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chapter 1. futa/Rukia and ichigo.

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futa rukia and ichigo get it on.

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Futa/Rukia and Ichigo.

Waking up to a banging sound Ichigo Kurosaki throws off his bed sheets, moves to his closet where the sound that woke him up is and turns on the lights. Throwing open the closet door Ichigo is shocked to find that the noise is Rukia naked and jerking off what looked like a rock hard seven inch cock. Taking in everything Ichigo looks Rukia in her eyes and asks, “What the fuck are you doing in here?”
“Jerking off,” Rukia replies in shock at having been caught playing with herself.
“I can see that, what I would really like to know is why do you have a cock?” Ichigo asked.
“Well soul society found that women with high levels of spiritual energy are born with or can grow a cock and balls. The reason for this is so that if there are no men with high enough spirit energy to get a woman pregnant a woman would be able to create a child with another woman in order to create children with high spirit energy.” Rukia explained to Ichigo.
“I see but that still doesn’t tell me why you are jerking off in my closet,” Ichigo asked.
“My cock has been getting harder and harder lately and it won’t go down by itself anymore. So I have to relieve myself in order to make it go soft.” Rukia said.
“Rukia that should only happen if you find someone attractive and you want to fuck him or her.” He tells her while moving to sit down on his bed. “Do you have a crush on someone or do you just want to have sex with that person?”
Moving out of Ichigo’s closet Rukia grabs a chair from the computer desk and sits down on it in front of Ichigo. Looking down at her feet she mutters something he couldn’t hear.
“What did you say Rukia?” asked Ichigo.
“I said that I think I’m in love with him and I want to have sex with him as well.” said Rukia with a blush on her face.
“I see,” Ichigo said out loud while on the inside he thought. “Dam she likes someone else.”
“So who is this person you’ve fallen for?” Ichigo asks.
“You,” Rukia mumbles too soft for him to hear.
“What was that I couldn’t hear you?”
“I said the person that I’m in love with is you!” Rukia said to him with a huge blush on her face.
“Oh! Huh! What!” Ichigo stutters.
“I knew it you don’t like me the same way,” Rukia cry’s out.
Getting off the bed Ichigo reaches out and pulls Rukia into a hug. While hugging her Ichigo speaks into her ear and says, “Of course I feel the same way I just didn’t think you liked me like that.”
“Really,” Rukia asked.
“Really,” Ichigo says to her.
Looking up at Ichigo, Rukia smiles then smirks when a sudden thought comes to her. Pulling away from him Rukia sits back and spreads her legs apart and says to him. “Prove it!”
“How can I prove that I love you?” he asks her.
“Suck me off!” Rukia tells him while pointing to her seven inch hard cock.
“What!” Ichigo yells out.
“You heard me suck my cock and prove you love me,” Rukia said.
‘Okay,” Ichigo whispers.
“What was that I couldn’t hear you?” Rukia asks him with a smirk.
“I said okay I’ll do it,” said Ichigo.
“Good! Now get started.”
Moving to his knees Ichigo grabs Rukia’s cock and jerks it off a little. Putting the head of her cock next to his lips Ichigo sticks out his tongue and lick hers cock. Moving his tongue from the head of her cock down to her balls and back up, Ichigo takes the head and slips it into his mouth.
“That’s good Ichigo now go deeper.” Rukia says to him while running her hands through his hair.
Moving his mouth down Ichigo slides Rukia’s cock into his mouth even further and licks the underside while sucking her off. Reaching out with his right hand Ichigo slips his middle finger into her pussy and begins to finger her.
“Oh god Keep going Ichigo!” Rukia moaned out. Grabbing his head she slams her cock down his throat and begins to face fuck him. After a couple seconds Rukia yells out, “I’m coming.”
Spraying her seed into Ichigo’s mouth and down his throat Rukia slowly pulls her cock out of his mouth leaving a trail of salty cum in its wake. Looking down at him Rukia says. “That was great do you want to continue?”
“Yeah! Get on the bed and spread your legs for me will ya.” Ichigo tells her.
“So demanding, but fine I’ll do it.” Rukia said. Getting on the bed Rukia lay’s down on her back and spreads her legs with her semi hard cock sticking up.
Moving over to the bed Ichigo climbed onto the bed and above Rukia, Ichigo prods at her pussy with his nine inch rock hard cock. Sliding his cock into Rukia Ichigo slowly moves in and out of her humping her pussy.
“You’re so tight Rukia,” Ichigo tells her.
“Faster Ichigo go faster,” Rukia moaned out.
Deciding to listen to Rukia Ichigo sped up grabbing her hips he began to thrust faster and faster going as deep as he could. After a couple minutes of thrusting Ichigo’s cock started to throb and twitch signaling his orgasm was near. Right at the same time Rukia’s pussy started to tighten up and clamp down on his cock pushing him over the edge and forcing him to cum inside her. Right when he shot his seed Rukia reached her orgasm as well. Laying down on top off her Ichigo tried to catch his breath, moving his face right in front of Rukia’s he kissed her with tongue.
Pulling away Ichigo looked down on Rukia and asked, “Was that good for you as it was for me?”
“Yeah it was excellent now get off me and bend over the side of the bed so I could have a go at your ass.” Rukia said to Ichigo.
“Alright,” he said. Getting up Ichigo walked over to the edge of the bed and bent over exposing his ass up into the air.
Getting off the bed Rukia walked up behind Ichigo, putting her right hand on his ass she spreads his cheeks apart and using her left hand she slides her cock into his ass. Slowly entering him from behind Rukia begins to thrust in and out of him hitting his prostate causing Ichigo to moan out at the pleasure he was getting.
“Oh god! Go faster Rukia!” Ichigo moaned out.
Speeding up her thrusts Rukia slams into Ichigo as fast as she could. After ten minutes of fucking his ass Rukia’s balls begin to tighten and her cock begins to throb in Ichigo’s ass telling him that she was close to cumming.
“I’m cumming Rukia,” Ichigo moans out to her.
While his cock is shooting his seed all over his bed his ass tightens and constricts around Rukia’s cock causing her to shoot her load into him. After cumming inside Ichigo’s ass Rukia pulled her cock out and collapsed with him onto his bed.
Looking at Ichigo she says to him, “Were going to have to do this again whenever I come over to the living world.”
“Yeah we will now go to sleep,” Ichigo tells her.
“Okay,” said Rukia.
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