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Boys, interrupted.

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Things get heated hmmmm.

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Hey lil shits. So I'm really shitty at writing this kind of stuff so I'm sorry in advance, ugh. Well, enjoy you pervs.

Gerard's P.O.V

Frank stayed over that night, and bunked with me. He made me feel slightly less lonely. He made me get up at 10am, that was an hour ago, and we’re now cleaning up the mess I made last night. Frank had a bag full of empty booze bottles, and cleared out the stash I still had in the closet that consisted of about 12 beers and more vodka. I just couldn't drink any more last night, and right now I had a fucking pounding headache. I think my brain is going to fucking explode out of my skull. Bob gave me pain killers but they’ve done fuck all so far, I just want to sleep it off and wake up feeling normal again without the constant painful reminder of what I'd just done. I folded the last piece of discarded clothing and sat on the bed, rubbing my temples.
’Frankie?’ I whined his name like an annoying child and he came to sit next to me.
’whaaaaat?’ He mimicked back and I hit him jokingly on the arm.
’I fucking need sleep’ I stated, and leant my forehead on his shoulder. He patted my head sympathetically and replied.
’yeah yeah you can have a nap. We’re basically done in here now.’ He looked around the room, happy with our work. He had picked up all the shit I pushed off the counter tops and fixed the clock and lamp. I smiled sleepily and laid back, pulling frank down with me. I didn't want to sleep alone, I needed someone with me.
’stay with me.’ It was more an order than a question, but he obliged anyway and laid back with me, pulling the sheets over our bodies and snaking a hand around my waist lazily, our foreheads touching slightly.
Our gaze locked, and I stared into his hot whiskey eyes, stroking stray hairs away from his smooth pink cheeks slowly. His eyes closed at the touch and I smiled slightly. He was really beautiful, I couldn't deny it. Franks eyes fluttered open again, looking at me and biting his rosy lip. My hand still rested on his cheek.
’Gerard?’ Frank asked in a hushed tone, and held my other hand in both of his warm palms.
’yeah?’ I smiled at his small but meaningful touch, and admired how his skin felt on mine.
’you'll be okay you know? You don't need all that hurry alcohol when you have fucking amazing people in your life.’ He stared, waiting for my reply. But I simply nodded and found I couldn't help myself any more. I needed him, wanted him. I leaned closer. My eyes flicking to franks to see any hesitation on his face, and come back with nothing. I could feel his breathing speed up his hot sweet breath shadowing my parted lips. Frank closed the gap between us carefully, his mouth caressing mine in his own.
Our lips moved together, never breaking apart, and his grip on my hands moved to my waist again, pulling me closer to his small body. My breathing hitched in my throat at his touch, my hand now working it's way into his soft locks, holding him closer to me, every part of us now touching. His mouth opened slightly and I followed his lead, his tongue finding it's way between my lips to dance with my own. Frank tasted just as he smelled; sweet, with weed and cigarettes lingering on his tongue. My tastebuds were happy, and caused me to smile into the kiss.
It was sloppy and hungry, yet still gentle as we kissed rhythmically. Before it was desperate but now more relaxed and unrushed, more natural. Things got heated kind of quickly, and although I was tired as fuck and still in pain I didn't give a shit. All I wanted right now was Frank, His soft skin on mine, my touch senses going mad. I pulled away, and slowly moved so I was straddling his hips, one thigh either side of his, and kissed him passionately, slowly, just wanting to really feel. Frank stroked his hands down my body to rest on my thighs, squeezing them lightly and I let out a quiet moan into his mouth, which resulted in Frank smiling against my lips. I removed mine from his, and started planting kisses along his jawline, worrying the skin and making small purple marks along his throat, contrasting against his pale completion. My hand moved to his jaw, stroking the skin there and causing him to throw his head back, allowing me the opportunity to kiss more of his smooth skin. A quiet groan escaped his throat and I grinned, knowing I made him do that.
