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chapter 9.

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the naruto girls get together and talk about there sex lives with naruto.

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(Last Time)
“Hey I got an idea lets go find Naruto and surprise him with an orgy!” Tsume said to the group.
“Sure,” Ino said.
“Alright,” said Tenten.
“I’m in,” said Tsunade.
“Were in as well,” Anko, Yugao, and Kurenai said at the same time.
Walking to the hokage tower Naruto wondered what Tsunade could have wanted at such a late time. Deciding that he wouldn’t know until he got to the tower he sped up and got there as fast as he could. Appearing outside the door to the hokage’s office he frowned when he noticed that there were no anbu on guard duty, deciding to think about it later he knocked on the door and waited for Tsunade to answer.
“Come in,” said a muffled voice on the other side of the door.
Opening the door Naruto spotted the hokage sitting at her desk looking up at him.
“You called for me Tsunade?” Naruto asked.
“Yeah lets go to the hokage mansion and have a little fun together,” Tsunade told Naruto.
“Okay,” said Naruto with a smile on his face.
(Hokage Mansion’s Living Room)
Entering the living room of the hokage’s mansion Naruto is shocked to find Ino, Kurenai, Hana, Tsume, Tenten, Yugao, and Anko all sitting down and talking to each other. What really got him so shocked though was that they were all naked.
“W-What’s going on here?” Naruto asked making everyone turn to look at him.
“Well Naruto we girls were having a meeting and discovered that we all had something in common, do you know what that was?” asked Tsunade.
“Um well you all had sex with me,” Naruto muttered under his breath but loud enough for everyone to hear.
“Yes! Anyway once we finished talking about our sex lives with you Tsume blurted out that we should all have an orgy together.” Tsunade told him. “We all thought that was a good idea so here we are. Any questions?”
“Huh nope no questions,” said a shocked Naruto.
“Good now make six shadow clones and let’s get this orgy started!” Tsunade exclaimed with a big smile on her face.
Making six clones Naruto sends a clone to each girl except for Tsunade and Anko, “Now what?” asked Naruto facing Tsunade and Anko who was suddenly next to a now naked Tsunade.
“well while your clones are busy with everyone else you will be having a threesome with me and Anko, now get naked and kneel before me.” Tsunade told Naruto.
Doing as he was told Naruto took off his shirt, pants, and boxers as well as his sandels. Once naked he knelt down in front of Tsunade who grabbed her cock and put it in his face. Opening his mouth Naruto licked and kissed the head of her cock, putting the head into his mouth he moves his head back and forth giving Tsunade a blowjob. A couple of seconds in to his giving Tsunade a blowjob he is pushed by Anko onto his hands and knees. Tsunade moves with him and gets on her knees without pulling her cock out of Naruto’s mouth. While on his knees Naruto feels Anko stick her cock into his ass and slowly enter him.
Grabbing Naruto’s hips Anko slams her cock into him as hard as she could, causing him to moan out in pain and pleasure around Tsunade’s rock hard cock. Grunting in pleasure Anko speeds up her thrusting determined to cum in Naruto.Moaning around Tsunade’s cock Naruto begins to moan and groan louder and louder as Anko plows into him. Tsunade noticing this grabs Naruto’s face and soves her cock down his throat and starts to face fuck him.
Feeling Naruto’s ass begin to tighten even further around her cock Anko decides to speed up so that she could cum with him at the same time, only to hear Tsunade moan out. “I’m cumming.”
Cumming in Naruto’s mouth Tsunade shoves her cock down his throat forcing him to swallow all of her cum. Pulling out of his mouth Tsunade falls back onto her backside to watch as Anko fucks Naruto.
After swallowing Tsunade’s cum Naruto’s cock starts to twitch and throb signaling his orgasm is approaching. Anko noticing this reachs around grabs his dick and begins to jerk him off. Slamming into him one final time Anko slows down and cums into his ass which forces Naruto to cum at the same time.
(Tenten And Clone)
“Hey Tenten,” said Naruto walking up to Tenten who was sitting on a chair.
“Hi Naruto why don’t you get on your knees and get started, I could use a blowjob it’s been awhile since I had one.” Tenten told him pointing at her three inch hard cock.
Falling to his knees Naruto grabs onto Tenten’s penis with his left hand and licks the fingers on his right hand to get them nice and wet. Once wet he slips a finger into her vagina and slowly slides it in and out of her while he jerks her cock off with his other hand. Moving his mouth to her cock he licks the head and moves down to her balls and back up again. Pushing Tenten’s cock into his mouth he begins to suck her off.
“Oh god! Your so good at this Naruto,” Tenten said to him.
Bobbing his head up and down Naruto feels Tenten’s cock twitch and throb telling him her orgasm is near.
“Good god Naruto I’m cumming!” yelled Tenten.
Hearing Tenten yell out he thrusts his fingers into her faster and faster, only to feel her cum drench his fingers and his hand. Pulling his mouth off of her cock Naruto swallows all of her cum.
Looking at Naruto Tenten say’s, “That was great Naruto! Now I want you to fuck me.”
“Alright,” he said.
