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chapter 2. futa/joyce futa/dawn and xander.

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xander has a three some with joyce and dawn.

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Waking up Xander found himself in a bedroom that he didn’t recognize. Shoving the blankets off of himself Xander got up and tried to remember how he got here. The last thing he remembered was having sex with Buffy and then falling asleep in her arms. Blushing at that memory Xander thought to himself I must be at Buffy’s house. Looking down he notices that he was naked, looking around he tries to find out if Buffy left him anything that he could wear.
“Hmp Xander nice body,” Joyce summers commented standing in a now open door.
“W-What! What’s going on?” Xander asked while covering his cock with his hands.
“Well I was passing by the door when I heard a noise in this room. Knowing that you were here asleep I thought you might have woken up.” Joyce said with a smile at the sight of a naked Xander.
“Where are my clothes?” Xander asked.
“There in the washer right now they should be done in an hour or two,” Joyce said to Xander while walking over to him causing him to back up into a wall.
“Really thanks miss summers now could you leave please?” Xander asked now pinned up against the wall by Buffy’s very hot mother.
Pinning Xander up against the wall Joyce grabbed his cock which was growing hard and asked, “Sorry Xander but I can’t leave now so is this nice hard thing between your legs for me?”
“Sorry miss summers but your very beautiful and its instinctual now why don’t you leave and we could forget that this ever happened.” Xander told her.
“Now why would I want to do that I haven’t been with a man in a long time and from what Buffy says is that you’re very good in bed. She would know seeing as she got all her talents from me.” Joyce said to Xander as she unzips her pants and pulled her pants and panties down showing off her rock hard eight and a half inch cock to Xander for him to see.
Looking down at Joyce’s cock Xander feels his mouth water, his ass twitch, and his cock grow hard. He looks up at her and asks, “You’re a futa as well?”
“Yep now why don’t you get on your knees and help me release my heavy load like I said earlier it’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man.” Joyce said as she pushes him to his knees and rubs her cock up against his cheeks and mouth.
Feeling Joyce’s cock rubbing up against his face and mouth Xander opens his mouth and engulfs her cock. Moving his head up and down her cock Xander licks the underside as he sucks Joyce off. Grabbing Xander’s head Joyce thrusts her cock into his mouth and down his throat face fucking him. Chocking on her cock Xander starts to see black appear at the edge of his vision. Thinking that he was about to pass out only to hear Joyce yell out that she was going to cum. Feeling her balls tighten up Joyce sped up her thrusting and came in Xander’s mouth and down his throat causing him to swallow all of her cum.
Pulling her cock out of his mouth Joyce looked down at Xander and said, “That was great now get on the bed and spread your legs so that I could suck you off now.”
Moving to lay down on the bed Xander spread his legs to allow Joyce better access to his cock. Grabbing Xander’s cock Joyce jerked him off a bit before licking him from the tip of his cock to the base. Licking his right ball Joyce popped it into her mouth and sucked on it. Spitting his ball out Joyce repeated what she did to the left ball as well. Moving back up to his cock she slid him into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. While sucking him off Joyce took her middle finger from her right hand and slipped it into Xander’s ass. Fingering Xander Joyce hit his prostate causing his cock to twitch and Xander to moan out in pleasure. Bobbing her head up and down Xanders cock as well as fingering his ass Joyce hears him yell out that he was going to cum.
Swallowing all of Xander’s cum Joyce pulled her mouth off of his cock as well as her finger out of his ass and looked at him to ask, “How was that Xander?”
“That was fucking awesome,” Xander said.
“No swearing now bend over and let me have a go at your ass.” Joyce said to him.
Doing as he was told Xander walked over to the side of the bed and bent over exposing his ass up into the air for Joyce. Going behind Xnader Joyce spread his ass cheeks apart and was about to penetrate him only to freeze in shock at the sight of her youngest daughter Dawn summers watching her and Xander form the door. Deciding to let Dawn In on what was happening Joyce motioned for Dawn to come in and get Xander to pleasure her with his mouth.
Walking around to where Xander’s face was Dawn pulled down her pants and panties exposing her ive inch hard cock and said to him, “Suck me off.”
“W-What but Dawn your only thrit…. Oomph!” exclaimed Xander in surprise at the feel of both Joyce and Dawn shoving their cocks into his ass and mouth.
“Just shut up and suck me off Xander,” Dawn told him while thrusting back and forth into his mouth.
Surprised at Dawn’s actions Joyce grabbed Xander’s hips and pulled back only to slam into him again and again. Feeling the walls of Xander’s ass tighten around her cock Joyce looks down to see Xander’s half hard cock shooting cum like a hose. Feeling her balls tighten Joyce sped up her thrusting wanting nothing more than to cum as soon as she could. Looking over at Dawn Joyce watched as she fucked Xander’s mouth wildly with her head thrown back in pleasure. Screaming out in pleasure Dawn cums inside Xander’s mouth and down his throat at the same time as Joyce cums into his ass causing Xander to spray his seed all over the bed. Pulling their cocks out of him Joyce and Dawn fell back on the bed exhausted.
Falling beside them Xander looks to them both and asks, “What’s next?”
“Well for one I think I’m done,” Joyce told him.
“As for me well I want you to take my virginity,” Dawn said to Xander.
“What! But Dawn your only thirteen it would be wrong for me to do that.” Xander said.
“Its fine Xander as long as I give you permission then you two could do whatever you want.” Joyce said.
“Yes now come and fuck me,” Dawn said to Xander while laying down on her back with her legs spread open and her pink juicy wet pussy lips showing.
“Alright Dawn I’ll do it,” Xander said from in between her legs.
Prodding his dick at her entrance Xander rubbed it all over her pussy lips and slowly slid his cock into her. Marveling at how tight Dawn’s pussy is Xander thrusted in her untill he was balls deep. Pulling back just as slow as he entered Xander sped up his thrusting making Dawn moan out in whimpers of pain and pleasure. Bending down Xander captured Dawn’s mouth with his and began to lightly French kiss her. While thrusting inside Dawn Xander reached out with a hand and started to jerk her cock off. After a couple of minutes of jerking her off and thrusting inside her Dawn came from both her pussy and cock. Seed shot out of her cock drenching her stomach and chest with her own cum. Cumming from her pussy caused it to tighten up around Xander’s cock which caused him to cum inside her pussy.
Pulling out of Dawn Xander noticed that she had passed out after her orgasm. Falling next to her Xander looked over to where Joyce was and said, “That was really good and tiring so I think I will go to sleep now.”
“That’s fine Xander take all the time you need,” Joyce said to him.
“Goodnight Xander,” Joyce said only to notice that he had already went to sleep. Thinking to herself as she left the room to go finish her morning work, “Well this was a good morning I can’t wait to do this again.”
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