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chapter 3. futa/Yoruichi and ichigo

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ichigo has some fun with futa yoruichi after training.

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“Getsuga-tensho,” a voice yelled out before a big explosion happened kicking dust up everywhere.
“Alright Ichigo that’s enough why don’t you go relax a little in the hot springs,” a female voice belonging to Yoruichi called out.
“Okay Yoruichi,” Ichigo said before putting down his sword and flash stepping over to the hot springs. Taking off his shinigami robes Ichigo stepped into the warm water completely naked and closed his eyes in order to relax. After a couple of minutes of relaxing Ichigo heard a splashing noise, deciding to find out what made the noise he opened his eyes only to come face to face with a completely naked Yoruichi.
“Gah,” Ichigo yelled out as he covered his face with his hands. “Why are you naked Yoruichi?”
“Don’t you like what you see Ichigo?” Yoruichi asked while standing up in front of him. Putting her hands on her waist she motioned to her body and said, “So how do I look?”
Moving his hands from his face Ichigo took a long look at Yoruichi starting with her face and moved down to her d-cup breasts. Moving further down Ichigo caught his breath in his throat at the sight of a ten inch rock hard cock right between her legs above a set of balls the size of a tennis ball. Looking at Yoruichi Ichigo moved his eyes up to meet with hers and said, “You’re a futanari like Rukia?”
“Really Rukia has a cock as well,” Yoruichi said with a smile. “Have you played with it?”
“Yeah and we used to have a lot of fun together,” Ichigo said as he moved closer to Yoruichi’s cock until it was directly in front of his mouth.
“Good so you won’t mind having some fun with me as well?” Yoruichi asked.
“Sure,” Ichigo said before moving his mouth and face closer to her cock and put the head into his mouth to lick and suck on it. Sliding her cock deeper into his mouth Ichigo began to bob his head back and forth sucking Yoruichi off.
Running her hands through Ichigo’s hair Yoruichi looked down at him and said, “You’re so fucking good at this.”
Bobbing his head back and forth on Yoruichi’s cock Ichigo slipped his right hands middle finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. Sliding two more fingers into her pussy Ichigo started to hum around her cock causing her balls to tighten up signaling that she was close to cumming. Grabbing Ichigo’s head Yoruichi started to fuck his face as hard as she could causing him to choke and slob all over her. Moaning out that she was going to cum Yoruichi slamed her cock into his mouth one last time and shot her seed down his throat forcing him to swallow it all.
Pulling his mouth off of Yoruichi’s cock Ichigo swallowed all of her cum and said, “You didn’t have to be so rough I would have gone faster if that’s what you really wanted.”
“Sorry Ichigo but I just got carried away,” Yoruichi said with a sheepish expression. “So what’s next?”
Looking up and down Yoruichi’s body Ichigo replied, “I want a go at your pussy so go and lay down on those rocks over there and spread your legs.”
Looking over to where Ichigo pointed out Yoruichi said okay and got out of the hot springs. Once at the rocks she turned around and laid down on her back with her legs spread open showing her wet, juicy, and pink pussy lips to the world. Walking toward Yoruichi Ichigo grabbed her hips and guided his cock to the opening of her pussy. Entering Yoruichi slowly Ichigo leaned over her and started to thrust in and out of her. Thrusting into her Ichigo looked down and watched as Yoruichi’s rock hard cock swung back and forth slapping against his stomach as well as hers.
Moaning out loud Yoruichi said, “Oh god Ichigo keep going harder, faster I’m so close.”
Doing as she said Ichigo sped up as fast as he could and thrusted into her as hard as possible. Feeling his balls tighten up Ichigo knew that he was close to cumming so he bent over and kissed Yoruichi on the lips with tongue. Moaning into the kiss Yoruichi came causing the walls of her pussy to tighten and constrict around Ichigo’s cock forcing him to cum inside her.
Pulling his cock out of Yoruichi Ichigo looked at her and asked, “Can you go again or are we done here?”
“I’m good for another round now get on your hands and knees so that I could fuck your ass.” Yoruichi said to him.
“Sure,” Ichigo replied as he did what she told him too. Moving to his hands and knees Ichigo raised his ass in the air in order for Yoruichi to get a good position. Grabbing Ichigo’s ass cheeks Yoruichi spread them apart and slid the head of her cock into his ass. Slowly she moved forward until her entire dick was inside of him and her balls were touching his skin. Moving back and forth Yoruichi slowly fucked Ichigo’s ass, Speeding up her thrusts she thrusted into him and listened as he made sounds of pleasure at being fucked.
“Oh god,” he moaned. “Faster Yoruichi harder.”
Positioning her hands so that they were on his hips Yoruichi sped up her thrusts and began to slam into him over and over. While fucking Ichigo she felt his ass tighten around her cock and then heard him say that he was cumming. Feeling her balls tighten and her cock twitch Yoruichi slamed into him one more time and then released her seed inside of him. Pulling out of Ichigo Yoruichi fell onto her side completely exhausted and drained.
Rolling onto his side Ichigo looked at his fuck buddy and said, “That was awesome we will have to do this again when we get the time.”
“Sure Ichigo whatever you say,” Yoruichi replied with a smile before falling asleep.
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