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Chapter 3

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"B-boyfriend..." I mumbled again, still in shock. "Uh..." It was only after staring into space for a few minutes that it managed to sink in. I wasn't sure whether to jump for joy or off a cliff. I decided neither. I would just see how everything went. I realized I must be horribly late for class, and quickly hobbled to what was now second period.


10 minutes until lunch. My second period teacher was annoyed, but didn't bother punishing me. ll my other classes were fine. I guess. I was pinned up against some lockers and pushed around, but that was hardly out of the ordinary. 3 minutes. I'm still hung up on the notion of what would happen mere moments from now.

Was it just a cruel joke?


I sighed, doodling music notes in my binder. Not that they were good. I hear the bell go off. It sounds distant, in a way.Like I'm hearing it through a fog. With my current state of numbness, my subconscious took over and directed me towards the lunchroom. I was braced for whatever was going to happen when I stepped in.


Gerard was nowhere in sight. I couldn't help feeling my heart ache a little as I got in line for lunch. Fried chicken today. Yuck. I think I'm gonna stick with salad. I pay for my small meal and head to my quiet- well, as quiet as you can get in a cafeteria full of teenagers- corner in the back. The dark corner made me feel safe and sheltered. No one ever bothered me there. I sat down, alone as always. How could I have thought that I might actually have some form of contact with Gerard Way? I scolded myself mentally, eating hunched over my plastic bowl and letting the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins comfort me.

"Did you miss me?" I hear a silky, seductive voice. My head whips to the side with my heart pounding, and there he is. Gerard is looking at me expectantly.

"Well? You can't seriously have forgotten our arrangement already." He sighed in exasperation. I snapped myself out of it and shook my head.

"N-no, I remember. I thought you were joking... making fun of me." I mumbled.

Gerard exhaled sharply and looked at me. "No, I was not joking. Now get up."

I gave him a weird look, not budging. "Why?"

Gerard rolled his eyes. and pulled me up by the arm. "Because my boyfriend does not eat lunch alone in a dark corner. You're with me now. Come on. We're going to my table."

I just nodded silently, following him obediently. As soon as we came into view of the table girls swarmed him. I awkwardly tried to fall back, but he held tight to me. He pulled me closer to him, moving his arm to my waist.

"Stay next to me." He muttered in my ear. My heart skipped a beat. I swallowed and nodded silently. None of the girls were paying any attention to me, except for trying to move me out of the way. Their efforts are all in vain. I knew Gerard was strong, but this is amazing. In a few minutes we've managed to reach the table. Gerard pushed the girls away, clearing his throat. I bit my lip hard, nervous as all hell. I watched Gerard nod to his friends before speaking.

"This is Frank. He's my boyfriend."

As scared as I was, the girls' reaction was priceless. They all gawped at him, making me giggle softly. That giggle apparently reminded them of my presence, and in a millisecond I have at least fifty death glares directed at me. I shrunk under their gaze, causing Gerard to shoot me a look but pull me closer. Even his friends are a little stunned. The first to speak is the guy with a massive afro.

"Damn, Gee. We all thought you were straight." Gerard merely shrugged.

"I'm experimenting."

The fro guy nodded, then looked to me. "The name's Ray. These two are Bob-" he jerked his thumb at a bulky guy with short cut blonde hair. "-And Mikey, Gee's brother." The skinny boy on the other side of Ray nodded a little. He looked shy, his glasses glinting under his grey beanie.

"Hi." I whispered. The guy called Bob looked me over.

"Of course, even when experimenting you find the cutest people to date."

That made my cheeks turn pink, and Gerard smirked. "You know that no one can resist me."

Mikey rolled his eyes but smiled a little. "Yeah yeah, we know Gee."

Gerard sat and pulled me next to him. I was very tempted to tuck myself into his side, and was starting to do so when I realized what I was doing and stopped. Gerard looked at me, slight confusion in his eyes.

"You're allowed to act like that. It's fine. This needs to be believable." He murmured into my ear, quietly enough that the others couldn't hear. My cheeks flamed up.

Ray had noticed Gerard's whispering and my blush. He groaned, putting his head in his hands. "Please Gerard, no sex talk at the lunch table. We've been over this." My blush instantly intensified, and I looked down in embarrassment.

Mikey screeched and covered his ears. "Gerard! This is not something I want to hear! All I need to know is when to leave the house! Nothing more!"

"Oh calm down, it was nothing bad." Gerard rolled his eyes. I looked at him like he was crazy. Wasn't he going to deny it?

He turned to me, and a little louder said "I'll say more later babe. I'm freaking these sissies out." He smirked. My eyes went huge, and I choked on my salad.

"Ah, fuck." Gerard patted my back, eventually getting the salad to move on. I coughed hard, and Gerard sighed. "Phew. Okay. Thought I might have to gross them out and give you mouth to mouth." He smirked again.

I nearly choked for a second time.

"Okay Gee, stop it, can't you see he's already practically suffocating?" Bob gave Gerard a playful smack.

"Aw, it was just getting fun." Gerard pouted. Thanks to Bob I was actually able to breathe again. I nodded to him gratefully. A few minutes later the bell rang. "I'll walk you to class." Gerard tucked his arm around my waist, also taking my hand.

"Okay." I whispered. He waved goodbye and walked me there. "I'll see you later." He kissed my cheek and left me standing there, once again staring after him in disbelief.
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