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Lloyd Dobbler

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Mikey and Alicia have a disagreement after their doctor's visit. Jamia and Lindsey have a great night together. Gerard and Frank finally seal the deal with actual intercourse. This one...

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They sat opposite each other on the couch. Jamia had Lindsey's foot in her hands giving her a well needed massage. Lindsey smiled as she finished talking. "...that's all I'm saying." Jamia laughed and then Lindsey joined in. "So you really wouldn't mind watching them then? I don't think they'd let us though." Lindsey looked thoughtful and then said, "I don't want to. I mean, I want to... but I'd much rather let them keep their moments. You know?" Jamia nodded and reached for the radio remote. She turned it on and one of their favorite songs came blaring out of the speakers. They jumped up and started dancing together sexily, but jokingly, as this was a very silly song to begin with.

Lindsey spun Jamia around, and pulled her in, close to her body. She wrapped her left arm around Jamia's waist, and her right arm around Jamia's shoulders, holding her in place. Jamia wrapped her arm around herself, on top of Lindsey's, and held onto Lindsey's right arm, with her hand. Lindsey started dancing on Jamia, as Jamia pushed back into her, gyrating her hips. They swayed their hips back and forth, slightly swaying down to the ground. Jamia chuckled at the line that was sung. Lindsey started singing the song in Jamia's ear, with a huge smile on her face, because she couldn't deny, she was trying to hold back laughter, because of the lyrics.

"And, oh yes I'll be bringing. Something so fantastic. Sweet and sticky and white." They giggled, and pulled apart, as they shimmied up and down smiling at each other. "It's whipped cream, all over your body, break!" Jamia put her hands in her hair, and swayed her hips side to side, as Lindsey squatted to the floor, and proceeded to roam her hands up and down Jamia's body, and said, "Whipped cream. (J: whipped cream) Whipped cream. (J: whipped cream) Whipped cream all over your body." They laughed and Lindsey stood up and kissed Jamia. They kissed and swayed through the rest of the song.

Once the song ended they fell onto the couch, holding each other, and giggling. Jamia smiled sweetly at Lindsey, and reached out, to tuck a stray piece of hair behind Lindsey's ear. Lindsey leaned into Jamia's hand, as she let it linger, on the side of her head. Jamia softly caressed Lindsey's face and said, "I'm so glad you asked me to come tonight. I honestly would've never had the guts to ever ask for a night alone. " Lindsey smiled. "Trust me. I had to talk myself up to it. And I fake dialed you thirteen times before I actually let it ring. I was scared." They laughed and snuggled into each other. They still remained facing each other.

Jamia reached for Lindsey's hands. They gazed in each other's eyes as they held hands. Jamia lifted Lindsey's right hand to her lips and kissed it. Lindsey blushed and bit her lip. She took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. "I'm falling for you." Jamia's smile widened as she said, "I'm falling for you, too, Lindsey." Lindsey smiled and turned around, to lay back against Jamia. Jamia wrapped her arms around Lindsey's shoulders. "I'm so glad you are Jamia. I wouldn't know how I would feel if you weren't on the same page as me. But I'm happy I don't have to find out." Lindsey lifted one of Jamia's hands and kissed it. "I don't think you'll ever have to. I'm sure I'll always be on the same page as you, if not, ahead of you." Lindsey smiled and kissed Jamia's hand again.

Lindsey got up to refill their wine glasses. "What do you wanna watch now? Horror or funny?" Lindsey thought for a second. She finally decided on funny. They chose Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and watched it, like it wasn't their thousandth time seeing it. "I could see myself wanting to do this more often with you." "Me too Jam. Now I see why the boys always tried to spend, as much time as they could, together." Jamia laughed and nodded. "Now they'll get their wish more often." They kissed and then snuggled back into the sofa.

