go.

Lindsey: "Sure. We'd love to go. We'll figure out where later, cool?"
Jamia: "Yeah, cool! We'll pick you guys up at 6ish."

They shared a quick laugh and then said their goodbyes.

Gerard smiled and said, "Well you were all smiles and giggles. Look at you. You've really got it bad huh?" Lindsey punched his shoulder. "Shut up." Gerard's text tone alerted and he looked to see who it was. A huge smile spread across his face as he saw Frank's name displayed on the screen. Lindsey laughed and punched Gerard again. "Now who's got it bad?" Gerard laughed and opened the text.

Frank: "Can't wait to see you later. I miss you. xofrnk"

Gerard grinned as he typed his reply quickly. He put his phone down and took the television off mute. He snuggled back on the couch with his wife and watched cartoons.

Gerard: "Can't wait to see you too. I miss you more. xo"

Frank smiled as he put his phone in his pocket and went to the bedroom where his wife was. "So Jam, what are you going to wear for our hot dates tonight?" Jamia laughed obnoxiously loud. "I was thinking rocking but sexy again. What do you think?" Frank walked up behind Jamia, who was stood looking in the closet, and kissed her on her neck, as he circled his arms around her waist. "I think you're always rocking but sexy." Jamia giggled and turned to face her husband. "Keep up with the compliments kiss and I just might show you kiss my appreciation." "Mmm. I'll keep that in mind. kiss"

Jamia bit her lip and turned back around to rummage through the closet. "What are you wearing?" Frank exhaled as he walked to the bed and plopped down on it. "Eh. I don't know. Probably jeans, a dress shirt, and converse. Or a flannel shirt with a tee and jeans. I don't know. Maybe I'll just go with a long sleeve, short sleeve, combo and jeans." Jamia laughed and said, "Either way you're wearing jeans." Frank sat up and threw a pillow at her. "Hush woman." She threw the pillow back and walked over to him. She straddled him and smirked. She leaned her head to the side letting her long black hair sway off her shoulders. "You're not going to get that appreciation I was talking about. How about that?" "Mmm." Frank palmed her butt and caused her to rise up and then grind down seductively. "You can't do that to me."

Jamia chuckled at her husband. "Says who?" She ground down again causing Frank to hiss in pleasure. "Keep that up baby and I'm going to have to take it." She linked her fingers behind his head and continued to grind into him. "Fuck baby. You're asking for it, huh?" He grabbed her hair and pulled lightly. She moaned as she nodded, as much as the hold he had on her hair would let her, and ground down harder. "Oh, yeah. I'm asking for it." Frank started returning the favor by grinding up into her. She moaned and bucked slightly. Just as they were getting to the brink of letting go and giving in they heard their doorbell ring.

"Fuck! Who is that?" Jamia whined. "I don't know. Obviously no one who comes here often cause they rung the bell." He tapped her thigh signaling for her to get up. She exhaled angrily and stood up. "It'd better be good man." She walked downstairs briskly and answered the door. It was UPS dropping off a package. "Hey. I have a package for Frank Iero." Frank walked up behind her and said, "I got this baby. Go ahead." She nodded and waved bye to the man. The man smiled politely as he waved back. "Hey. I'm Frank." The man smiled again and said, "Hello. I just need your signature and I'll be on my way." Frank nodded and signed the screen. "Okay good. Here you go."

Frank took the box and smiled. "Thank you." "The pleasure was mine Mr. Iero." He stuck out his hand and Frank shook it. "Nice grip. See you again hopefully." Frank raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh, wow. Uh thank you again. See ya." The guy nodded and began walking off. Frank closed the door and went to locate his wife. "Jam! Where are you?" "In the basement babe!" Frank sat the box down and went in the basement. Jamia was sitting on the couch drinking a beer when Frank walked in. He went and sat next to her and chuckled. "So he just sort of kinda hit on me." Jamia erupted into a laughing fit. "Oh my God. Really? What did he say?" "Nice grip. See you again hopefully." Jamia laughed harder if that was even possible. "So lame, oh my God!" Frank laughed with her as he nodded in agreement. "He was kind of cute though. You should've gone for it." Jamia nudged Frank jokingly. "Yeah, okay. So Gerard could have my head on a platter? No, thank you. He wasn't that cute." Frank said using emphasis on "that".

