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What has Frank done?

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"You set this up?" I shouted a little to Frank so he could hear me over We Are Young being thrashed out.
"I did. It pays to be in the music industry you make a lot of friends" he smirked looking over to the band then back at me. "I know what I did on your Twenty First was beyond belief so I wanted to put it right. I need to make up for the things I've done wrong and this was one of them." He took the seat next to me and told the barman his order, as I was sat there speechless staring at him.
"So you got fun. to play and your friend to guide me?" I laughed a little, glancing at the band smiling more.
"I also invited your friends this time." He nodded to a group of misfits walking down the stairs, Gerard holding a balloon with 21 written on it. I shook my head looking back at Frank before kissing him softly.
"Thank you." I whispered on his lips feeling his smile against my own.
"Happy second 21st birthday." He laughed back before taking my hand and walking over to the group where we all hugged and laughed. We spent the rest of the night singing along, dancing and laughing to the music and each other and it was everything I could have hoped for in a makeshift birthday party.

"You know I can't help but feel like I've shot myself in the foot." Frank laughed as walked home, me on his back.
"How do you mean?" I laughed putting my chin on his shoulder smiling happily to myself.
"Well I've just made your fake birthday pretty damn awesome if you ask me, how am I going to top it when it's your actual birthday? Gonna have to pull a lot of favours to get Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr to sing to you." He laughed stroking thighs. I laughed along wiggling a little when his touch became ticklish.
"Or you could." I whispered on his neck just as he walked to my apartment block. I slid down him and walked so I was in front of him and the door.
"No one wants to hear me sing." He laughed, "Besides I don't sing, I scream." He laughed more before kissing me softly. "Goodnight Nina, I hope you had a good birthday." He smiled stroking my neck softly before turning to walk away, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
"You know there was one thing that you didn't do on that birthday that you need to change." He span round to look at me quickly. "You didn't spend the night with me." I told him honestly, tears welling in my eyes as I diverted my gaze to the finding my keys.
"You're right." He whispered before taking the key out of my shaking hand and opening the door for me to enter. "Let’s change that." He looked at me smiling as he followed me in, arm around my waist guiding me up to my apartment.

This was the birthday I had always wanted.

The next morning I was woke up by clattering coming from in the kitchen. I instantly checked the side of my bed noticing Frank wasn’t there and hoping to god it was him in the kitchen and not some crazy burglar. I quickly grabbed my dressing gown to cover up my dignity and reached for the baseball bat Gerard had given me when I first moved into this place on my own. I slowly made my way to the kitchen trying to be as quiet as possible holding the bat up in the stance you see on the field.
“Don’t swing it’s only me!” He shouted out holding his hands up in a surrender pose.
“What the hell?!” I laughed lowering the bat looking round to see what had made the awful noise.
“I was trying to surprise you by making you breakfast but your cupboards are so unorganised that I couldn’t get any pans without making a bloody noise!” He laughed pointing to the crumpled pile of pans that had fallen out of my bottom cupboard. He did have a point, I’m hardly ever home to cook for myself so it’s usually takeaway or microwave meal for one sadly.
“Well maybe that’s a sign not to cook.” I laughed walking past him and bending down to clean up the mess.
“I was trying to be romantic.” He laughed picking up the bat and examining it. “This looks familiar.” He sounded confused which matched his facial expression.
“Oh yeah, Gerard bought it me when I first moved in by myself, I told him I had security system but his exact words were ‘a pretty young lady such as yourself should have protection’ you know what he’s like.” I smiled holding my hand out for him to help me up.
“Really he said that?” He pulled me up and to him smiling as I leaned in to him and nodded. “No wonder it looks familiar then.” He whispered and it was my turn to be confused.
“When he first told me you’d moved into your own apartment I didn’t like the idea of it, so I went and bought the bat so that I knew you’d be safe and when I gave it to him to give to you I said them exact words to him.” He whispered with one arm around my waist, the other holding my bat.
“You bought me a bat?” I smiled resting my forehead on his.
“Well I wasn’t there to protect you so it was the next best thing.” He shrugged smiling as I leaned up to kiss him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down to me.
“You know when you said you were trying to be romantic?” I questioned in between kisses as he nodded, “mission accomplished.” I smirked as I took the bat off him and made my way back to the bedroom making sure he caught a glimpse of my discarded robe.
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