Alicia crawled on top of Mikey and started kissing him. He kissed back hesitantly. She ground her hips down on him and he stopped her. She looked at him confused. "You know what the doctor said Ali." Alicia rolled her eyes and started kissing from Mikey's ear down to his neck. "She said kiss "take it easy". kiss She said "sex is fine"."She kissed him once more and then looked at him. He looked slightly disinterested. "Come on Mikey. It was just a scare. Nothing's wrong." "You're one centimeter dilated at 6 weeks. That's wrong. They didn't tell you to take it easy for the hell of it." "She said we can continue with sex. She said it's good for me." "Some other time. I don't feel comfortable with it, yet. I'm sorry, but I just don't."

Alicia got up off Mikey and stormed towards the door. "Hey! Where are you going Alicia!?" She yanked the door open and slammed it. "Alicia!" She didn't come back. Mikey stood up and went after her. He ran downstairs and saw her sitting on the couch. She was rocking back and forth, with her legs up to her chest. She always did that when she was bothered, or pissed off. Mikey smiled thinking she wouldn't be able to do that, anymore, in a couple of months. He walked up behind the couch. She didn't turn around, she just continued to rock. "Alicia... you can't just get riled up like that. Storming off and throwing fits isn't okay." "Not wanting to fuck your wife isn't okay either!" Mikey rubbed his temple as he exhaled slowly. "Ali there's no need to raise your voice. You don't need to be..." "Stressing myself... yeah, yeah, I know! You keep fucking saying it! I'm fine Mikey! I'm only 6 fucking weeks!" "ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ALICIA! Any fucking thing! Okay!? I don't want nothing happening to my child! Nothing!"

Alicia stood up and walked to the back of the couch where Mikey is. "Our child. You didn't fuck yourself and your stomach damn sure isn't the one growing. I'm going out." Alicia went to walk away but was stopped by Mikey grabbing her arm. "Alicia you aren't going anywhere. You need rest. You are stressing right now and you're not supposed to be." "You're stressing me and you're not supposed to be! I just wanted you to make love to me! That's all! It's not even the fact that you refused... it's the fact that you didn't even at least look like you wanted to!" Mikey let go of her and shook his head. "I'm just scared Ali. Why can't you get that?"

Alicia walked away and went up the steps. Mikey followed and watched her. "Why can't you get that!?" She turned at the top of the landing and looked down at him. She was clearly shaking with anger. "I'm scared too Mikey. The least you could've done to help was still want me. But that's too much to ask." "Alicia you know I..." "Just order out tonight cause I'm not cooking. I'm going to lay down. At least you're getting what you want." With that she walked to the room and closed the door with way more force than needed.

Mikey sighed and walked back to the couch to lay down. He tried to wrap his head around what just happened. Sure, they'd argued before, but they never shouted at each other like that. He suddenly felt like a complete dick. Not only did he seem uninterested in his wife, but he yelled at her too. Those are two things he never does. Mikey started to call his brother but then decided against it. This was something he was going to have to deal with on his own. He never told anyone when they argued, which was hardly ever, and he wasn't going to start now. He rolled over and turned on the television. He slowly started drifting off to sleep, with nothing but his wife on his mind.

Alicia woke up as she heard the downstairs door close. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. They were sore and swollen from crying herself to sleep. She thought about everything that happened and started crying again. She couldn't believe Mikey would act that way towards her. She sobbed into her hands as her body shook. She never cried this hard before in her life. She looked up as she heard the door open and looked at Mikey. He walked over to the bed quickly and pulled her into his chest. "Shhh. Shhh, baby. I'm so sorry Ali. Shhh."

He rubbed her back as he cooed in her ear. Alicia tried to calm herself down enough to talk but she couldn't. "H-h-how c-could you Mi-Mikey? W-what did I d-do? What did I d-do?" Mikey shook his head and continued to rub her back. "You didn't do anything, baby. I'm sorry. What do you want me to do to make it up to you? I'll do anything you want." "I j-just want what I've b-been ask-asking for M-Mikey." "Okay baby. Calm down. Shhh."

