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chapter 4. futa/rangiku and toshiro hitsugaya.

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rangiku fucks toshiro in order to get away from doing her paperwork.

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It was a bright and sunny day in soul society as captain Toshiro Hitsugaya sat at his desk and worked on his paperwork for the day. Going through the paperwork Toshiro wondered where his second in command Rangiku Matsumoto was. Deciding enough was enough Toshiro went looking for her only to find her laying down on a couch in her office. Angry at the thought of his second in command ditching her work Toshiro walked up to her and yelled, “Rangiku get up and do your paperwork!”
“Huh what’s going on,” Rangiku yelled out in surprise as was so rudely woken up. Looking up Rangiku saw her captain standing over her in anger sitting up she asked him, “Sorry captain what did you want?”
“I said do your paperwork Rangiku,” Toshiro said to her while slowly calming down.
“Okay captain I’ll go and do it now,” Rangiku said as she got up, looking at her captain Rangiku suddenly had a very wicked idea. Jumping on her captain Rangiku forced him onto his back on the floor while she straddled his stomach.
“What are you doing Rangiku?” Toshiro asked only to be cut off with a kiss from his second in command.
Pulling back from the kiss Rangiku told him to be quiet and to just go with it. Taking off his shirt and pants Rangiku kissed his neck down to his nipples. Kissing and licking Toshiro’s nipples Rangiku got off of him and kneeled down next to his crouch. Moving her hand she grabbed his five inch hard cock and licked the head. Engulfing the head of his cock into her mouth Rangiku suckled on it before moving her head to take his entire cock into her mouth. Slowly Rangiku began to bob her head up and down Toshiro’s cock causing him to moan out at the pleasure she was giving him.
“Oh god Rangiku keep going,” Toshiro moaned out at the actions of his second in command.
Bobbing her head up and down on his cock even faster Rangiku took her right hands middle finger and slid it into Toshiro’s ass slowly moving it in and out of him. Fingering her captain’s ass Rangiku moved her finger around inside of him until she hit his prostate then she sent spirit energy into her finger in order to increase her captain’s pleasure. Bobbing her head up and down Toshiro’s cock Rangiku felt his cock begin to twitch and throb signaling that he was close to cumming. Deciding to push him over the edge Rangiku stuffed his entire cock into her mouth and started to hum around his cock causing him to cum.
“Oh god I’m cumming!” Toshiro yelled out as he released his seed into Rangiku’s mouth and down her throat.
Swallowing all of her captain’s seed Rangiku pulled her mouth off of his cock looked him in the face and asked, “How was that captain?”
“Fantastic Rangiku,” Toshiro told her. “So what’s next?”
“Now,” Rangiku said as she lied down on her back and pulled her panties and skirt off showing her six inch rock hard cock to her captain. “You do me.”
“Alright,” Toshiro said as he crawled over to her and laid down in between her legs. Taking his left hand he used it to move Rangiku’s cock and balls out of the way exposing her bright pink juicy, and wet pussy lips. Bringing his face closer to her privates Toshiro stuck out his tongue and licked from the bottom of her pussy and to the top. Using his right hand to spread her pussy lips a part Toshiro licked the inside and shoved his tongue inside her as far as he could. Sliding two fingers into her Toshiro grabbed Rangiku’s clit with his mouth and sucked on it making her moan out in pleasure.
“Oh my god,” Rangiku moaned out. “Keep going pay some attention to my cock as well.”
Listening to what Rangiku told him to do Toshiro took his mouth off of her clit and used his left hand to move her cock into position of his mouth. Engulfing Rangiku’s cock into his mouth Toshiro began to bob his head up and down her cock while fingering her pussy. After a couple of minutes of fingering her pussy and sucking on her cock Rangiku felt her balls begin to tighten and her cock begin to twitch signaling that she was going to cum soon. Moaning out Rangiku said to Toshiro, “I’m going to cum captain make sure you swallow it all.”
Gulping down Rangiku’s cum Toshiro tried to swallow it all but some of her cum spilled out of his mouth and down his chin. Licking his lips Toshiro licked Rangiku’s cock clean, pulled her cock out of his mouth and sat down on his ass.
“That was great captain,” Rangiku said to Toshiro. “Now why don’t you lay back and let me get a go at your ass.”
“Okay,” Toshiro replied as he laid down on his back and spread his legs open for Rangiku.
Kneeling down before Toshiro Rangiku maneuvered her cock to the entrance of his ass and slowly penetrated him. Moving her hips forward slowly Rangiku stopped only when her balls were touching Toshiro’s ass and her cock was all the way inside of him. Leaning over Toshiro with her cock in his ass Rangiku leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Pulling back she started to thrust in and out of him causing Toshiro to moan out in pleasure whenever she hit his prostate.
“Faster Rangiku fuck me harder,” Toshiro moaned out to his second in command.
“Fuck captain you’re so tight!” groaned out Rangiku as she sped up her thrusting and slamed into Toshiro as hard as she could. Feeling Toshiro’s ass tighten up around her cock Rangiku looked down and saw that Toshiro’s cock was pumping out a stream of cum. The sight of that alone was enough to push Rangiku over the edge and force her to cum.
“Oh god captain I’m cumming,” Rangiku yelled out as she came deep into Toshiro’s ass. Pulling out of her captain Rangiku laid down next to Toshiro and said, “Thanks captain I really needed that.”
“You’re welcome Rangiku,” said Toshiro. “Now go do your paperwork.”
“Dam it I thought you would forget about that!”
“Nope now go get to it,” Toshiro said to her.
“Alright I’m going,” Rangiku said as she left the room to finish her work.
“Great now I need a shower,” Toshiro said to himself. “Well I better get to it.”
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