Jamia laughed again and then took a sip of her beer. She handed it to Frank and he drunk some before sitting it down. "Wanna finish what you started?" Frank asked with a smirk. Jamia smirked back and climbed on top of him. "Just take off everything and fuck me. No foreplay, just go." Frank smirked and proceeded to take off her clothes. "As you wish my love."

The cool breeze in Mikey's car made him shiver. He rolled up his windows and grabbed his jacket from the passenger seat. Mikey just got on his lunch break and decided to go meet his wife for a quick lunch. When he pulled up to the diner he spotted his wife's apple red car and smiled. He parked his car and grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone. He got out and walked into the diner. He spotted Alicia sitting at the back of the diner. She spotted him too and waved him over. He walked over briskly and kissed her on the forehead. He then tried to kiss her stomach, but decided on just kissing his hand, and touching it. "Did you order?" "Mhmm. How's work?"

Mikey shrugged of his jacket and made an "eh" face. "Eh, you know. Still new to everything but not bad. Once I get the hang of this it'll be smooth sailing." Alicia nodded and smiled at him. "Work for me is okay as long as I keep a trash can nearby." Mikey's content expression turned into one of sympathy. "I'm sorry baby." "Hush up with all that. We knew what the possibilities were when we had sex. I'm fine." she said with a wave of her hand. "Just get me tons of crackers and water to walk around with." Mikey smiled warily and nodded. "Whatever you say sweetheart." Alicia looked up and smiled happily as she saw the waiter approaching with her food. "Here you go Alicia." She sat Alicia's food and drinks down and leaned over to Mikey to do the same with his food. "Hello Mikey." Mikey smiled and nodded to her. "Hey, Samantha."

She smiled cheerily as she put down their napkins and utensils. "I was stating to your wife that it's been a while." Mikey chuckled and said, "Ah, well yes. We've been a bit busy recently." The girl did a little shrill and Mikey jumped. "I know! She told me! Congratulations on your bundle of joy!" Alicia laughed as Mikey chuckled and said "thank you". "I'm sorry. I'm just excited. It's so awesome, ya know? Well, anyway, enjoy your food guys. Holla if ya need me. You know the drill." She smiled and walked away with pep in her step.

Mikey looked at Alicia and smiled. "You'd think she was the one expecting. smile She's a sweetheart, though." Alicia nodded as she continued to chew. She covered her mouth with a napkin. "Yeah, she is. Been here feeding us for almost a year now. I guess I'd be that overjoyed too if I found out my favorite couple was expecting." Mikey raised an eyebrow at his wife. "Now how do you know we're her favorite couple? Tons come in here, ya know?" Alicia swallowed and said, "Yup. She told me though. Anyway. Eat up. We need to be back at work soon." Mikey picked up his utensils and started eating without another word.

"Hey babe..." Alicia started as she came out of the bathroom with her toothbrush dangling in her mouth and tooth paste everywhere on her mouth. " you think we're becoming boring?" Mikey looked up from his comic and chuckled at her appearance. "You're too damn cute, you know that?" Alicia laughed and nodded. "You tell me that a lot." Mikey then sighed and said, "But to your question, I don't think so. Why do you ask?" Alicia held up her finger and went back into the bathroom to rinse her mouth out, and gargle mouthwash. Mikey went back to reading as he waited for her to return.

She came back out wiping her mouth on a rag and throwing it in their hamper. She pulled the covers back and climbed into bed. Mikey wrapped his arm around her as she started reading his comic. Then she remembered she was talking to him and finished what she was saying. "I ask because we always eat breakfast, go to work, go to lunch, come back home, and take a bath, or just get ready for bed. We don't actually hang with the crew anymore. Shit we barely watch television anymore. sigh I guess I just want us to have fun before we're not able to anymore." Mikey put down the comic and kissed her forehead. He hugged her to his chest and kissed her forehead again. "I see what you're saying. It's cool to have fun, but sometimes I just wanna do everything you just said. Sometimes I just wanna cuddle in bed with you and share a comic like we were just doing. That's never been boring for us, has it?"

