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Little more insight to their feelings

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We spent the rest of the day in bed watching my Sherlock boxset, stealing the occasional kisses from each other and only pausing when he tickled my sides causing my to fall out of bed at one point. We were spooning, one hand stroking my thigh whilst his other was messing with my left hand.
“You have such cute hands” he spoke softly as I felt his breath on my shoulder.
“How can hands be cute?” I laughed wiggling closer to him slowly.
“Well for starters they are tiny and soft.” He laughed messing with my fingers, “there’s just one thing that could improve them.” He kissed the back of my shoulder down my arm.
“What could that be?” I laughed as he slid his hand under the pillow before taking hold of my hand again.
“Well I think this would bring the attention to them.” He whispered in my ear as he held out the ring from the auction we had both seen. “I won the ring just didn’t have the courage to give it to you, until now.” He continued, pausing to kiss my shoulder, hovering it above my ring finger. “So Nina Banks, will you do me the honour of marrying me...again?” He whispered, smiling against my ear.
“Wait...what?” I whispered after a while. Shock setting in.
“Will you marry me?” He said those words again as I rolled on my back to look at him.
“Frank… I... “ I looked up at his eyes to see them glaze over.
“It’s ok, you can say no.” He whispered diverting his gaze away from me. “I just, wanted to show you how much I love you and how desperate I am to get you back. This was the only way I could think of.” He whispered running his hand from my thigh through the back of his hair as his voice wobbling.
“I wasn’t going to say no.” I whispered sitting up a little to stroke his cheeks softly as he lifted his eyes to look me in mine, “I was going to say I would love to.” I smiled as his corners of his mouth started to curl into a small hopeful smile and he slid the ring on slowly.
“There now your hands are perfect.” He whispered kissing the back of my left hand before I pulled him down to the bed and kissed him.

We just lay there cuddled up to each other smiling away like idiots. “Do you remember how I first proposed to you?” He laughed as he messed with my hair, twirling it around his fingers.
“Of course I remember, it was my first proposal I’m never going to forget it.” I laughed tracing patterns on his chest.
“Well you should, it was so bad.” He smiled as I remembered that day all those years back. We’d been driving for hours to catch up with the tour bus, because we decided to stay at a hotel for our anniversary; no one thought to tell us how god damn far the next venue was. It was the middle of summer and the car was roasting, I mean Sahara desert roasting and we were lost. In the middle of nowhere.
“For godsakes! No wonder we’re lost you’ve had the map upsidedown!” He shouted out in frustration hitting the steering wheel whilst we’d pulled up into a bay.
“Don’t shout at me! I told you I couldn’t read maps and that I would drive but oh no you wanted to be the big man and drive us! So this is as much fault yours as it is mine buddy!” I shouted back glaring at him.
“Well you’ve got your wish! You can drive us back because I’m not doing all that journey again!” He shouted as he got out of the car and slammed the door walking round the back to the passenger side, as I slide over to the drivers seat. After he’d sulkly got in the car and sorted the map out directing me I started the engine up and noticed the dash light had come on.
“Seriously? You couldn’t warn me about this before you stormed off?” I glared at him as I got out of the car and popping the bonnet open. I knew what needed to be done but I also knew it was to hot to touch given that we’d been driving for hours on end. So i took my shirt off and used that to prevent burning myself as I sorted out what needed to be done. I slammed the bonnet down, where Frank just looked at me bewildered as I got back in the car in just my bra, throwing the oil stained shirt into the back.
“Erm where’s your shirt?” He finally spoke after about fifteen minutes of us driving in pure silence.
“I used it to protect me from burning my hand, that okay?” I spoke back with a snap as I carried on driving, pulling up at a gas station for drinks.
“Here.” He said giving me his jacket as it had started to get a lot cooler. “As much as I like the view I don’t want you getting sick.” He smiled as I put it on feeling a lump in his pocket.
“What’s in your pocket?” I looked at him as we got in the car slowly.
“Dunno look.” He shrugged looking out of the window as I felt around feeling a box shape. I opened it slowly, confusion covering my face as I noticed his grandmother’s ring.
“What’s this?” I held up the box to him.
“What does it look like?” He retorted back, the smirk on his lip
“It looks like you want me to be nagging you for the rest of your life.” I smirked back.
“Well you might be shit with map reading, but you took your top off to fix the car so…” He shrugged as I slide the box on the dashboard setting off driving again.
“Yes by the way.” I said about fifteen minutes later, this time I broke the pure silence.
“Yes?” He questioned as I stuck my left hand out to him.
“I will nag you for the rest of your life.” I smiled as he slid the ring onto the wrong finger.

“What you thinking about?” He whispered twirling a different strand of hair.
“Our first proposal.” I laughed,
“Seriously, it was terrible just forget it.” He laughed covering his reddening face with his arms.
“I can’t.” I laughed looking up at him, “you put the ring on the wrong finger.” I set off laughing even harder.
“Shut up I was nineteen and pissed off and slightly turned on by you.” He mumbled from under his arms.
“Oh I see you only proposed so you could get some did you.” I poked his chest giggling. “Here’s me thinking it was for love.” I whispered before kissing him giggling.
“Well I do love you so shut up and forget about the first one please.” He begged kissing me back.
“Hmm well I’ll try.” I smiled resting my head back on his chest.
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