Mikey stood up and started taking off his clothes. Once he was finished, he climbed on the bed, and took off Alicia's shirt. He started kissing and licking down her stomach. He licked and sucked at her hips, as he slowly pulled down her pants. Alicia ran her fingers, through his hair, as she squirmed under him. He finished pulling her pajama pants off and threw them on the floor. He alternated licks and sucks between both of her thighs. He licked up her body until he got to her mouth. She moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. He rubbed the head of his cock on her clit.

She groaned and arched up into him. "P-please Mikey. Please, put it in me." Mikey reached down and pushed himself in her. She moaned out his name as she wrapped her legs around him. He looked into her eyes and whispered "I love you Ali. There's no way in hell I'd ever not want you." Alicia smiled with tears still in her eyes. She moaned as he started rocking his hips into her. She held onto his shoulders tightly and kept arching into him, with each thrust. "Mikey! Ohhh, Mikey! I love you. I love you so much."

Mikey sat and watched as Alicia ate her food. She gulped down big forkfuls of food. Mikey reached over and held her hand. She looked at him with wide eyes and then sat back. She swallowed her food and then looked at Mikey again. "I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry." "I know baby. It's fine. Just slow down. I don't want you to choke." Alicia nodded and Mikey let go of her hand. She smiled and leaned back over her food. She pushed Mikey's food towards him and gave him the plastic fork that came with it. "Eat baby. Don't just watch me. It's making me self conscious." Mikey reached for his food and opened it. He smiled at her and started eating.

"Thank you for making love to me. I understand why you would be scared, so thank you, for getting over that fear." "Anything for you Ali. You know that. And I'm sorry for yelling at you. We argue sometimes, but I never talk to you like that, and for that, I am sincerely sorry. I love you, Ali, so much, and I just really wanna make sure you, and our baby are okay. I'm sorry if I take it overboard. It's just me being the husband and Father I'm supposed to be." Alicia nodded and smiled. She leaned over and kissed Mikey on the cheek. "I know Mikes. It's okay, trust me."

Mikey smiled and rubbed her face lightly with his thumb. "You're so beautiful. I knew you were pregnant. You have that glow, you know?" She smiled brightly. "I do now." She kissed him again, this time on his lips, slowly and sweetly. "Can you make love to me again?" "You never have to ask. But... I see being pregnant really is effecting your hormones. kiss I love it." With that Mikey stood up, swooped Alicia up into his arms, and took her to their bedroom.

Frank was laughing, hard, at the movie they settled on watching, after The Conjuring ended. Gerard just sat smiling at him with an adorning look on his face. He loved watching Frank laugh, and smile, so oblivious to Gerard watching him. This were the times he lived for in their teenage years, when they were just friends. Gerard missed those times. Not being just friends, but just having more freedom to do whatever, whenever, with Frank.


Mikey walked into the living room dressed and grabbed his jacket. "I'm heading out now." Gerard and Frank looked at Mikey. Frank gave an approving whistle, and Gerard nodded, agreeing with Frank. Mikey laughed. "Alicia date tonight, right?" Mikey nodded. "Right bro. Don't wait up either." "Does Mom know you'll be out late?" Mikey nodded again and grabbed his keys. "You kids behave." With that he yanked the door opened and left. Gerard laughed and said, "Maybe we should've been telling him that." Frank giggled and went to get more popcorn from the kitchen. He came back, and sat back down, next to Gerard, on the floor. Gerard reached for some popcorn and said, "Let's take this to my room, yeah?" Frank nodded and stood up.

They walked to the room and closed the door behind them. Gerard went to put the movie into his DVD player. Frank sat back against the headboard, and stared at Gerard, as he put the movie in. When Gerard turned around his eyes met, instantly, with Frank's. Gerard smiled and said, "What?" Frank shook his head and patted the bed. Gerard kept smiling as he walked over and took his seat on the bed next to Frank. Gerard nudged Frank's shoulder with his, and Frank giggled. Gerard scrunched up his nose at Frank and shook his head, jokingly, in Frank's face. Frank laughed and mirrored Gerard's action.

