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Chapter 9

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Well. Fuck.

Now what was my excuse?

Dammit... Why did I let my emotions get the better of me? He'd heard me play and I let him.

"Frank?" He was watching me, obviously trying to analyze my thoughts.

"Um." Was the clever response I came up with. He just tilted his head.

"You say you don't play for people, but... you played for me? Why?"

I couldn't tell him the truth. I don't think he even realized how much I liked him. I'm pretty sure he picked me simply because I was the only known gay in school.

"I... I figured you'd force me to anyways." I mumbled. Well that was a shitty lie. Still, he seemed to buy it.

"Oh... I wouldn't have. But. Thanks." He bit his lip. I shrugged. It was weird seeing Gerard act like this. He's always seemed so demanding, and yet here he is, appearing nervous and apologetic.

"So..." I chewed my lower lip. "Um...."

Gerard cleared his throat after a moment. "Okay, uh, we know more about each other now. So let's practice the couples act."

This is awkward.
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