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Chapter 4

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I didn't see Gerard for the rest of the day, but that didn't stop me from thinking about him. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get his smirk out of my head. He was distracting me so much that when a teacher called on me to answer a math equation, I automatically said 'Gerard'. That was likely the most embarrassing moment of my life. Well. One of them, anyway. The teacher just looked at me like I was a freak, and the rest of the class laughed and pointed. As if I didn't already have enough shame just being me.

The final bell rang and I went to my locker, opening it and taking a few things out. I'm just about to shut it when I'm shoved from behind, causing me to stumble forward into the perfectly midget-size locker. I turn around just in time to see Owen's taunting sneer. Two of his goons are behind, both with stupid grins on their faces. I also notice that Owen's lip is cut, and he has a poorly concealed black eye. Did Gerard do that...?

The locker slams in my face and I curse under my breath. Most of the students are gone now. Owen and his friends jeer at me, snickering. Banging on the locker will only make them mad. But, it's also my only hope. I take the risk and bang loudly on the locker, yelling for help. A very ticked off Owen body slams the locker, causing me to fall back and slam my head onto the coat hook. My head is throbbing, but thankfully when I reach to where it hit everything is dry. I'm not bleeding, it's all fine.

I was about to give up when I heard some footsteps coming down the hall. This was my last chance... I screamed and pounded the locker one more time before recoiling away from the door in fear. Surprisingly, nothing. No slam that shakes the locker. Only some footsteps quickly coming closer.

"Frank?" A voice calls to me from the outside. My first hope is Gerard, but the voice is a little off.

"Frank it's Mikey." Ah. That explained it.

"I'm in here." I called back out to him, kicking the locker lightly to make it shake.

"How the fuck did you get in there?"

"Owen." I muttered, loudly enough for him to hear.


"Nevermind. Just get me out." I sighed.

"What's your combo?" Mikey asked. I heard the dial spinning as he entered the numbers I gave him. Moments later the locker clicked open, and I fell out of my locker. Onto my face.

"Oww...." I sat up, wiping away the bit of blood coming from my nose.

"Hey, shit, you okay?" Mikey asked, looking genuinely concerned. He helped me up, grabbing my stuff from inside the locker.

"Yeah, I'm fine. This isn't bad compared to most of what they do." I shrugged, slinging my backpack over my shoulder. I cringed at the weight, my shoulder somewhat twisted up into knots and aching from the tight space of the locker.

"You mean this happens a lot?" Mikey asked, nibbling his lip in worry.

"Usually about 2 - 3 times a day." I shrugged as much as my shoulders would allow. "I'm used to it, this has been going on for the past five years."

We started walking down the hallway, me staring at the floor and him staring at me.

"So..." I mumbled. "How did you find me?"

"Gerard didn't see you leave the school. He figured something must've happened, so he sent me in to find you. He told me where your locker was. He suspected it had something to do with a bully from earlier today, so he stayed at the entrance to watch."

I was stunned. Gerard had waited for me? And cared enough to send his brother in to find me? That's never happened before...

Mikey chuckled softly at my surprised face. "Frank, you're his boyfriend. He cares about you." He smiled gently at me. I sighed inwardly.

If only he knew what was really going on.

We chatted a little on our way down, finally reaching the front entrance. I looked away from Mikey for a second and gasped at the first thing I saw.

I saw Gerard.

Standing over a very bloody and broken-looking body.
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