Gerard laughed and leaned his head on Frank's shoulder. "I'm so glad to have you as my friend... my best friend. No one has ever been this close with me, besides Mikey." Frank looked down into Gerard's eyes, as Gerard looked up at him, and said, "Well then they're obviously fools, because you're the best. I'm glad, too. You're... amazing. I love you... you know that?" Gerard blushed as he stared into Frank's eyes. "I love you too, Frankie." Frank bit his lip as he felt his stomach churn. Staring into Gerard's eyes was becoming too much. He wanted to kiss Gerard so badly, but thought better of it. If Gerard wanted them to kiss he'd make it clear. With that in mind Frank kissed Gerard's forehead. Gerard looked back down, and then took his head off Frank's shoulder. Gerard grabbed the remote and started the movie.

As they watched, Gerard couldn't help but glance at Frank, and smile every time Frank laughed, or smiled. Frank caught him at one point but decided to just brush it off. Gerard smirked, and touched his forehead, as he thought about the kiss Frank had planted there. He had to get off of him, before he did anything stupid, like actually try to kiss Frank, on the lips. He was sure that if Frank wanted a kiss on the lips, that's what he would've went for. Once the movie ended, Frank looked at Gerard to see him already looking at him.

"You okay, Gee?" "Yeah. Just still thinking about what I said... I'm glad to have you." Frank smiled and nodded. "Another movie?" Gerard nodded and stood to go get it.


The movie came to an end. Frank sighed and sat back into the couch with his feet crossed. He looked at Gerard and said, "That was so funny. Don't you think so?" Gerard nodded and continued to look at Frank. Frank blushed as he shifted in his seat under Gerard's intense stare. "What's up Gee?" Gerard stood up and held his hand out to Frank. "I wanna make love to you. Come on." Frank raised his eyebrow as he looked up at Gerard. Frank bit his lip and took Gerard's hand. They never broke eye contact as Frank stood up. Gerard took Frank's other hand in his, and held them up to his chest, between them.

They started swaying without even noticing. Once Gerard did, though, he smiled and said, "Look at us, dancing to nothing." Frank smiled. "We're dancing to the music of our hearts. But I could always sing to you." Gerard nodded. "I would love that... after I make love to you. Come on baby." Gerard led Frank up the stairs and into Frank's bedroom. He closed the door after Frank walked in. Frank walked over to the bed and started taking off his clothes. Gerard stood there, and watched, as Frank took off his socks, and threw them into the hamper. Frank then slowly pulled his shirt up and off, letting it drop to the floor. He dropped his arms, at his cocked hips, and stood there for a bit, letting Gerard admire his body. Gerard always made him feel utterly confident. He felt like a sex God, whenever Gerard looked at him with such passion, and lust in his eyes.

Gerard's eyes scanned up and down Frank's body. He couldn't take not touching him anymore, so he walked forward, until he was right in front of Frank. He then placed his hands on Frank's hips, and slowly leaned down to kiss and suck, Frank's clavicle. He repeated the action on the other side. He grazed Frank's neck with his teeth. He then licked and sucked Frank's earlobe. Frank's breathing became irregular. Gerard kissed Frank, slowly, and gently, as he held his face between his hands. They stopped kissing and stared into each other's eyes. Gerard rubbed his thumbs against Frank's jawline. He then proceeded to go back to what he was doing to Frank. Frank gasped when Gerard took his nipple into his mouth. Frank held the back of Gerard's head, as he switched to the other nipple, causing Frank to moan this time.