Alicia shook her head no and snuggled closer to him. "Look all I'm saying is we don't always have to do those things to enjoy each other’s company. But maybe we should start going out more before our baby's arrival. But you do know that just because we have a child doesn't mean we're doomed to a boring life. I mean, look at my parents for instant. They still partied while having me and Gee." Alicia nodded and smiled. "I guess you're right. I love you." Mikey lifted Alicia's head by the chin and kissed her sweetly on the lips. "I love you too, Ali." He rubbed his finger back and forth across her lip and then nibbled it. "Now, what we do need to do, kiss is make as much love as possible, loudly, kiss before our bundle of joy. Do you agree baby?" Mikey kissed her again and she grinned into the kiss as she nodded her head. "I definitely agree with that."

She backed up, and sat up, after kissing Mikey one last time, and straddled him. She put her hands on his waist and squeezed lightly. "Wanna get started now?" Mikey grinned and gyrated up into her. She smirked and pushed down. "Well... I guess that's all the answer I need." She smirked as she slowly slid off his lap and began taking off his pajama pants. "I'll start by showing you how much I appreciate you... with my mouth."


Frank and Jamia knocked on the door and patiently waited for it to be opened. Lindsey opened the door with Gerard right behind her grabbing their jackets. “You guys look amazing.” Frank said as he reached out and hugged Lindsey and then moved to the side so Jamia could do the same. Gerard came to the door and hugged them both and then said, “Thank you. You guys look amazing, too.” They all smiled at one another. “So, shall we?” Jamia said, stretching her arm out for Lindsey and Gerard to lead the way to the car.

They all got in the car, with Jamia as the driver, and Lindsey in the passenger side. The guys were in the back, obviously, and they all buckled up. Jamia started the car and turned to face the rest of them. “So where to?” “I was thinking the arcade and then dinner. What do you guys think?” Frank asked from the back seat. “Sounds good to me.” They all answered and then laughed. Jamia turned back around and settled into her seat. “Arcade, here we come.”


Alicia bounced on her toes as she happily looked at the crib. They had decided to go on a run to Babies R’ Us instead of sitting in the bed for the rest of the day. “Baby, I want that one.” Mikey walked over and looked at it. He shook it to make sure it was sturdy. Alicia laughed and Mikey gave her a questioning look. She shrugged and said, “Just so dad like. Besides, you’ll put it together so if this one is sturdy or not doesn’t matter.” Mikey laughed and rubbed it. “Just making sure it’s good quality for our little one, is all.” Alicia smiled and walked over to the matching rocking chair. “Can we get this too? I heard they’re good for the amazing parents and baby late nights.” Mikey nodded and kissed her forehead. “Of course babe. He reached down and picked up the box containing the crib. He sat it in the cart at a weird angle and Alicia laughed again, this time at his facial expression. “I’m gonna go get another cart; because this,” he gestured at the cart with his hand, “isn’t gonna work.” Alicia continued laughing as she nodded. “Go on. I’m gonna continue to browse.” She started to push the cart and Mikey grabbed it. “Is that okay for you? I mean, this is kind of heavy for you to be pushing.” “I’m gonna have to push one of them Mikes.” Mikey thought and then shook his head. “Of course you are.” He stood there and continued thinking. “I could push and pull.” Alicia pushed Mikey’s hand off the cart and began pushing it. “Stop worrying your pretty little head and just go get the other damn cart, please.” Mikey started to walk away slowly and then finally picked up speed and went to get the cart.

When he returned with the cart he grabbed the box with the chair in it and put it in. He walked to the next aisle and saw his wife looking at the changing tables. “We’re gonna need one of these too, but we can get that another day.” Mikey nodded and led her over to the aisle with the bottles and everything containing to feeding. “Are you gonna breast feed?” Mikey asked as he crouched down and picked up one of the breast pumps.

