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Chapter 6

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This is chapter six right

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I tried to sneak away from the Way brothers, hoping that I could get home before my mom did. I was just about to turn the corner out of sight when Gerard looked my way.


I took off, running as fast as my short legs could carry me. I just wanted to go home. The pounding footsteps behind me were getting closer, and I put on a final burst of speed to pull ahead. It wasn't enough. Sometimes I hate my height.

Gerard managed to catch up to me, running on his long and slender legs. When he caught up he grabbed my shoulder, pulling me around to face him.

"Frank-" I noticed he was panting, his grip tight on my shoulder. "-What are you doing?"

"You chased me just to ask what I was doing?" I scoffed, crossing my arms.

"Just answer the question."

"Fine. I was going home. Whoop dee fucking doo. Now let me go." I tried to push Gerard off, but he pulled me closer to him.

"Frank, you can't go home." He sighed, running a hand through his dark hair.

"Why not?!" I asked indignantly, giving him a harsh look.

'"Because." He muttered. "We're not done yet. Now come on." He pulled me back towards the school as I trudged behind. When we got back Owen was gone, and Mikey was standing alone against the wall.

"You took care of him?" Gerard asked. Mikey nodded in response. "Good. Let's go home then. Frank, you're coming with us.

No. No fucking way. I was supposed to go to Gerard's house. There is just no fucking way. I just stood stunned. Gerard noticed my immobility and groaned. "Jesus, do I have to carry you everywhere?" He stooped down and swung me up off my feet, carrying me bridal style. He grunted a bit, but cradled me carefully. "Damn are you heavy for a midget..."

His midget comment brought me back to my senses. "I AM NOT A MIDGET!" I snapped, instinctively biting his arm.

"OW!" Gerard pushed me into one arm, shaking out the one I'd sunk my teeth into moments earlier. "What are you, a vampire?!"

I hissed, baring my teeth as though I was.

"Of course you would have to be a stubborn one." Gerard grumbled, cradling me again and taking me to his car with Mikey in tow. "Fine. There. We're here." His car was grey, and when he opened it heset me down gently in the front seat.

"Sorry Mikes. I need to keep an eye on him. As you saw, he can be a bit fiesty at times." Gerard smirked slightly. Mikey just shrugged and climbed in the back. Gerard was now in the driver's seat, and he shot me a grin. "Let's go home."
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