Gerard slowly got on his knees, in front of Frank, and looked up at him. He slowly unbuckled Frank's belt and opened his button. He kept his eyes on Frank's the whole time. He unzipped Frank's pants and pulled them down. He grabbed Frank's dick and slowly stroked it through the material. "I wanna make you feel so good baby." Frank moaned once again as he let his eyes slip closed. He felt Gerard pull down his briefs. Gerard grabbed him again and slowly started stroking. He held back a strangled groan, as he bit his lip, and watched Gerard through lidded eyes. "Want me to make you feel good, baby?" Frank nodded his response. "You know what I want Frankie. Say it." "Y-yes. I want you to make me feel good. So good." "Beg for it baby." Frank moaned and let his head fall back. He loved when Gerard was like this. He grabbed Gerard's hair and pulled him up. He kissed Gerard with fire and anticipation. He broke the kiss, but kept their faces as close as possible.

He panted into Gerard's mouth as Gerard continued to stroke him. "Please, Gee? Please, make me feel good... make love to me. moan Oh, G-God! Please, make love t-to me! moan" Gerard whispered into Frank's mouth, "Fuck, Frankie. Anything you want." Frank stepped out of his pants and underwear. He sat down on the bed and said, "I want you to strip for me Gee." Gerard smirked and proceeded to take off his clothes for Frank. He moved his hips seductively, as he took off each piece of clothing he was wearing. Frank bit his lip as he watched Gerard with hungry eyes. He watched as Gerard's pretty cock was released and his mouth watered. "You're so fucking sexy, Gerard. So fucking hot. I've never saw another man as hot, sexy, or beautiful as you." Gerard smirked as he continued taking off his clothes. He walked closer to Frank and wrapped his shirt behind Frank's head. Using the shirt to pull his face closer, he leaned down, and whispered "The same can be said about you, sugar." Frank smirked and kissed him. Gerard let go of the shirt and got on his knees. "Now... back to what I was about to do."

He wrapped his hand back around Frank's cock and stroked it. Frank moaned and lifted his hips into Gerard's touch. Gerard leaned forward and licked the head, lightly. Frank's hips stuttered as Gerard swirled his tongue around the head of his penis. Gerard placed a feather lite kiss, there, and then took the full length into his mouth. Frank groaned and arched his back. He reached down and grabbed Gerard's hair. "Mmm, Gee. I almost forgot... how good you are with your... groan mouth." Gerard pulled off with a loud slurp and smirked. "Let's make sure I remind you thoroughly then." Gerard smiled when he noticed, the effect, talking over Frank's wet tip, had on him. He sat back and stared at Frank in all his glory. "You're beautiful, Frank." Frank panted out a thank you as he squirmed on the bed. Gerard loved watching Frank squirm. Knowing he was the reason why really turned him on. "Fuck, Gerard. Just... please?" "Please what Frankie?" "Do something... anything! Just... groans touch me, Gee. Please, touch me." Gerard bit his lip and stood up.

He climbed on the bed over Frank and put two fingers to Frank's lips. "Wet 'em baby." Frank did as he was told while staring into Gerard's eyes. That turned Gerard on even more. Gerard slowly thrusted his fingers in and out of Frank's mouth. Frank moaned and closed his eyes. Gerard leaned down and stuck his tongue in Frank's mouth. Their tongues mingled while Gerard's fingers were still in Frank's mouth. Gerard withdrew his fingers and reached between Frank's legs. He circled his fingers around his opening and then pushed one in. Frank hissed in mixed pain and pleasure. Gerard kissed him as he slowly pushed the other finger in. Frank moaned into Gerard's mouth. Gerard scissored his fingers as he started thrusting them inside Frank. Frank's mouth fell open. He panted into Gerard's mouth. "I love when you pant in my mouth like that. It's so... fucking... hot." He thrusted harder and deeper with each word. Hitting Frank's prostate on the last thrust, caused Frank to cry out. "Ohhhhh! Oh, Gee!" Gerard kept thrusting, emitting more of those beautiful sounds he loved hearing Frank make. "God, Frank. You sound just as beautiful as you look." "Fuck me! Oh, God! Fuck me!"

