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chapter 2.

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the girls from naruto get together and talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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“Everybody here had sex with Naruto, okay this I got to know. When and how did you guys get with him?” Tsunade asks.
“Well,” Ino says.” I’ll go first.”
“It all started with a mission me and Naruto went on together, we had to protect a client from bandits.” Ino says. “When our mission was over I was complaining about how dirty I had gotten and he told me about a hot spring nearby that we could go to.”
“Aww, I’m all dirty.” Ino yelled at Naruto. “Why did you have to push me into a mud pit Naruto.”
“I said I was sorry,” Naruto replied. “ besides I saved your life, if I didn’t push you away that shuriken would’ve hit you in the head.
“I know, and I can’t say how thankful I am that you did that, but I’m so filthy now.” Ino complains.
“Alright already, if it will get you to stop complaining we’ll go to a bath and hot spring that I know of nearby.” Naruto says.
“A bath and a hot spring, oh you’re the best Naruto,” Ino exclaims hugging Naruto and making him blush a bright red.
“Yeah well there is a small problem the hot spring is coed, so we will have to share.” Naruto comments while blushing.
“What!” Ino yells. ”this isn’t some ploy for you to see me naked is it.’
“No it isn’t, I just thought you would like to go.” Naruto says.
“Alright, how far away is it,” she asks.
“Not far about ten minutes away from here.” He replies.
“okay lets go.”
(Ten Minutes Latter Inside The Hot Springs.)
“How may I help you,” asks the women behind the front counter inside the hot springs.
“Yes, we would like to use hot spring 4,” Naruto says.
“Do you have a reservation?” the women asks.
“Yes I do, its under the name toad sage and the password is harem sage 69,’ Naruto replied to the women.
“I see you may go in, do you know the way?” she asks.
“Yes I do, thank you,” Naruto says heading toward the fourth door on the right of the hallway.
“what was that all about?” Ino asks.
“well ero-seninn brought me here once, apparently he saved the owner of this place so they gave him a free life time membership.” Naruto tells her as he opens the door to a bathing area.
“Really, so how does that work and what is up with this place it looks so small?” Ino asks.
“Well this is a private bath and hot spring for ero-seninn and his guests only.” Naruto tells her as he takes his shoes and shirt off.
“Hey Naruto, before we take a bath together I need you to promise me something?” Ino asks.
“Sure Ino what is it.” Naruto replies.
“Promise me that what you see here will stay between us and you’ll tell no one,” Ino asks Naruto with pleading eyes.
“Sure Ino I promise, but why would I need to do that?” Naruto asks.
“Well its best if I show you.” Ino says as she takes off her shirt, then her pants, shoes, and socks. Soon she’s standing there in her bra and panties.
Naruto turns his head away embarrassed and blushing as red as a tomato. While his head is turned, Ino takes off her bra and panties. Once naked she tells Naruto to turn around and look at her.
Naruto does what Ino told him too reluctantly, and once he does he gets the shock of his life. For standing in front of him is Ino in all her glory. Five foot and seven inch’s tall with blonde hair and green eyes, c-cup breasts and the most remarkable part is a three inch soft penis with one and a half inch round balls.
“W-What, but how!” Naruto asks in disbelief.
“I’m a special type of female called a futa or a futanari, I have everything a women has breasts and a vagina. I just was born with a males penis and balls atop of my pussy.” Ino says while looking at his pants which are pitching a tent.
“I see,” Naruto says.” Um well can I touch it?”
“What!” Ino stammers.
“Can I touch it.” Naruto replies.
“Sure, but you have to let me see and touch yours as well.” Ino tells him.
“Okay,” Naruto says and then takes his pants and boxers off revealing his nine and three quarter inch hard cock.
“Wow,” Ino says. “your so big.”
Naruto reach’s out with his right hand and puts it on her now hard six inch long and hard cock, and slowly jerks her off. He then gets on his knees with his mouth and nose extreamly close to her cock and balls. When he inhales he gets hit by her musky scent which makes him drool a little. He looks up at Ino who’s eyes are wide open with lust, awe, and shock at what he’s doing.
“I’m gonna try something, tell me if you want me to stop,” Naruto says.
Then without warning or waiting for her to reply, he puts her cock onto his mouth all the way down to her balls and starts to suck her off.
He pulls back and from licks the tip of her cock to the base, he continues to lick her cock for a minute or two, then he puts the tip in his mouth and licks it. Next he deep throats her and starts moving his head up and down her cock giving her a blowjob.
“Oh god,” Ino moans while running her hands through his hair.
“your so good at this.”Ino says before grabbing his head and forces him to go faster, while moving her hips and face fucking him.
“Oh god… I’m cumming,” Ino screams while face fucking Naruto and cums down his throat.
Naruto swallows all of Ino’s cum once he’s done he gets up and kisses Ino on the lips with tongue before pulling away.
“That was amazing Naruto, how did you get so good at sucking cock like that?” Ino asks.
“well, when I was younger instead of masterbating I just created a clone and had it transform into a girl, then I had it suck me off. Unfortunitly the shadow clone jutsu has a downside, when it dispelled all of its memories that it gained were transferred to me.” Naruto says while blushing.
“So when the clone popped you gained its memories of sucking your own cock.” Ino asks.
“Yeah, now do you want to continue because I would like to fuck you then have you fuck me.” Naruto tells her.
“You would let me fuck you.” Ino blurts out.
“Of course I would, what did you think I just wanted you to pleasure me and that’s it.” Naruto asks.
“well most man would have freaked out at the thought of a girl fucking them up the ass,” Ino comments.
“yeah but I’m not most men, hell I just sucked you off.” Naruto tells her.
“I guess so, well lets do this but when you brag to your friends about banging me make sure you keep your promise or I’ll destroy your mind with one of my jutsu’s.” Ino threatens Naruto while laying down on the floor and spreading her legs.
“I don’t kiss and tell.” Naruto says as he knees atop of her and positions his penis at her pussy and with a quick thrust enters her. He moves back and forth fucking her for five minutes and then lifts her up against the bath house wall and begins to thrust faster into her pussy making her moan. Naruto almost came the minute he was inside her, she was so tight, hot, and wet. It felt like she was trying to milk him.
“Oh god, your so tight Ino,” Naruto commented.
“N-Naruto! Oh god harder, fuck me harder,” screamed Ino.
“I don’t know how much longer I can last,” Naruto moaned out while thrusting inside her.
Sweat began to coat Naruto’s forehead as his balls began to tighten as he was so close to cumming. Naruto noticed Ino was close as well so he put a hand on her cock and started to jerk her off so that she could cum.
Naruto grunted as he unleashed his load inside her pussy, Ino screamed her own orgasm as she came all over his stomach and chest. They laid there for a few moments before sitting up and kissing each other, once they stopped kissing Naruto told her. “Lets take a bath and then you can have a go at my ass.”
“Okay I’m holding you to that.’ Ino told him as she got ready to take a bath.
(Flashback End)
“And that’s what happened,” Ino told her fellow futas.
“Holy shit was that hot,” comments Tenten with her hand down her pants playing with herself.
“Yeah, now tell me did you get a chance to try his ass?”Tsume asks.
“Yeah tell us,” Anko demands.
“Oh yes after our bath he let me fuck him, he was so tight and it was so good.” Ino tells them.
“Very well, who wants to tell us how they and Naruto got together next?” Tsunade asks.
“I will,” Yugao Uzuki says.
“Very well go ahead.” Tsunade tells her.
“well this was when he first came back from his training trip,” Yugao says.
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