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chapter 3.

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the girls from naruto get together and talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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It was a sunny evening as Naruto walked through the memorial grave markers thinking about the third hokage, when he heard the sound of a women crying. Turning to his left he spotted what looked like a women with purple hair kneeling at a grave and crying. For a second he hesitated wondering if he should intrude on her grieving and see if she was okay, then he sees a cat anbu mask hanging from her belt and reconizes her as his anbu guard when he was a kid. Deciding right there that he should go and help her out, he walks over to her kneels next to her and asks. “what’s wrong neko nee-chan?”
The women looks up startled and when she relies who he was, she chokes out, “ oh Naruto, it’s you don’t scare me like that.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I just saw you here crying and thought i should see what was wrong.” Naruto tells her.
“it’s okay, I’m just visiting my fiancés grave,” Neko replies.
“oh how did he die?” Naruto asks.
“it was during the sand/sound attack, he was killed by a sand shinobi,” Neko tells Naruto while crying into his arms.
“Hey I’m sorry I wouldn’t have brought it up if I thought it was still so painful for you, why don’t I take you out to dinner and cheer you up.” Nartuto tells her while hugging her and trying to cheer her up.
Neko looks up at Naruto and sees in his eyes that he’s sincere so she decides to take up his offer. ”okay Naruto we’ll have dinner and you can cheer me up, also call me by my name which is Yugao I’m no longer an anbu.”
“alright Yugao lets go get some food,” Naruto tells her with a smile.
“sure Naruto,” Yugao giggles while thinking he’s cute.
(Latter After Dinner)
“So the he screams, Naruto help I’m sorry for peeking just come save me,” Naruto tells her while laughing.
“Oh that’s good, so how bad was the pervert beat up?” Yugao asks while giggling at Naruto’s story.
“Not that bad, just had some bruises,” He tells her. Then looking up he notices that they are at her apartment front door. “ hey were here.”
“Oh so we are,’ she says while opening the front door. Once open she leans half way in and half way out and asks, “do you want to come in Naruto.”
Naruto looks at her confused for a second and then his eyes widen with understanding and asks, “are you sure, I don’t want to intrude?”
“I’m sure it’s been awhile since I had some fun, and I would love to have some more fun with you,” she says looking deep into his eyes. Before kissing him on the lips with tongue.
Pulling away from the kiss Naruto looks at her and says, ”sure I would love to.”
(Latter Yugao’s Bedroom)
A minute or two latter Naruto and Yugao are standing at the edge of her bed kissing each other. Pulling away Yugao lifts Naruto’s shirt off, and starts kissing, licking, and sucking on his neck. Moving backward Naruto lays down on the bed, while Yugao sucks and licks on his nipples.
“Oh does that feel good, strange but good,” Naruto tells to Yugao.
‘Oh never had your nipples sucked on before?” Yugao asks while moving down his stomache towards his crotch. “well just wait because that isn’t the only thing I’m gonna suck on.”
Yugao unbuttons his pants, then pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Which leaves him laying down on the bed naked, Yugao then moves and grabs his cock to examine it. ”my your so big I cant wait to taste this cock.”
Yugao then kisses the tip of Naruto’s nine and three quarter inch cock, while jerking him off, next she takes him into her mouth and starts to bobs her head up and down while licking the underside of his cock. After about ten minutes of this Naruto moans out, ”oh Yugao, I’m about to cum.”
Yugao deciding to hurry up goes faster to get him to cum, so while sucking him off she slips a finger into his ass and plays with his prostate in order to get him to cum faster.
Naruto’s dick begins to twitch and throb in her mouth as well as his ass tightening around her finger signaling his coming orgasm.
“Oh god I’m cumming.” Naruto yells.
When Naruto’s cock started to throb and twitch Yugao prepared herself mentally for his orgasm, and when he came Yugao swallowed it all. Pulling her mouth off of his cock, Yugao stands up and takes of her shirt and pants leaving her standing in her bra and panties. She looks down at Naruto and says, “Well it’s my turn, now get up and pleasure me.”
Naruto stands up and pulls her into a kiss, he then reachs around and unclips her bra exposing her D-cup breasts to the world. Slowly he begins to trail kisses down her face and neck until he reachs her breasts, where he begins kissing, licking, and sucking on her breasts and nipples. Once done he kneels down in front of her and pulls down her panties, and gets slapped in the face with a eight inch cock.
“W-What! How?” Naruto stutters in surprise.
“I’m a futa Naru…” Yugao begins to say before she’s interrupted.
“I know what a futa is, that’s not what surprised me.” Naruto tells her.
“Really, then what surprised you?” Yugao asks.
“How did you hide your cock in your panties without the bulge showing?” Naruto asks.
“Oh I used genjutsu to hide it,” she tells him.” Now get to work.”
“Okay,” Naruto says.
While on his knees he grabs ahold of her cock and jerks her off with one hand while the other hand moves past her balls and slips into her pussy. Naruto slowly fingers her pussy while jerking off the shaft of her cock and sucking on the head. He slips two more fingers into her pussy, and takes his left hand and massages her balls while moving his head up and down on her penis sucking her off.
After awhile of this going on Yugao maons out, “I’m close go faster and deeper.”
Thrusting three fingers into her pussy and massaging her balls, Naruto starts to deep throat her cock. After two minutes of this Yugao screams out, “I’m cumming.”
Grabbing his head she thrusts hard into his throat and cums into his mouth, overflowing his mouth with her cum he’s forced to swallow some while the rest escapes out the side of his mouth and down his chin.
Pulling his head back and sliding Yugao’s cock out of his mouth he looks up at her and says, “damn that was a lot of cum.”
“Yeah but that was great,” Yugao says.
She then picks him up and forces him onto his hands and knees, Once positioned she kneels behind him grabbing his ass cheeks and spreads them apart exposing his crack. Putting her face near his hole she begins to lick it and get him nice and wet. After a minute or two she stops and stands up on her knees while scooting closer to him, once close enough she puts the tip of her dick in his ass and slowly begins to penetrate him.
“Are you ready?” Yugao asks him.
“Yeah go ahead, but go slow.” He tells her.
Slowly she slides inside him, once fully in him she begins to rock back and forth, Slow at first but then she begins to speed up and thrust deeper into his ass hitting his prostate causing his eyes to roll into his head and moan out loud.
“Oh god you tight,” Yugao moans out to Naruto.
Yugao had never felt something as good as this before, her fiancé had never sucked her off never mind allowing her to fuck him in the ass. Naruto’s ass was so warm and tight, after awhile Yugao felt her orgasm approaching and began thrusting faster into his ass. Now noticing that he was close as well she sped up and screamed when she came into his ass.
Naruto himself came right after she did which coated the floor with his seed. Yugao and Naruto just layed there on there sides with her cock softening in his ass. Reaching around Naruto Yugao grabbed his penis and began to jerk him off.
“Yugao lets just sleep and continue tomorrow,” He tells her.
“Okay Naruto goodnight,” she says.
(Flashback End)
“Wow that was sweet of him to cheer you up like that,” said Tenten.
“Yeah it really was, he’s a good man.” Yugao comments.
“Now who’s next?”Tsunade asks.
“Me I’ll go next,” said Tenten.
“Alright, tell us what happened.”
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