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Chapter 11

by imakilljoywannabe

So. *clears throat awkwardly*

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"I- um-" I stuttered, looking up at him.

"Come on Frankie, I'm your boyfriend." He whispered seductively, nibbling my ear. I shook slightly. He was so hard to resist.


"Please?" He gave me the most adorable doe eyes I've ever seen. I couldn't help it. I caved.

"Okay." I murmured. His smile widened and he ran his hand farther up my chest, sliding my shirt up a little with it. His hands felt so cool against my heated skin, tracing the lines of my collar bone.

Gerard hummed softly to himself, pulling my shirt over my head while I turned into jelly. He eyes swept over my chest, and he licked his lips with approval. It was hard for me to resist the urge to cover myself- I wasn't used to being even slightly exposed to anyone.

He traced each design with his finger, his eyes following his fingertip.

"Beautiful..." He murmured, mesmerized by the artwork. "Absolutely flawless."

I blushed softly, looking down at my bare chest shyly. I'd never had anything about me been called beautiful before.

"Are there more?"

Gerard's voice jerked me from my reverie.

"Er- uhm- y-yeah..." I bit my lip nervously. "They can be kinda hard to see though..."


"Erm... because the waist of my jeans rests so high..." I mumbled. He smirked.

"That can be easily fixed."

He kissed me again, then moved down onto my jaw, then my neck. My heart was beating erratically, my breaths short and shallow. He kissed along my collar bone, occasionally stopping to give one spot some special attention. I could hardly hold back the sounds of my satisfaction. It was then that he started trailing kisses down my chest, causing my breath to hitch. He went all the way down to the waistband of my jeans. He paused there, glancing up at me with his devious smirk. I gulped, feeling him working at my button with his fingers before sliding my jeans down past my hips. He hummed pleasantly at the newly revealed tattoos. I was horribly embarrassed, having Gerard see my skinny and frail body. He seemed happy though, eyeing me hungrily.

"Having a bit of a problem, are we?"

I looked down, only noticing my very obvious boner now that he had pointed it out.

"Oh god-" I went to cover myself. "- Gerard I'm so s-"

I was cut off by Gerard's finger on my lips.

"I wanted this." He whispered, pressing his own erection against my thigh. I gaped at him, confused as all hell.

"You- you what?"

"I. Wanted. This." He repeated slowly, the edges of his mouth curled upwards. While I gawked at him he lifted himself off me a little, pulling his shirt up over his head. This revealed his unnaturally pale chest- one that I found extremely attractive.

I stared blatantly at him, taking in his strong frame. He lowered himself back onto me, kissing me once and then looking straight into my eyes.

"May I continue?"

I could only nod. He was pleased with this answer, quickly kicking his own jeans off.


He wasn't wearing any underwear.

The smug look hadn't disappeared from his face. "Like what you see?"

I nodded dumbly, my gaze never wavering. He chuckled.

"Well I wanna see you."

He hooked his fingers in the waistband of my boxers, tugging them down. I gasped as the cold air hit me, making me shiver. He looked me over. "Damn..." He murmured, still sizing me up. "Aren't I lucky?"

When he touched me I visibly shook with anticipation. "Eager... I like that."

"G- Gerard-" I stumbled over my words as he stroked me. "I- I'm a-"

"Virgin?" He looked at me knowingly. "I figured. Don't worry. I'll take care of you. All you have to do is sit and look pretty."

I nodded, already practically drooling at the thought of what was coming. (No pun intended. Ha. I'm not funny.)

He helped flip me over, settling me gently on the couch. He pressed two fingers to my lips. "Suck." He commanded, stroking a bit harder. I immediately obeyed, taking both fingers into my mouth and sucking vigorously.

"Good boy..." He murmured. "Now let go."

I did as he asked, and he pulled his now slippery fingers out of my mouth. Moments later I felt one cool finger slide into me, causing me to shake. Gerard rubbed my back, soothing me. Shortly after he added the second one, scissoring. After some time spent on that he seemed satisfied with the stretch I now had.

"You okay on your stomach?" He murmured, stroking me lightly. I nodded shakily. "M'kay. Just relax baby." Slowly he moved into me, and I flinched. The only half expected pain had me wincing, but as soon as Gerard started moving it felt like lightning bolts were going up and down my spine. I couldn't help moaning, burying my face into one of the pillows. "Gee..." I groaned as he sped up.

"Mm, you feel nice Frankie." He hummed, steadily increasing his pace. Seconds later I very nearly screamed. He knew what he had found, and started aiming to hit it every time. I was whimpering with pleasure by now. I never thought it could feel so good...

It wasn't long before I could feel tightening in my stomach. "G- Gee-" I stuttered.

"I know Frankie. Me too." He moaned softly, gripping my shoulders harder. he let his head drop forward, letting his lips latch onto my neck and start sucking furiously. Just a few seconds of that was enough to push me over the edge.

"Gerard!" I yelled as I spasmed, coming onto the couch cushions. Gerard followed suit, groaning with one final thrust and a sharp bite on where he had been previously sucking. As soon as he had finished he pulled himself out of my now hyper-sensitive body. He pulled me into his arms, letting me rest my head against his neck.

"You can't cover it up." He murmured into my ear.


"That big purple hickey on your neck. It's my mark on you. It means you're mine, no one else can have you. I forbid you to cover it in any way. The single exception is around your mother. Around her you can hide it with a jacket or something. But no makeup. Ever. Understood?"

I nodded against his bare chest, breathing in his scent. It felt so nice to just relax in his arms like this.

That was when the front door opened.
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