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chapter 5.

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the naruto girls get together to talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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Naruto sighed it had been two months since saving Garaa from the akatski and he had never been as bored as he was now. Training in the forbidden forest helped with his boredom but it didn’t do much. Naruto tensed as he heard someone step on a twig snapping it behind him, that was when he noticed a smell in the air, it was a musky scent that made his penis twitch and get hard.
Turning around Naruto who was on his knees came face to face with a seven inch hard ragging boner. It was dripping pre-cum from the tip, Naruto stared at it for a few minutes before the person that the cock belonged to spoke.
“Well are you just going to stare all day or are you going to suck me off?” asked Tsume Inuzuka. Naruto staring at the cock decided to just get over his surprise and start to suck Tsume off. Grasping it with his hands, Naruto stuck out his tongue and started to lick the juices that covered the tip. Naruto swirled his tongue around the tip before taking the first few inches into his mouth.
“That’s right my blonde haired slut, you’re a good cock sucker aren’t you.” Moaned Tsume as Naruto sucked her off. Her dirty talk turned him on and made his cock harder. After a while Tsume grabbed his head and started to face fuck Naruto, it hurt his throat but he just forced the pain away.
Naruto didn’t notice but someone was sneaking op behind him, he stiffened when he felt two hands on his hips. He couldn’t turn his head but he did hear Tsume and the other person talking.
“Hana, don’t forget to lube him up ok?”, “Yeah yeah I heard ya,” Naruto could only suck the cock in his mouth as Tsume started to slow down so she could prolong her orgasm. Hana slowly pulled down Naruto’s pant’s showing off his backside, she smiled as she spread the lube up and down her shaft.
“I’m gonna fuck you’re ass raw,” she said as she lined up and started to enter him. Naruto moaned around Tsume’s cock causing her to climax, she grunted as she poured her load down his throat. Shot after shot exploded into his mouth, some dripped down his chin as he tried to swallow it all. Tsume bucked a few times before pulling out of his mouth, she then rubbed her penis against Naruto’s face spreading her cum on his whisker marks.
Hana pressed a few more inches into Naruto’s ass. Tsume fell back on her backside as she tried to regain her breath, all the while Hana pounded away at Naruto’s ass.
“Fuck me more,” Naruto moaned out. Hana pulled him back as she sat down and forced him to ride and bounce on her cock. His own cock bouncing out as he was fucked, while Tsume watched in lust. She stroked her cock bring it to full mast, while Naruto just keep moaning and grasping in pleasure.
“Oh yes, fuck! Your so tight!” Hana grunted as she picked up speed.
Hana’s thrusts got faster and sloppy, ”Here it comes, I hope you enjoy it!” with a yelp she came deep into his ass. Naruto also came blasting his load on the forest floor. Hana smiled as Tsume said, “Alright my turn.”
Hana obliged and exited Naruto, who gave a whine of disappointment. Hana laid back on the ground and rested while Tsume laid the blonde on his back. Naruto took this chance and latched his mouth on Tsume’s left breast, she gave a moan of satisfaction.
“You like my tits don’t you, well your gonna love my cock even more.” Tsume lined up with his entrance and shoved her cock straight into his ass, it started slow. In and out, in and out, soon though she picked up speed and started to thrust faster.
“Ah that’s it, you’re so tight! It’s like your sucking my cock into you,” she moaned as she moved her head to his neck and bit down on it which actually caused him to gasp in pleasure. She got a good grip on his hips and started to slam into him. Then Hana came back and started to play with his hard on while he was fucked by her mother, Hana then to his surprise started to kiss him on the mouth.
Naruto couldn’t even moan as the pleasure washed over him, he soon felt Tsume’s hot seed pour into him. He also came but his seed was eaten by Hana who was sucking him off. After Tsume was done she switched with Hana. Naruto was now bouncing on Hana’s cock while he sucked off Tsume. This lasted for twenty minutes before Hana blasted her cum into his ass and Tsume came into his mouth causing him to swallow all of her seed. Resting on her back once more Tsume watched as Hana pulled out of Naruto and spread her legs motioning for Naruto to stick his cock into her pussy.
Entering Hana Naruto couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure at how moist, wet, and tight Hana’s pussy was. Thrusting inside her Naruto almost came from how good she felt around him, managing to hold off Naruto starts to thrust into Hana with reckless abandon and in no time at all moans out,” I’m cumming.”
Laying down next to Hana after cumming Naruto pass’s out, Tsume and Hana noticing this quietly bring him home before anyone sees them. Waking up a few hours later Naruto finds a note on his fridge.
Had a fun time, call us so we could do this again sometime.
From Hana and Tsume.
(Flashback End)
“And call us he did, every weekend we have a good time together.” Tsume tells the girls.
“wow,” Tsunade comments.
“wow is right I think I’ll go next,” said Kurenai Yuhi.
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