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Chapter 10

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"Okay." I murmured, not looking up. Gerard reached out, gently tilting my chin up with his hand.

"Let's practice, m'kay? I'll refer to you either as Frankie, my Frankie, or a pet name of some sort. First things first... We'll start with holding hands." He reached his delicate hand out to me, palm up.

I gulped softly, nervously putting my sweaty hand into his. Gerard immediately interlaced our fingers, rubbing over my knuckles with his thumb.

"Relax, Frankie. I'm not going to hurt you." He soothed, looking at me with a sort of... kindness. It calmed me down a little, and I gently held onto his hand as well. He smiled, flashing his beautiful pearl white teeth. I could've melted right there. He kept rubbing over the back of my hand with his thumb, humming softly. He moved a bit closer... Closer... Closer... Until our thighs were pressed against each other. He released my hand and put his arm around my shoulders, making me blush like a schoolgirl.

"Ah ah ah... No blushing." He murmured, his mouth right beside my ear. That made my cheeks flame up even more. "Calm down, sweetheart." He whispered, his free hand stroking my cheek as his arm dropped to my waist. I shivered, but leaned into him, trying to soften my stiff muscles.

His lips played up smugly at my obvious nerves.

"Never had a date, have you?"

My face heated up, and I looked at my lap. Was it that obvious? Apparently, because Gerard chuckled.

"We'll fix that tension." His smirk grew as he lifted his arms, turning me so I was facing slightly away from him. He started pressing his thumbs into my shoulder blades, rubbing in soft circles. His fingers were like magic, his massaging causing most of the tension to disappear from my back almost instantly. A soft moan-like sound came from my mouth unwillingly, and I could practically hear Gerard's smirk grow.

"That's better, now isn't it?" He kissed my ear lightly, not stopping the massage. His hands felt like heaven. I'd never had a massage, but I'd bet even Pansy that Gerard was amazing at this. I was practically putty in his hands.

After another minute or so he turned me back to look at him. A half smile played on his lips, and he drew me in closer.

"Rest your head on my shoulder..." His silky voice murmured into my ear. I didn't hesitate to oblige, my ear now pressed against his shoulder. He rubbed my arm with one hand, the other tracing patterns on my thigh.

"Are you ready for the best part?" He whispered. "We have something else to practice..."

I turned to look at him in confusion and was met with his lips on mine.

I nearly had a heart attack.

For quite a while [at least it felt like a while] I just sat there motionless. I was being kissed. By Gerard Way. Gerard Way was kissing me.

Gerard Way was kissing me.

He pulled back ever so slightly. "I see you're inexperienced at this as well. The proper thing to do is kiss back." I could hear the smirk in his voice.

My mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a fish gasping for water. Finally I regained control of my senses and began kissing back. I felt Gerard smile against my lips.

This was way better than anything I had ever imagined. His lips were as silky as his voice, and he felt absolutely incredible.

He hummed softly, kissing me a little harder. I copied him, wanting to keep up. He pushed me back a bit on the couch, never breaking contact. I followed easily. Why the hell would I complain about Gerard fucking Way being on top of me?

He slid his tongue along my lower lip, making my mouth open on reflex. Not that I wouldn't have opened it anyways. He grinned and slid his tongue into my mouth, feeling around with it. I let him have complete control over me. It was obvious who the dominant personality was here.

We kissed like this for another few minutes. That's when I felt his hand start sliding up under my shirt. My breath hitched, causing me to unintentionally break the kiss. I was about to apologize when Gerard shushed me with another kiss. After a moment he pulled back, looking at my neck lazily, tracing a finger over my scorpion.


"Mm?" I hummed softly, letting my eyes stay half shut.

"I want to see your tattoos."

He glanced over, locking his gaze with mine.

"All of them."
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