Alicia grabbed a set of bottles and observed them. “Yeah, baby.” She put the bottles in the cart and walked over to Mikey. She reached for the box he was handing her as he reached for another brand. “Which one do you think is best?” Alicia looked at both brands and then to the other two brands on the shelf. “I think the one you’re holding would be best. It’s a double pump and electric. That should be perfect. If we have problems we can always come and get a new one.” Mikey agreed and stood up. He put the pump in his cart and then went over to the pacifiers.

“Mikey, pick out the ones that match my… nipples.” Mikey chuckled and looked at her for an explanation. “I read in a magazine at the doctor’s office that you should get bottles and pacifiers that match the mother’s nipples because the baby more than likely will reject anything otherwise due to being used to the shape and size of the mother’s nipples.” Mikey’s face showed that he understood as he searched the racks and then grabbed the pack he was satisfied with. He walked over to Alicia’s cart and picked up the bottles she picked out. “Baby, these match your nipples perfectly.

Alicia looked up at Mikey from her crouched position where she was looking at bibs and laughed when he wriggled his eyebrows at her. “Shut up boy. Just put them in the cart.” Mikey laughed and did as he was told. Alicia grabbed the bibs she was satisfied with and showed Mikey for conformation. He agreed and she threw them in the cart. Mikey walked over and held his hand out for her to take. She took it and stood up. “Thanks baby.” She grabbed her cart and started pushing in the direction of checkout. “This is enough for now. I’m getting a bit tired.”

Mikey smiled and nodded. They went to checkout and handled everything and received congratulations. They took everything to the car and loaded it inside and then climbed in themselves. “Thank was exciting. I love you Ali.” Mikey reached over and touched Alicia’s belly, “I love you too little one.” Alicia smiled and leaned over to kiss Mikey. “I love you too baby.” Mikey kissed her nose and then touched foreheads with her before pulling back and starting the car. “This is gonna be the best thing I’ve ever gotten right in my life and I’m glad it’s you with whom I’m sharing it with.” Alicia nodded and then Mikey pulled off to head home.


The guys sat around the table enjoying their deserts and each other’s company. “This was a very fun night. Thanks for asking us out guys.” Gerard nodded his head in agreement with his wife. “No problem guys. It was Frank’s idea mainly. This is why he’s paid for everything.” They laughed at Jamia and Frank threw his napkin at her softly across the table. She wrinkled her nose at her husband and stuck out her tongue. Gerard leaned over and kissed Frank on the side of his mouth. He whispered in Frank’s ear, “I’ll be sure to pay you back.” Frank smirked and side eyed the girls. He kissed Gerard and winked. “Remember you said that.” Gerard pulled back and smirked. “I surely will.”

The girls shook their heads and laughed at the boys. “You two just can’t behave can you?” Gerard looked at Lindsey and said, “You’re one to talk.” Lindsey raised her brow at him and replied, “You know, if that’s a complaint…” Gerard quickly interrupted her. “It’ll never be a complaint babe.” Jamia laughed and shook her head. “How quickly you change your tune when sex is about to be taken away.” “Hush.” Gerard laughed at Jamia and Frank called the waiter over for their bill.

He paid for the bill and they all gathered their stuff and went out to the car. “I’m not ready to go home.” Jamia said. “Let’s go out to the river.” Frank nodded and looked around at the other two. “Game?” They nodded and hopped in the car. Frank drove this time with Gerard at his side. He was teasingly massaging Frank’s thigh reaching higher and higher until Frank breathed out “Stop. Do you want us to get in an accident?” Gerard chuckled and leaned over to lick Frank’s ear. “No, I guess not.” Frank bit his lip and looked over at Gerard quickly. “You’re gonna be the death of me, literally.” Gerard chuckled and leaned back.

Gerard looked in the rearview mirror and saw the girls giggling, whispering, and pecking at each other’s lips. “They have the right idea.” Frank glanced in the rearview mirror and then chuckled. “Shut up. We’ll get there soon enough and I’ll pull you away from this car to a secluded spot and make it worth the wait.” Frank glanced over at Gerard and saw that he was smirking. “You know it’s true that’s why you’re smirking.” Gerard chuckled and said, “Shut up and drive.”
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