Franks hands moved up my thighs and around my hips, sneaking his fingertips up the hemline of my shirt slowly, barely ghosting over my skin. He received a shiver out of me easily. I decided to get him back by moving my hands along his clothed chest, up to the first popper of his checkered shirt. I undone each one slowly, placing teasing kisses after opening each one all the way down his chest until the checkered shirt was completely undone, revealing his slightly toned abs. I pressed wet, open mouthed kisses along is firm torso, stopping to give attention to his puckered scar, as if to rid him of the dark memories. My hands were touching as much of him as they could, feeling him, just loving that this was real; that Frank was real.
His fingers started tugging slightly at the hem of my shirt, silently hinting. I stopped for a second to pull it up over my back and carelessly threw it across the room somewhere. He caressed my body sweetly, gently touching every inch of my exposed skin, staring and soaking it all in. I suddenly felt very self conscious and vulnerable under the watching eyes of Frank as he was looking lustfully at my undefined torso.
Frank took me by surprise and grabbed my waist, flipping me over in a way that should have been practiced many times, but he done it expertly. He just marvelled at me, kissing my collarbone tenderly before moving back up to find my chapped lips. our mouths worked together as one and we got lost in the contact of each other, his hands cupping my hips and thumbs tracing tiny curled over the small area below my navel. His touched tickled, sending violent shivers down my spine, my neck throwing back into my pillow. Frank giggled low and took it as an opportunity to ravish my neck with his mouth. his arms were curling beneath me, causing me to arch upwards into his soft touch, our bare chests touching one another, making my muscles twitch at the hot contact of skin on skin.
’fuck’ I stated as he touched his lips to my sweet spot just above my defined collarbone. I was more than aware now of the bulges in both our pants and felt my cheeks flush at hot red, spreading down over my neck. Hands shaky and breathing uneven, I proceeded to stroke down franks chest, teasing him by ghosting my fingers over his package. From that I received a groan and his hips bucked towards the contact. Frank pulled away and removed his shirt properly, revealing himself in all his beauty, and discarded it somewhere else in the room. My hips bucked upwards uncontrollably at his movement and I stifled a moan by biting my lip hard, though it still emerged louder than before.Frank laughed and reattached our lips again, grinding slowly on my crotch and releasing another throaty growl, causing my to gasp against the kiss.
We were completely lost in the extacy of each other's touch, my mind going blank in pure pleasure as Frank lost his hands in my hair and found my lips effortlessly. Whilst in the pleasure filled trance I heard a faint knocking on the bedroom door, and Frank jumped a foot in the air, climbing off me with a small, high pitched yelp. I panicked and pulled myself to a sitting position, Frank throwing my shirt at me from the desk and buttoning his back up.
’uh hangon!’ My words slurred together as my mind was still slightly blank with what Frank had done to me, and was aware I still had the problem in my pants. I pulled my knees up to my chest to hide it and Frank laid next to me on his front, flattening his mussed hair unsuccessfully. My breathing was still fast, my lips wet and swollen, and my skin flushed red
’fuck,’ I whispered and composed myself, blinking hard and shaking my head. ’yeah come in.’ Bob opened the door and stepped inside, looking around the room and smiling lightly.
’nice cleaning.’ He nodded, impressed. ’You want food?’ I scrunched my nose up, not feeling hungry at all, and shook my head quickly.
’I'm cool thanks.’ Bob just nodded. And turned is attention to Frank who was propped up on his elbows, a comic book of mine thrown in front of him that he pretended he was reading.
’Frankie? Food?’ He offered and Frank agreed, saying he’ll be out in a bit. With that, Bob left and shut the door.
A heavy silence fell over the heads of me and Frank as we sat for a few minutes unspeaking, and I just looked away, totally embarrassed that I started this shit. Franks jaw was clenched, and his eyes were hard. I fucked up, I just know it. Fuck.

okay, I know it was bad I'm sorry, I'm just so awkward writing that shit. Oh well, review please! And I'd like to thank CyanideCola for the reviews on all the last chapters, it means a lot! Thank you lovely!
Lizzie xø
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