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chapter 8.

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the naruto girls get together and talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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“once we woke up we had a quikie and then went to work,” Anko tells the group.
“Dam! Well I’ll go next,” said Tsunade.
“Me and Naruto’s first time together was when he and Jiraiya came to get me so that I could become the new hokage. It was on our way back at a hot springs when I came onto him,” said Tsunade.
“Alright, everyone lets go rest and relax at this hot spring for the night, I have gotten us a couple of rooms.” Jiraiya told Shizune, Naruto, and Tsunade.
“I’ll be at the hot spring if you need me lady Tsunade,” Shizune said to her master.
“Alright Shizune I’ll see you tomorrow,” Tsunade told her. “Where are you going to Jiraiya?”
“I’ve got to go and meet with one of my contacts so I will see you all later.” Jiraiya told Tsunade.
“Well Naruto I guess it will be just you and me tonight,” said Tsunade while licking her lips at that thought.
“I guess so old hag,” Naruto told her.
“Hmm, why don’t we go up to my room so that we could talk without anybody interrupting us?” asked Tsunade.
“Okay,” Naruto replies.
(Hotel Room Couple Minutes Later)
Laying on the bed Naruto waits for Tsunade to finish up what she’s doing in the bathroom. After a couple of minutes Naruto hears the bathroom door open and gets up only to freee in shock at what Tsunade is wearing.
Wearing a see through bra and panties that does nothing to hide her f-cup breasts or her twelve inch hard cock. Tsunade looks at Naruto and asks, “Well what do you think?”
“Beautiful! But what’s that?” Naruto asks pointing out her cock.
“Well that’s my cock Naruto,” comments Tsunade.
“I know what it is but why do you have one, I thought only guys had a cock?” Naruto asked her slightly freked out.
“well I’m a very special kind of woman known as a futanari or a futa. A futa is a woman born with both sex’s, the body of a female as well as a cock and balls positioned on top of a vagina,” she tells him.
“I see but why are you showing and telling me this?” Naruto asked.
“Well,” Tsunade said as she walks over to him and bends down to kiss him on the lips. Pulling away she looks into his blue eyes and say’s, “Does that answer your question.”
“Huh! Yeah I guess,” Naruto mutters out while blushing bright red.
“Now,” Tsunade said while taking off her bra and panties. “I take it that this will be your first time with a woman?”
“Yeah it will,” Naruo said in a dazed voice as he admires her cock which is leaking pre-cum.
“Then allow me to guide you from here on out,” she tells him.
Sitting on the bed Tsunade moves Naruto to his knees on the floor in front of her and puts her penis next to his mouth. Rubbing the tip of her cock on his lips smearing them with her pre-cum, she tells him to suck on her cock. Moving his head down he licks the tip, then slides her cock into his mouth and begins to move his mouth back and forth on her cock.
“Hmm! That’s very nice Naruto now take one of your fingers and slide it into my pussy.” Tsunade tells him.
Doing as she say’s he slides his middle finger into her all the while he’s bobbing his head up and down sucking on her cock.
“Oh my I’m cumming Naruto,” Tsunade moans out.
Hearing this Naruto goes to pull his mouth off of her cock only for Tsunade to grab his head and cum into his mouth. After cumming in his mouth and throat she lets go of his head making him fall onto his ass coughing up her cum.
“Sorry Naruto I couldn’t help it,” she tells him with a smile on her face.
“Yeah well don’t do it again okay,” said Naruto.
“Okay, now get up here it’s your turn to get a blowjob.” Tsunade tells Naruto motioning for him to get on the bed.
Taking off his clothes Naruto jumps up onto the bed and lays down with his legs spread open. Positioning herself Tsunade lays down on her stomach and licks her right hands fingers. Grabbing Naruto’s cock with her left hand she slowly begins to jerk him off, taking her right hand she slips her middle finger into his ass hole and slowly but surely starts to move her finger in and out of him. Moving her head down towards his cock Tsunade engulfs his entire six inch hard cock into her mouth. Slipping two more fingers into his backside she begins to play with his prostate causing him to climax into her mouth.
Swallowing all of his cum Tsunade gets up onto her knees and asks him, “are you ready for the next part Naruto?”
“Yeah I am but please be gentle with me?” he asks her.
“I will,” said Tsunade as she lines up her cock with his asshole, once lined up she slowly enters him anally.
“Good god! You’re so tight!” she moans out as she thrusts inside Naruto.
“Ohhhh! Fuck so good!” Naruto panted as Tsunade slammed into her cock into him over and over again hitting his prostate sending white lightning through his vision.
Tongue hanging out, drool coming down the sides of his face Naruto moaned out, “more Tsunade fuck me harder.”
Grabbing Naruto’s waist Tsunade started to fuck him even harder and faster, all the while felling her balls tighten up signaling that she was close to cumming.
“Tsunade I’m about to cum!” Naruto moaned out. Tsunade grunted in response as she buried herself as deep into him as she could and exploded sending her seed into his ass, Naruto himself came right after Tsunade drenching the bed in his seed.
“Uh! That was great Naruto,” said Tsunade as she pulled her cock out of his ass.
Looking down at Naruto Tsunade noticed his eyes were closed and he was passed out exhausted.
“Wow! Would you look at that I fucked him until he passed out,” Tsunade thought out loud. “well I’ll talk to him in the morning.”
(Flashback End)
“wow you got him when he was a virgin,” Ino comments.
“Yeah I did,” said Tsunade.
‘Huh I guess you’re the one who trained him up.” Said Kurenai.
“Hey since we’ve all had sex with Naruto does this mean he’s cheating on us or are we in a harem?” asked Anko.
“well I would have to say a harem after all none of us ever said we were his girlfriend.” Tenten told the group.
“Hey I got an idea lets go find Naruto and surprise him with an orgy!” Tsume said to the group.
“Sure,” said Ino.
“Alright,” Tenten said.
“I’m in,” Tsunade said.
“were in as well,” Anko, Yugao, and Kurenai said at the same time.
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