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Chapter 2

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Frank's POV

When I came to, my hair was wet and my vision blurry. Someone was bending over me. I flinched, instinctively bracing myself for the blow.

"Oh good. You're awake."

My eyes flicked open at once. That wasn't Owen's voice... I blinked a few times, trying to stabilize my vision. When I looked up to my saviour with the silky voice, it was all I could do to keep from fainting again. My mouth had dropped open in shock. Standing above me was none other than Gerard Way. His arms were crossed, and he was looking down at me...expectantly?

"Well? Aren't you going to sit up?" He snapped. I just kept staring, my mind sluggish and still trying to process who he was. He rolled his eyes and hoisted me up onto the sink counter.

"Alright, nitwit." He grabbed some wet paper towels and held them up.

"You should probably shut your mouth." Of course it snapped shut in obedience with his order.

"Huh. So you can follow simple instructions." He looked me over. "Close your eyes."

He was leaning closer. My breath quickened, and I didn't hesitate to do what he asked. Something warm and wet touched my lips, and it felt like my heart was about to burst from my chest.

"Um... What are you doing?" His voice startled me. I hadn't felt any movement... I opened my eyes. Gerard was looking at me with a weird expression. I glanced down, and my cheek flushed at what I saw. He had been using a paper towel. And here I was, blushing like an idiot with my lips slightly puckered. I bit my lip hard, looking down in embarrassment. My face felt like it was on fire.

"Look up and stay still." He ordered, pulling my head back up. "You're a mess. I need to get you cleaned up."

He started using the wet towel again, wiping my mouth and a cut above my eye. When I saw the towel again it was significantly more red.

"You hit your head. You were already bleeding from that jackass's punch, and then you went and fell. You're rather bloody."

I looked up indignantly. "Hey! It's not like I tried to fall! I was oxygen deprived!"

"Hmph." Gerard kept cleaning. "Poor reflexes."

When he finished he backed up, examining me. "Much better. Yes, I think you'll do nicely." He murmured to himself.

"Huh?" I looked over at him, confused.

"What's your name?" Gerard asked, suddenly business like.

"F-Frank..." I mumbled, rubbing my eyes a little. "Look, um, thanks for your help, but I kinda need to go to class..." I stood up, feeling more embarrassed than I thought possible.

However, the moment my weight went to my legs I buckled, my head rushing. I moaned softly, my hand going to my head. "Ow..."

"Hm. Not too bright, are you?" Gerard crouched beside me. "You twisted your ankle, nitwit." He rolled his eyes, lifting me back up onto the counter. "You can't walk for a little while."

I whined a little, hating to seem so weak. "Please, I'll be fine..."

Gerard just chuckled. "Well, that would be rude. Leaving my boyfriend to his pain in the bathroom." He smirked.

"No it's- wait, what?" I stopped midsentence once I processed Gerard's words. "B-b-boyfriend?" I stammered, gaping at Gerard.

"Yes, nitwit." He rolled his eyes again. "Too many girls are trying to push themselves onto me. I need a little break before taking my pick. So, you're going to pretend to be my boyfriend so they'll leave me alone. It's a good deal for you. I know you like guys. I know you take all that crap from the bullies. You stay as my fake boyfriend until I release you, and you'll never have to deal with them again. Besides- you'd be with me. Who could refuse such an offer?" He smirked at me.

"Fake..." I whispered, still trying to wrap my head around this.

"Come on. You're fine now." Gerard grabbed my arm roughly, pulling me up. "I'll introduce you at lunch. Until then, I have preparations to make. I'll see you later."

With those words, he turned around and sauntered out, leaving me staring after him.
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