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Chapter 1

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Do I really need these? Really?

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Frank's POV

Gerard Way, resident badass. God I love his name. Not like he'd notice me, though. I'm the outcast, the bullies' favourite target. My name is Frank Iero. Gerard Way is always the talk of the school. It's as if every week he has a new girlfriend hanging off his arm. Which is another reason I have no chance- he's straight. I've tried to forget about him, but he's just so damn beautiful. How can I? I've dreamed about what it would be like to even be his friend. I imagine it's amazing. I bet being his boyfriend would be even better. Sure, he's a bit of a playboy, but I'm sure he'll find someone to be faithful to. I only wish it were me.

I hear my mom call out from downstairs. Shit. I glanced at my bedside alarm clock. 7:05. I'm late. I practically fly down the stairs, backpack in tow. I'll just have to put on my eyeliner at school. My mother is waiting in the kitchen for me, my morning coffee in her hand. I grab the cup and kiss her cheek before running off. The walk to school is 20 minutes- 17 if I run the whole way. Classes start at 7:20 [This is actually when class starts at my school D: ] and if I'm late again Ms. Parker's gonna kill me. Somehow made it just before the bell, panting like a dog. I walk towards the classroom door when suddenly I'm jerked to the side. My arms are pinned behind my back, and someone has grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. In only a moment I see the smirking face I know so well. "Let me go, Owen." I muttered, my teeth gritted from his tight grip. Struggling won't help. I'm 4'9", and Owen is 6'4". I don't stand a chance. Owen snickers and drags me backwards, away from the safety of the classroom. I try to dig my nails into his his arm, but he doesn't even flinch. Even clawing is useless. I know where we're headed. His favourite place to torment me. As exposed as it is, he particularly likes one of the bathrooms. I try to wrench myself from his grip, but my efforts remain futile.

He pins me up against the far wall, his forearm digging into my throat. Breathing is difficult, but I can manage. For now, anyways. His first move is his traditional starter- a hard punch to the jaw. It hurts like hell, but I've learned to take it over the years. Next, of course, is my stomach. Thankfully I didn't have time for breakfast, or I'm pretty sure I'd be puking right now. That would seriously mess me up. I feel a hot, sharp pain in my groin and gasp. The weekend let me forget how strong his knee can be. Tears unwillingly go to my eyes, a few rolling down my cheek.

"Aww, look at the little freak cry." Owen laughed cruelly. I was so caught up in the pain from a second kneeing that I nearly missed what happened next. A stall opened and someone stepped out.

"Let him go." A silky voice murmured, his soft words laced with a threat.

"Like hell I will." Owen pressed harder on my throat, beginning to choke me.

"I said, let him go." The voice from before had changed into a low snarl.

"Or what?" Owen sneered. He was pissed now. I couldn't breathe, his hold was so tight. I clawed at his hand, gasping for air I couldn't get.

"I warned you." The voice whispered, and I felt Owen's weight shoved against me. Moments later I was let go, whereupon I collapsed onto the floor. I could hear the sounds of fighting, but the lack of oxygen had gone too far for me, even though now I was free. My vision darkened. I blacked out.
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