Getting up Tenten moves onto the floor and lay’s down spreading her legs for Naruto. On his knees Naruto lines up his cock with Tenten’s pussy and enters her.
“Fuck your tight,” said Naruto to Tenten as he slowly started to thrust into her.
“Faster Naruto,” Tenten demanded.
Grabbing Tenten’s hips Naruto speeds up and begins to slam into her pussy as hard as he could causing Tenten to moan out louder.
“Fuck Naruto your so good at this, I’m so close keep going!” moaned Tenten.
Thrusting in and out of Tenten Naruto feels his balls begin to tighten as Tenten’s pussy contracts around his cock showing she was close to cumming.
“I’m cumming!” Tenten yelled as her pussy squeezed Naruto’s cock forcing him to cum as well.
“Me too,” Naruto moaned out as he filled Tentens pussy with his cum. “I’m drained Tenten I have no more chakra left so I’m gonna go now.”
“Bye Naruto and thanks,” said Tenten as the clone of Naruto disappeared. “That was awesome!”
(Yugao And Clone)
“So Naruto are you ready for some fun,” Yugao asked.
“Yeah I am,” said Naruto.
“Good get to work,” Yugao told him.
Kneeling in front of a naked Yugao Naruto grabs her cock and slides it into his mouth, moving his head back and forth giving her a blowjob Naruto takes his middle finger on his right hand and slips it into Yugao’s ass. Moving his finger around he feels for her prostate, once he finds it he slowly fingers her.
“Aw you’re so good Naruto,” Yugao moaned out.
Grabbing Naruto’s head Yugao forces her cock down his throat and face fucks him. Moving his head up and down her cock she slams her balls into his chin and her cock down his throat. After a minute or two her cock starts to twitch and her balls begin to tighten signaling that she was close to cumming.
“I’m gonna cum Naruto make sure you swallow it all,” Yugao told him while fucking his face. “I’m cumming.”
Moaning out Yugao cums into Naruto’s mouth and down his throat, forcing Naruto to swallow all of her cum or choke. Pulling her cock out of his mouth Yugao looks down at him and asks, “Do you want to continue Naruto or should we stop?”
“I’m good let’s continue,” said Naruto.
“Alright get on your hands and knees,” Yugao ordered.
Getting on his hands and knees Naruto raises his ass so that Yugao could get a good position. Kneeling behind Naruto Yugao licks her fingers and slides her middle one into his ass. While fingering his ass Yugao reaches around and jerks Naruto off, pulling her finger out of his ass she lines up her cock with his crack and slides right into him.
Grunting in pleasure Naruto moans out, “faster fuck me harder.”
Releasing his cock Yugao grabs his hips and starts to thrust faster all the while hitting his prostate sending pleasure throughout Naruto’s body. Feeling his ass tighten around her cock forces her to cum in him sending ropes of her seed inside him causing him to cum as well.
Moaning out, “I’m cumming!” Naruto shoots his load all over the floor.
Pulling out of Naruto Yugao lay’s down on her side making Naruto lay down with her.
“That was so good Naruto, we have to do this again sometime.” Yugao tells him.
“Yeah we do.” He said.
(Ino And Clone)
“Hey Ino,” Naruto said.
“Hi Naruto,” said Ino. “So Naruto why don’t you give me a blowjob and then I’ll give you one as well.”
“That’s all you want to do?” asked Naruto.
“Yeah I don’t seem to be in the mood for anything else, so get to work.” Ino told him.
Grabbing Ino’s cock Naruto licked and kissed the tip of her cock, after licking her cock from head to balls he slips her into his mouth and sucks her off. Moving his head up and down Ino’s cock Naruto slides her six inch hard cock down his throat and begins to deep throat Ino.
“So good!” Ino moaned out at the feeling she’s getting from Naruto’s blowjob.
Deep throating Ino Naruto feels her cock begin to twitch and throb, seeing that Ino is so close to cumming Naruto slows down and starts to hum around her cock causing Ino to climax.
“Oh god! I’m cumming,” Ino yells out as she grabs Naruto’s face and release’s her seed down his throat forcing him to swallow it all. Pulling her cock out of his mouth she looks down at him and say’s, “ stand up it’s your turn now.”
Standing up Naruto grabs his cock and jerks it a few times, on her knees Ino looks at Naruto’s dick and opens her mouth sticks her tongue out and licks the shaft of his cock. Moving up and down Naruto’s cock with her tongue Ino moves to the head and engulfs it in her mouth. Sucking on the head Ino slides her mouth down his cock putting more and more into her mouth and down her throat. After a while of sucking Naruto off he moans out that he’s cumming. Ino hearing this pulls Naruto’s cock out of her mouth and jerks him off with her hands. When he cums Ino makes sure that his cum sprays all over her face and chest.
“Dam Ino you got my cum all over you, why didn’t you just swallow it all?” saked Naruto.
“I don’t know I just wanted to feel your seed on me,” Ino told him.
“well if were done I’m gonna dispel now.”
“Alright I’ll talk to the real you after the orgy,” said Ino.
“Okay,” Naruto said to her before dispelling.
