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chapter 2. futa/orihime and futa/rangiku.

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futa orihime and futa rangiku have some fun.

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“Hold on I’ll be right there,” Orihime yelled to the person who was knocking on her door, throwing on a bathrobe Orihime ran to the door and opened it.
“Orihime!” Rangiku Matsumoto yelled jumping onto her and giving her a hug.
“Rangiku what are you doing here?” Orihime asked.
“Well I need a place to stay and I thought that I could stay here with you is that all right?” asked Rangiku.
“Um sure I guess it’s no problem,” Orihime told her.
“Thanks!” Rangiku said Pulling away from the hug she notices that some time from when she jumped on Orihime to now Orihime’s bathrobe slipped a little exposing her three inch soft cock. Deciding to see what would happen Rangiku gently grabbed Orihime’s cock and jerked her off a little bit startling her.
“R-Rangiku w-what are you doing?” Orihime asked.
“Let’s have a little fun Orihime,” Rangiku said to her. Closinh the door to the apartment Rangiku maneuvered Orihime to the couch forcing her to sit down. Falling to her knees Rangiku continued to stroke Orihime’s cock, marveling at how hard her cock was Rangiku bent down and slide all five and a half rock hard inches into her mouth.
“R-Rangiku that feels so good keep going please,” Orihime moaned out.
Sucking on Orihime’s cock Rangiku moves aside her own panties only to slip her right hands middle finger into her pussy and begins to finger herself while bobbing up and down on Orihime. Sucking her cock Rangiku uses her tongue to lick the underside of Orihime’s cock. Feeling her cock start to twitch and throb Rangiku speeds up her sucking only to hear Orihime yell out. “I’m cumming!” with Orihime’s cock down her throat when she came Rangiku was so surprised that she half swallowed her cum and chocked up the rest spilling it out the sides of her mouth and down her chin.
Pulling her mouth off of Orihime’s cock Rangiku looked up at her and said, “You shot so much cum that I couldn’t swallow it all.”
“Yeah I know I haven’t had time to empty my balls for a while with saving Rukia and all.” Orihime said.
“Really so who used to help you when you were backed up?” asked Rangiku.
“At first my friend Tatsuki helped me and I would return the favor and then one day she brought over another friend who joined us.” Orihime said.
“Who was this friend that she would bring over?” Rangiku asked.
“It was Ichigo,” Orihime said with a huge blush on her face.
“Really Ichigo knows about your cock and he still had sex with you?” asked Rangiku with surprise.
“Yeah why wouldn’t he?”
“Well I heard that men from the living world didn’t like anything that wasn’t normal.” Rangiku explained.
“Um I don’t know anything about that but Ichigo was fine with it, in fact he loved it when Tatsuki and I would double team him.” Orihime said.
“Nice now let’s get back to our fun time,” Rangiku told Orihime.
Getting on the floor Orihime stood on her knees in front of Rangiku and pulled down her skirt and panties exposing her six inch rock hard cock. Grasping it with her right hand Orihime pulled the forskin back and licked the tip of her cock. Putting her mouth on the head Orihime suckled on it a little before taking the entire length of cock into her mouth. After a couple minutes of bobbing her head up and down on Rangiku’s cock Orihime felt it begin to twitch in her mouth signaling that she was close to cumming.
Moaning out that she was cumming Rangiku grabbed Orihime’s head and forced it down onto her cock as far as it could go. Holding Orihime’s head like that Rangiku humped her mouth and sprayed all if her seed into Orihime’s mouth forcing her to swallow it all. Pulling her cock out of her mouth Rangiku fell back and landed on her backside completely exhausted.
“That was great Orihime,” Rangiku said to her.
“I know now lay down on your back and spread your legs so that I could get a go at your pussy.” Orihime said.
“Alright,” said Rangiku.
Laying down on her back Rangiku spread her legs apart and motioned for Orihime to get to it. Alining her cock with Rangiku’s pussy she grabbed her hips and slamed into Rangiku not caring if she felt any pain or pleasure only caring for her own pleasure at the moment. Pounding into Rangiku Orihime was surprised to hear her moaning out in pleasure. After a while Orihime felt Rangiku’s pussy begin to tighten up around her cock. Telling Rangiku that she was about to cum Orihime was shocked that when she came in Rangiku’s pussy Rangiku came from both her pussy and cock as well drenching both of their stomachs in cum.
Pulling out of Rangiku Orihime fell to the side of her and said, “That was fantastic let’s do this again tomorrow morning.”
“Sure but make sure you wake me up with a blowjob okay?” Rangiku said to Orihime before going to sleep.
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