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chapter 4.

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the girls from naruto get together to talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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(Last time)
“Now who’s next?” Tsunade asks.
“Me I’m next,” said Tenten.
“Alright, tell us what happened?” Tsunade asks.
“Well it was right after Naruto came back from his training trip,” said Tenten.
Naruto appears at a training ground after hearing a bunch of explosions and decides to find out what’s happening. He arrives to see a bun haired girl in a ripped dress sitting on her knees next to a crater with tears coming down her face. Reconising her as Neji and Lees team mate Tenten, he aproachs her to see what’s wrong.
“Hey Tenten are you okay, what’s wrong?” Naruto asks in concern.
Startled Tenten looks up and says, “Nothing Naruto just leave me alone.”
“Oh come on you can tell me I won’t tell I anyone I promise,” Naruto tells her.
Tenten looking up at Naruto starts to smile and then says, “Fine but promise me you won’t tell a soul about what I tell you or show you, and you won’t laugh as well.”
“Sure I promise.” He swears to her.
“Well I better just get it over with and show you,” Tenten says before taking off her dress, bra, and panties. Once naked Tenten points to herself and says, “Neji found out about my secret and dumped me.”
Naruto looking at a naked Tenten notices she has a pair of b-cup breasts, trailing down word he finds himself looking at a three inch hard cock and a half inch around pair of balls. Moving his eyes so that they meet Tentens he sees that she’s scarred and embaresed.
“Why did he dump you over that, so you have a penis that’s not a problem,” he tells her.
“Huh are you serious, not a problem most men would run away from me when they saw this,” Tenten tells him. “And why aren’t you shocked about this?”
“Well I had sex with a girl who had a penis before,” Naruto tells Tenten.
“Really, then you wouldn’t mind helping me to lose my virginity?” she asks him.
“Um I guess not, sure I’ll help you out.” He says to her.
Tenten smiles a wide smile before capturing Naruto’s lips in a heated kiss with tongue. After kissing him for awhile she pulls out a kunai and cuts off his jacket and shirt, throwing the kunai away she falls to her knees and pulls his pants and boxers down exposing his nine and three quarter inch hard cock. Once exposed she kiss’s the tip of his cock and then licks from the head to the base. At the base she licks his balls before putting the right one into his mouth and sucking on it. After awhile she stops playing with his balls and takes his cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down she sucks him off.
“Oh god your really good at this,” Naruto moans out. “uh I’m gonna cum.”
Tenten hearing this speeds up her sucking trying to get him to cum faster.
“I’m cumming,” Naruto moans out.
Cumming in her mouth Tenten swallows all of his cum, once done she pulls him out of her mouth and asks. “Hey can you suck me off now?”
“Sure,” said Naruto.
Laying down on her back Tenten spreads her legs giving Naruto a view of not only her cock and balls, but of her pussy as well. Laying down in front of Tenten between her legs Naruto puts her cock into his mouth and begins to suck her off. Unfortunitly Tenten has never had her cock sucked off before so after a minute or two she cums into his mouth, surprising him with how quick she came. Taking her cock out of his mouth he asks her, ”Is this the first time you had a blowjob?”
“Yeah, why?” she asks.
“No reason, its just you came really fast I was just surprised,” Naruto says to her.
Positioning his cock at the entrance of her pussy he asks her, “Are you ready?”
“Yes! Go ahead.”
Nodding at her he thrusts his cock in her and pauses at how tight she is.
“Dam your so tight,’ He tells her.
“Oh so full, come on and start focking me already.”
“Alright, here I go.” He says before thrusting deeper into her, with one thrust he was completely sheathed inside her pussy.
“Oh god! Your so tight and wet Tenten! Your pussy is so good!” Naruto moaned before he started fucking her, giving an extra thrust straight into her g-spot.
“Ah! More! Fuck me harder, please just don’t stop!”
Naruto grinned as he felt his orgasm approaching and sped up wanting to cum inside of her.
“Here I cum Tenten get ready,” he tells her.
Moaning out loud Naruto releases his load into her pussy causing her cock as well as her pussy to cum at the same time. Falling onto his side he lays there and looks into her eyes and says, “We should go before someone comes and sees us.”
“Alright,” Tenten says to Naruto while getting up and putting her dress on. “but we should do this again sometime.”
“Of course,” Naruto says before kissing her and walking off.
(Flashback End)
“We meet up every once in a while to have some fun together.” Tenten tells everyone in the hokages office.
“Awesome,” Ino says. “Now who’s next.”
“I’ll go,” said Tsume Inuzuka.
“Okay, go ahead.” Tsunade tells her.
“Well this was our first time together, it was also a three-some between me, Naruto, and my daughter Hana.
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