(Hana, Tsume, And Clones)
On his knees Naruto licks the head of Tsume’s cock, engulfing her cock into his mouth Naruto slides his tongue along the shaft of Tsume’s cock while he sucks her off. Moaning out Tsume places a hand on Naruto’s head, which was bobbing up and down on her cock.
“Oh that’s it, use your tongue,” Tsume growled. “Oh that’s a good little bitch, suck it good my blonde haired slut.” She moaned as she began to thrust into the blowjob.
Naruto knew he should have been offended or angry at the way Tsume liked to use him but he found out early on that he liked it when she dominated him. Thrusting into Naruto’s mouth, Tsume got about half of her cock in and held his head in place with one hand. While she reached down with the other and guided his fingers to her wet vagina just under her balls.
“That’s right slut,” she moaned as he got going, “finger my cunt and take my cock deep.” She began to push deeper into his mouth, pulling his fingers in and out of her pussy they were soon soaked. While Tsumes balls slapped his chin she never stopped talking dirty. Unfortunately Tsume soon lost control and started to fuck his face without stopping. During this Naruto was choking as Tsume fucked his throat, tears were running down his face and he began to black out from a lack of air. Tsume finally yelled out that she was cumming unfortunately this was too much for the Naruto clone and he dispelled causing Tsume to cum all over the floor.
“God dam it Naruto! I wasn’t done yet,” Tsume yelled out before turning around and walking over to Hana and a Naruto clone.
Walking over she found Hana standing up while Naruto was on his knees sucking her off. Getting behind Naruto she pulled his pants down and pushed her hard wet cock into his ass so suddenly that he grunted around Hana’s cock causing her to cum. Hana growled and shot her load down his throat, shot after shot exploded into his mouth as he tried to drink it all. Cum dribbled down his chin as some seeped out around his lips. Hana pulled out falling to her backside to watch as her mother fucked Naruto.
Tsume pulled Naruto back until he was bouncing up and down her cock, reaching around she grabbed his cock and jerked him off while she fucked him.
“Oh fuck! Go faster!” Naruto told Tsume.
Grunting in response Tsume picked up speed and started to thrust as hard and as fast as she could. Tsume’s thrust’s got faster and sloppier as she approached her climax, and with a grunt she emptied her load deep into his ass. Naruto also came as well blowing his load all over the floor. pulling out of Naruto Tsume bit him on the neck causing the clone to disappear.
“That was fun huh Hana?” Tsume asked her daughter.
“Yeah it was.”
(Kurenai And Clone)
Sitting down on the living room floor with her legs spread open Kurenai motions for Naruto to get to work and suck her off. Laying down on his stomach Naruto grabs Kurenai’s cock and slides it into his mouth and bob’s his head up and down on her cock.
“Oh Naruto, more, deeper,” Kurenai moaned out. Putting her hands on his head she pushes him down and commands Naruto to go, “Faster!” Naruto obeyed her order and started to suck her off faster. She moaned louder as Naruto bobbed his head faster and deeper then when he first started.
“Oh Naruto! I’m cumming! Take it all Naruto!”
Naruto took her down to the base of her cock and then hummed. Kurenai went wide eyed when he did this then yelled out, “I’m cumming!” she held Naruto’s head in place as she released her seed deep into his throat. Naruto drank as much as he could before some overflowed and slipped from his mouth. Kurenai took her cock out of Naruto’s mouth and said, “I want you inside me now Naruto!”
“Alright lay down and we’ll get started,” he told her.
Getting on his knees Naruto lined up his cock with Kurenai’s pussy and slipped inside her. Grabbing her hips Naruto started to move back and forth slowly fucking Kurenai before deciding to just go all out.
“Fuck so good,” Kurenai hissed out in pleasure. ”Go faster.”
Slamming into her pussy with all he had she started moaning out in absolute pleasure as he kept moving in and out of her. Grunting out that he was gonna cum Naruto sped up only to feel the walls of Kurenai’s pussy tighten up and squeeze even harder then before signaling that she was cumming. Squeezing down on his cock Kurenai’s pussy forced Naruto to cum inside her. Pulling out of her pussy Naruto laid down right next to her and asked, “do you want to go some more?”
“No I’m good,” said Kurenai.
“Alright see you later,” the clone of Naruto said before he dispelled.
(Thirty Minutes Latter)
“Well that was fun!” Tsunade commented.
“Yeah it was great,” said Naruto.
“Oh yeah!” said Anko, Kurenai, Yugao, Tenten, and Ino said at the same time.
“were gonna have to do this again sometime!” said Hana Inuzuka.
“Yeah we will I promise, we will do this again!” Naruto told everyone.
“Good but no more women but us got that pup,” said Tsume.
“sure I get it.”
“Good now everyone go home,” Tsunade said.
“Alright,” Anko, Tsume, Hana, Kurenai, Tenten, Yugao, and Ino said before leaving through the front door.
“See you later Tsuande.” Naruto said before he left.
“See you brat,” Tsunade said before chuckling. “That brat doesn’t even notice’s that he has the most beautiful women of the leaf village as his girlfriends.”

This is the end of this story if you want me to write another futa story send me the details and I might write one.
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