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chapter 7.

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the naruto girls get together to talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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”wow Kurenai that was so sexy,” commented Anko Mitarashi.
“Yeah that was hot, do you and Naruto still get together?” asked Tsunade.
“Yeah once or twice a week,” Kurenai told everyone.
“Nice,” said Anko. “I’m next.”
“Alright! Tell us what happened with you and Naruto?” Tsunade asks Anko.
“Well me and Naruto were training in the forest of death, I was teaching him everything that I learned from Orochimaru so that when he fought Sasuke he would know what he was up against or at least have an idea.”
“Anyway once we were finished training I decided to tease him a little, that’s where things changed between us,” Anko told them.
Pulling away from kissing Naruto Anko looked at him and said, “Let’s finish this at my house.”
“Okay,” Naruto said to Anko.
Grabbing Naruto Anko uses the body flicker jutsu to teleport them to her front door, once there she takes her hands off of Naruto and subtly without him noticing she casts a genjutsu on him that knocks Naruto out cold.
“Kukukuku, I’m so gonna have some fun with you tonight Naruto,” Anko says to the passed out boy while bringing him inside her house.
(Twenty Minutes Later)
Naruto slowly wakes up only to find himself naked and tied up to a metal rack of some kind. Hearing a noise he turns his head to his right and watches in shock as Anko Mitarashi walks into the room wearing a black leather corset that shows off her D-cup breasts and nine inch hard cock.
“Finally you’re awake I see, I’ve been bored out of my mind waiting for you to wake up.” Anko tells Naruto.
“W-What’s going on Anko?” asked Naruto.
“Well I knocked you out and tied you up because I like sex this way now just relax and let me have my way with you.” Anko tells him while walking toward him.
“Alright, it’s not like I have a choice might as well sit back and enjoy this.” Naruto muttered under his breath.
“Good boy,” Anko said to him as she pressed her breasts and stomach up against his back and reaches around to his penis to start to jerk him off. Stopping after a couple seconds Anko takes a bottle of lubrication and lubs her fingers up, next she spreads his ass cheeks apart and slips a finger into him. Moving in and out of him with her finger she begins to hit his prostate making him moan in pleasure.
“That feels good huh Naruto,” said Anko. “You like having your ass played with don’t you.”
“Oh god yes! I’m so close.” Naruto told her.
“Well we can’t have you cumming yet,” said Anko as she stopped and pulled her finger out of his ass.
“Ahh why did you stop?” asked Naruto.
“Because I don’t want you to cum yet,” Anko tells him while pulling out a whip from a storage scroll on the table.
“Now I’m gonna take this up a notch you can scream all you want but no one will hear you,” said Anko.
“Uhh w-what are you going to doooo!” Naruto yelps out when he feels a whip hit him on his back.
“Now, now take it like a man and count out how many times I whip you,” Anko tells him as she continues to whip him.
“There now let’s have some more fun,” said Anko as she stopped whipping Naruto and moved to his backside. Taking the bottle of lub of the table she poured it on her cock and smeared it all around, once done she spread his ass cheeks apart and roughly shoved her entire cock into his ass hole.
“Fuck! That hurt you fucking bitch,” Naruto yelled at Anko as she fucked his ass.
Anko said nothing as she roughly plunged her cock in and out of his ass, moving back and forth she fucked his ass violently and soon approached her orgasm.
“Good god! I’m cumming!” she said as she fucked Naruto harder and came into his ass hole.
Pulling out of his backside Anko walked around Naruto and got on her knees in front of him, once on her knees she put his cock into her mouth and proceded to suck him off. While bobbing her head up and down she licked with her tongue on the sides of his cock. After a while she felt his dick start to twitch and throb then she heard him moan out. “I’m going to cum.”
Slowing down Anko pulled her mouth off of his cock and grabbed his dick with her right hand to jerk him off. With her left hand unoccupied she grabbed a cup from the table and put it in front of his cock so that when he came she could catch it in the cup.
Soon enough Naruto moaned out, “I’m cumming.”
Anko slowing down a bit continued to milk Naruto until his cum no longer came out of his cock. Once he was finished cumming Anko got up and forced Naruto to drink his own cum from the cup.
“Did that taste good Naruto?” Anko asked him after he drank all his cum.
“It was alright,” Naruto told her. “What’s next?”
Grabbing a collar from the table she put it on him and then attaches a leash to the collar. Next she unties him from the rack and tells him to get on his knees. Looking down at Naruto she says. “Now be a good doggy and lick my cock for me.”
Barking in amusement Naruto gets to work and licks the tip of her cock before moving down to her balls and back up again. After a couple seconds of licking her penis Naruto stops and puts her cock into his mouth and down his throat sucking Anko off.
“Good doggy,” Anko says to Naruto as he moves his mouth up and down her cock.
After a couple of minutes Naruto begins to feel Anko’s cock twitch and throb in his mouth, reconising her approaching orgasm Naruto growls around her cock causing her to cum.
Anko pulls her cock out of Naruto’s mouth while still cumming and sprays her cum all over his face and hair coating him in her seed. Patting him on the head Anko said to him, “That was great now let’s go lay down and go to sleep.”
“Alright,” said Naruto.
(Flashback End)
“Once we woke up we had a quickie and then went to work,” Anko tells the group.
“Dam! Well I’ll go next,” Tsunade said.
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