Gerard laughed and pulled his fingers out. "I was supposed to be making love to you, baby." "I don't care what you do, as long as you're in me." Gerard brung his hand up to his face and spit into it. Frank smirked, as he reached back down, and smeared it all over his member. "I know how you like it dirty." Gerard winked and Frank laughed. "Shut up and just come on." Gerard lined himself up with Frank's entrance and pushed in. Frank arched up into him and groaned loudly. Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard's waist. Gerard slowly started rocking his hips. "A little faster, baby, please." Frank said breathlessly. Gerard complied, picking up the speed of his thrusts. Frank pulled Gerard down, as far as he could, without hurting his penis, into a hug. Gerard lifted Frank a little and put his left arm under Frank to hold him too. He then started rocking into Frank again. Frank held onto Gerard tighter with each thrust. Gerard hit Frank's prostate, which caused Frank to rake his nails down Gerard's back. Gerard groaned into Frank's neck and thrusted harder. Frank tightened his legs around Gerard, causing him to go deeper. "Ah, fuck! Hnnngh! Oh, God!" Gerard sat up to look at Frank's face. "God, you're so beautiful. I can't stop telling you." Frank ran his hand through Gerard's hair and said, "S-so are you, baby. So fucking gorgeous, Gee."

Gerard smiled and reached down between them to grasp Frank's cock. He started stroking in time with his thrusts. Frank started squirming and whimpering. He arched up and rolled his head side to side. "G-gee. Geeee. Oh, Gee... I'm close. I'm so close." "Me too sugar. Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me, Frankie. So fucking good." Gerard picked up speed as he started feeling his climax approaching. "Shit, baby. Cum for me Frankie." Frank smirked and said, "Make me." Gerard pulled out of Frank and sat in a sitting position. He pulled Frank on top of him, put himself back in, and wrapped his arms around him. Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard again and held onto his shoulders. Frank started rocking on his cock and threw his head back in ecstasy, as Gerard started pounding up into him. "Oh, Gee! Make me cum." Gerard started stroking him in time to his thrusts. Frank yelled out when Gerard hit his prostate. Every stroke after that was aimed right at it. Frank tangled his hands in Gerard's hair and pulled his head back. Gerard gripped Frank tighter and hit his prostate at the same time. Frank started spilling all over them. "Ahhhhhhhh, fuck Gee!" His muscles clenched around Gerard's dick. Frank dropped his head on Gerard's shoulder as he continued pumping into him. Gerard's hips stuttered and soon after he was cumming inside Frank. "Mmmmmm, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, Frankie. Fuck."

"Come on, Frankie. Please? Sing it to me." Frank giggled and blushed. "Okay, Gee." Frank picked up his acoustic and smiled. Frank fake cleared his throat and Gerard laughed. "You're so damn silly." Frank smiled a goofy smile and then looked at Gerard, seriously. Gerard looked back, as he waited for Frank to start singing, and playing.

"Why are you so far away? Even when you're standing next to me. Your eyes give you away. Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking.

And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler. With a boombox out in the street. And I'll be there if you need someone. Even if he isn't me.

Lying in your bed. As lights dance across the ceiling. I listen to you breathe. Toss and turn in your sleep. And I wish that you'd believe.

That I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler. With a boombox out in the street. And I'll be there if you need someone. Even if he isn't me.

There's a Norman Rockwell painting. Two kids sitting on a bench. It reminds me of all the stupid things. I'd like for us to share. But I don't care."

When Frank opened his eyes he saw Gerard smiling but crying. "What's wrong?" Gerard shook his head and wiped the tears on his face. "It was sweet... that's all." Frank breathed a sigh of relief. "You really did write that for me..." Frank nodded. "I love it, just as much as I love you." Frank beamed and sat his guitar down. He crawled up the bed and hugged Gerard. "I love you too, baby." "I know you do." They kissed sweetly for a short while. "So, Gee." "Yeah?" "I'm not tired, so, do you wanna go back downstairs and watch more movies." Gerard smiled and nodded. "Of course! That's, obviously, always been my favorite thing to do with you." Frank smiled and jumped out of the bed. He ran to the door screaming "To the bat cave!" Gerard laughed and ran after him.
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