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chapter 3. female harmony futa/cordelia and xander.

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xander has a three some with a futa cordelia and a female harmony in the shower at school.

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It was a nice and sunny afternoon as Xander walked from gym class to the men’s locker room. All through the day Xander’s mind has been occupied completely by thought’s about what happened between him and Buffy and then Joyce Buffy’s mother as well as her sister Dawn. The thought of having sex with those three beautiful women was enough to get his blood pumping and his cock hard once more. Remembering that he was still at school Xander decided to take a freezing cold shower.
Unknown to him was that when he went into the locker room to shower was that there were two people who were watching him waiting for a chance to catch him when he was alone. Moving swiftly the two people ran to the door of the men’s shower room and looked around making sure there was no one around.
“So what’s the plan Cordelia?” asked Harmony Cordelia’s best friend and minion.
“Well when he goes into the shower we will go in after him and surprise him naked.” Cordelia said.
“Okay but are you sure about this?” Harmony asked for the tenth time.
“Yes I’m sure,” Cordelia said In exasperation, “I talked to Buffy she already had him so did her mother and little sister. Xander won’t say no to us just relax and take it easy.”
“Alright,” Harmony said as she calmed down.
“Listen,” said Cordelia.
“What! What is it?” asked Harmony.
“Xander is in the shower now is the time to make our move,” Cordelia told Harmony before entering the men;s shower room. “Well are you coming?”
“I’m coming,” Harmony replied.
Walking into the men’s shower room Harmony and Cordelia stopped five shower stalls down from Xander’s. looking around Cordelia motioned to Harmony to get undressed. Pulling off her shirt, pants bra, and panties Cordelia looked over to Harmony and saw that she too had gotten undressed. Motioning to the shower stall that Xander was in Cordelia and Harmony walked over and threw open the curtains surprising Xander.
Startled by the shower curtains being thrown open Xander jumped and turned around to cuse out whoever it was that scared him, only to his shock and surprise he was greeted by the sight off a naked Harmony and Cordelia. Looking at Harmony Xander took in the sight of her c-cup breasts and completely shaven pussy, at the sight of Harmony naked Xander’s cock became half hard. Moving his head to the left Xander took in the sight of Cordelia Chase his enemy/friend and became as hard as a rock at the sight of her d-cup breasts and rock hard six inch cock. Feeling his mouth water a little at the sight of the girls Xander looked at them and asked, “What are you girls doing in the men’s shower room?”
“Well I heard from Buffy that she had a good time with you,” Cordelia said. “And I thought you might like to have some more fun with me and Harmony.”
Blinking in shock at what Cordelia just said Xander looked at her and said, “Okay.”
“Lay down on your back Harmony,” Cordelia told her friend. “Good now Xander lay down on top of her with your dick at her mouth and ass in the air.”
“Alright,” Xander said as he turned off the shower and laid down on top of Harmony. Looking up to Cordelia he asked, “Now what?”
“Now Harmony will suck you off and you’ll lick her pussy while I have a go at your ass.” Cordelia told him.
Doing as she said Xander started to lick Harmony’s pussy while Harmony sucked him off. Noticing that Xander and Harmony were engrossed in what they were doing Cordelia walked up behind Xander and lined up her cock with his ass. Entering Xander’s ass slowly Cordelia could only groan at how tight he was. Slowly but surely Cordelia started to thrust into him hitting his prostate causing Xander to moan out while he was licking Harmony’s pussy.
Moaning out at what Cordelia and Harmony were doing to him Xander licked around the lips of Harmony’s pussy. Sticking his fingers into Harmony while he licked her Xander could feel her approaching orgasm by how hard the walls of her pussy was squeezing around his four fingers. Speeding up her orgasm Xander sucked on her clit and bit down making Harmony cum and yell out in ecstasy. Pulling his mouth away from Harmony’s pussy Xander decided to just lie there and feel the pleasure he was receiving from both Cordelia and Harmony.
Coming down from her orgasm Harmony slid Xander’s cock back into her mouth and continued to suck him off. Looking up at Cordelia Harmony saw the look of absolute pleasure on her face as she fucked Xander up the ass. Feeling Xander’s cock begin to twitch Harmony sucked on him even harder causing him to moan out and cum down her throat. Swallowing all of his cum Harmony heard Cordelia moan out that she was cumming.
Pulling out of Xander’s ass after she came Cordelia sat on the floor and said to Xander and Harmony. “That was great guys so who’s next?”
“We should do Harmony,” Xander said to Cordelia. “You get her mouth while I get her pussy.”
“Good idea,” Cordelia said before turning to Harmony and asking. “That okay with you?”
“Sure that’s fine,” Harmony told them both.
“Great then get on your hands and knees!” ordered Cordelia.
Doing as Cordelia ordered Harmony got onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air. Cordelia moving over to Harmony’s face slid her cock into her mouth and slowly moved her hips back and forth face fucking Harmony. Speeding up her thrusts Cordelia looked up and saw that Xander was thrusting into Harmony’s pussy with reckless abandon. Feeling her balls tighten up Cordelia slowed down and pulled her cock out of Harmony’s mouth. Jerking herself off Cordelia moaned out and released her seed all over Harmony’s face. Falling back onto her ass Cordelia just sat there and watched as Xander plowed into Harmony. Listening to Harmony moan out in pleasure Cordelia heard and saw her scream out in ecstasy as she had an orgasm.
Feeling Harmony’s pussy tighten up around his cock Xander tried to hold off on cumming only to lose and sprayed his seed inside of Harmony. Pulling out of her Xander sat down and said to both Harmony and Cordelia, “that was fantastic girls.”
“Oh yeah it was,” Harmony and Cordelia said at the same time.
“Well we should get dressed and go,” Cordelia said.
“Yeah we should,” replied Harmony as she stood up next to Cordelia.
“I’ll see you both latter I’m going to finish my shower and then go home to rest,” Xander told them both.
“Alright bye Xander,” Cordelia said as she and Harmony left the men’s locker room.
“Fuck that was fun I wonder who will be next?” Xander thought to himself out loud as a shiver went down his spine at the thought of being with some of the beautiful women that he knew.
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