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naruto the harem king.

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naruto grows up and gets a harem.

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It was a very chilly night for Naruto as he walked by the forest of death. As he was passing by a tree he heard a slight whimpering noise. Now being the curious person he is Naruto decided to check out what made the noise. When he looked around the tree he was met with the sight of a ninja caring a bag over his back that seemed to be moving. Every few seconds the man would hit the bag and tell it to shut up. Now Naruto was a smart person some would say smarter than a regular seven year old so when he saw what the ninja was doing he knew something was wrong and decided to go get one of the Anbu who always watched over him. So running as fast as he could he run over to where the cat Anbu and dog Anbu were and told them what he seen. The dog Anbu went to check out what Naruto saw while cat asked him some questions.
“Now Naruto what can you tell me about this man that you saw?” cat asked.
“Well he had on all black and a head band with a cloud symbol on it. He also had on a mask so I couldn’t see what he looked like.” Naruto said to cat.
“Hey cat get over here I could use some help,” dog said.
“I’ll be right there, now Naruto stay here while I go help my partner.” Cat said to him.
Now Naruto being Naruto decided not to listen and find out what was happening between the cloud ninja and Anbu. When he got to the spot where the ninja and Anbu were fighting he arrived just in time to see the cloud ninja drop the bag he was caring and start to run in his direction. Panicing Naruto didn’t have time to get out of the way when the cloud ninja bumped into him and made him hit his head on the ground.
A little while later Naruto woke up in what looked like a sewer with pipes running around the roof. One pipe had what looked like blue water running through it and the other had red water running through it. Being curious Naruto decided to follow the pipe with red water in it. After a couple of minutes of walking he came across a room with a cage in it at the end of the place. The closer he got to the cage the more he heard what sounded like breathing coming from it. When he was as close to the cage as possible a face appeared and yelled, “Boo.”
It scarred him so much that he jumped back and fell on his ass when he looked up he saw a woman laughing at him. She looked to be in her early twenties and was completely naked. She had beautiful red hair that ran down her back and touched her but as well as the most beautiful green eyes he has ever saw. There was also three whisker marks on each side of her face exactly like the ones on his face. She had a pair of d-cup breasts and a bubble but. What stood out the most though was right above her vagina was the biggest cock he had ever seen. Not that he has seen many before in fact the only ones he ever saw was a young man at the bath house and his own. But hers was about nine inches long and two inches wide while soft, her balls were also pretty big.
While he was checking her out she was checking him out as well. She liked what she saw but she also liked the way he was looking at her body. Finally after what felt like an hour but was only two minutes the woman cleared her throat and asked, “Like what you see Naruto?”
“Huh, um, yeah, I mean no, I mean whatever. Where are we? What’s going on, what am I doing in this sewer, and why are you naked in a cage?” Naruto asked as quickly as he could.
“I will tell you what’s going on but you probally won’t like it. So here it goes what do you remember before being knocked out?” the red headed woman asked.
“I was watching the Anbu fight that cloud ninja when he ran into me and then I was waking up in this sewer.” Naruto said.
“In order for you to understand who I am and where we are I will have to tell you a story so just sit there and listen to what I say because this is important. This story started years ago when a man with eyes known as the sharingan forced the kyuubi no kitsune to attack the leaf village. Now while the kyuubi attacked the fourth hokage tried to reason with the fox because he knew that the fox wasn’t a demon but a protector of the land of fire. When this didn’t work he started to look for a way to defeat the fox unfortunately the fox was too powerful to be killed. So the fourth hokage decided to seal the nine tailed fox into a new born baby. After he sealed the fox the fourth hokage died from his injuries but before he died he ordered the villagers to treat the baby as a hero. However some decided that the baby was the demon reborn while others saw him as the hero he was. Now the baby the fox was sealed into was you Naruto and I am the nine tailed fox (as she said this nine tails appeared behind her and two fox ears on her head) and we are in your mind.” The woman now revealed as the nine tailed fox said to him.
“What but that’s not possible,” Naruto said in shock.
“Think Naruto what do most of the villagers do when they see you. some call you names while others ignore you and some try to defend you as well as make friends with you.” the nine tails said. “Are you alright now Naruto?”
“Yeah I’m fine this is just very big I’m going to need a minute to think things through. So how do I leave here and wake up?” Naruto asked.
“Well just will yourself to wake and to get back here just go to sleep thinking about this cage.” The fox woman said. “Oh and don’t tell anyone that you know about me if the hokage knew that you found out about me he might erase memory and knowledge about me from your mind.”
“Okay I’ll be back tonight when I go to sleep see you later Kyuubi.”
“See you Naruto, Oh and my name is Kiara please use it as kyuubi is just a tittle.” Once Naruto was gone Kiara said to herself, “That boy is going to be very handsome when he’s older. If I’m going to be with him I need to start planning on how to get him to love me. I have four years to get him to fall in love for me oh just thinking about it has my cock hard.”
(Lemon Starts Here)
Playing with her breasts Kiara’s left hand cups her right boob and plays with her nipple, while her right hand plays with her vagina fingering herself and massaging her clit. After a while she takes her left hand off of her breast and uses it to massage her clit and finger her pussy while she uses her right hand to jerk off her twelve inch hard cock. Slowly working her hand up and down her shaft she jacks off while thinking about fucking Naruto up the ass. After ten minutes of this Kiara screams out in pleasure as she cums from her pussy and cock. When she finished cumming she licked the cum off of her fingers and sucked them clean.
(Lemon Ends Here)
“Wow that was amazing I can’t wait until Naruto is ready for me to plow his ass. ”Kiara thought out loud. “When he comes back tomorrow I’m going to have to teach him how to remake his mindscape so that I could have a bed to lay on.
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