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chapter 6.

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the girls from naruto get together to talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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Naruto sighed as he felt the cool water from the waterfall rain down on his body after a long day of training. His teacher Kurenai Yuhi who was teaching him how to know when he’s put into a genjutsu and how to break out of one, she ran him into the ground training him today. That’s why when he finally had a break he decided to take a dip in a lake and waterfall near his training ground.
A little ways away under an invisabilty genjutsu stood Kurenai Yuhi Naruto’s teacher, ever since she started training Naruto she couldn’t help but find him sexy and dream of having him on his knees pleasuring her. So today after training him she decided to put her plan into action and follow him, once alone she planned to have her way with him.
After watching him for a while she puts her plan into action by first starting by casting a genjutsu over Naruto that would force his body to do whatever she wanted it to do. Walking over to him she saw that he was trying to break free of the genjutsu with no luck. Deciding to get started she ordered him to follow her to a tree and get on his knees.
Once he was on his knees Kurenai pulled down her skirt and panties to reveal a hard eight inch long cock. Ordering Naruto to open his mouth she traced a finger along his lips, and then shoved her cock into his mouth and down his throat nearly choking him in the process.
“Ahh so warm and slippery,” Kurenai said as she face fucked Naruto. “Use your tongue and lick the sides of my cock.”
Without knowing it he broke the genjutsu’s hold on him, and started to run his tongue all over Kurenai’s cock making her moan louder and louder.
“I’m gonna cum right,” Kurenai moaned grabbing the back of Naruto’s head and pushed it forward shoving her cock all the way down his mouth and throat. “nowww!” and just like that Kurenai sprayed her cum all the way down his throat, so much came out that even swallowing didn’t stop some from running out the sides of his mouth and down his chin. Finally Kurenai took her cock out of his mouth making him fall back on his ass and back.
“That was so good,” Kurenai panted. “Let me pleasure you now.”
Getting on her knees Kurenai laid down on her stomach and grabbed the shaft of Naruto’s cock. jerking her hands up and down she moved her head to the tip of his penis and started to lick his pre-cum up. Then she put his cock into his mouth and started to suck him off.
“Ah! Kurenai,” Naruto moaned as she started to bob her head up and down on his dick, he moaned again when he felt his cock hit the back of her throat.
“Oh god! You’re so good at this! I’m so close to cumming!” Naruto told her as she sped up in order to get him to orgasm faster.
Pulling her mouth off his cock until only the head was left in her mouth she took her right hand and placed it on his cock, and started to jerk him off while sucking and licking on the head. Meanwhile she took her left hand and slipped her middle finger into his backside and played with his ass making him cum.
“I’m cumming!” yelled Naruto.
Swallowing all of Naruto’s seed, Kurenai pulled of his cock and rose to her knees. Once on her knees she lined her cock up with his entrance and entered him, she started out slow but soon she sped up thrusting into him.
“Oh yessss! You feel so good!” Kurenai moaned. She grabbed his hips as she slammed into him again and again getting more and more girlish moans from him.
“Ahh! I’m almost there! s-so close!” Kurenai”s thrusts started getting harder and faster as she begun reaching her orgasm.
“Naruto” she screamed out when she came into his ass, Naruto couldn’t help but follow and cum all over his stomach. Kurenai collapsed onto the ground with her cock still inside Naruto, she wrapped her arms around his waist and placed her lips next to his ear. “Did you like me being inside you like that?” she asked him. “Though judging by what you just did I’d say yes.”
“Yeah it was great, now it’s my turn!” he said to her. “spread your legs.”
Spreading her legs for him, Naruto leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips when he did Kurenai gave a small moan. He then started to lick the lips of her pussy, next he stuck a finger in her while he licked her pussy. Taking her clit into his mouth he sucked on it and sped up fingering Kurenai causing her to cum.
“I’m cumming Naruto,” Kurenai told him.
“Are you ready for the main course Kurenai?” asked Naruto.
“Yes! I’m ready!” Kurenai told him.
Lining up his cock with her pussy Naruto slowly entered her. He slowly moved his hips back and forth enjoying the feel of such soft and wet tightness all around his cock. Kurenai moaned in pleasure as she reached up to caress Naruto’s face and kiss him, as he slowly began to speed up wit his thrusts into her. Kurenai smiled as Naruto continued to fuck her causing her orgasm to approach.
“Oh! yes!” Kurenai maoned out in pleasure . “I’m cumming.”
Kurenai’s orgasm caused her pussy walls to tighten up and wrap around Naruto forcing him to cum as well. As soon as Naruto released the last of his cum into Kurenai, he fell back and passed out utterly exhausted.
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