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chapter 2.

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naruto grows up and gets a harem.

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“Ah what happened?” Naruto asked himself.
“Naruto your awake take it easy you hit your head pretty hard you’ll need to move slowly,” said the third hokage.
“Old man is that you, what’s going on, where am i?” Naruto asked.
“Yeah it’s me you’re in the hospital Naruto. When that ninja from cloud tried to run away he bumped into you causing you to fall to the ground and hit your head.” The hokage said.
“Oh that’s right what happened to that ninja and the bag he had on his back?” Naruto asked.
“The cloud ninja is in one of our jail cells being questioned about why he tried to kidnap a clan heir from our village right when we signed a peace treaty with his village.” The hokage said to him.
“Huh old man why did he try to kidnap someone from our village?” Naruto asked.
“The person he tried to kidnap is a clan heir from the Hyuuga clan. Her name is Hinata Hyuuga and the cloud ninja was after her because of the Hyuuga’s bloodline limit called the Byakugan. It’s an eye technique that allows a person to see three hundred and sixty degrees around as well as letting them see chakra and see through walls. If that man had succeeded in taking Hinata away he could have discovered a weakness in the Byakugan or he could have tried to remake the Hyuuga clan in his village which would have been bad for us.” The third hokage explained.
“That doesn’t sound good,” Naruto said.
“It’s not anyway thanks to you we were able to stop and catch the guy and bring him to justice. Now I have to go I have a meeting but before I do a couple of people will be stopping by to talk to you about what happened. Don’t be shy and make sure you tell them everything that you saw.” The old man said.
“Okay gramps I’ll see you later,” Naruto said.
“Good I will talk to you later as well,” said the hokage as he was leaving the hospital room where Naruto was at.
Watching the hokage leave Naruto sees a blonde haired man walk into his room and ask’s, “Ah Naruto my name is Inochi Yamanaka and I’m here to find out what happened. So could you tell me everything that you saw tonight?”
“Well I was walking by the forest of death when I saw a man carrying a bag that was moving around. Whenever the bag moved the ninja would hit it and yell at it to shut up. When I saw that I remembered those guys who always protect me and I decided to find one and tell them what I saw. When I did they said I should stay back and wait but I was so curious to know what was going on so I followed them only to get knocked out.” Naruto explained to Inochi.
“Thank you Naruto that was all I needed to know. Now what you did was very brave but you should have listened to the Anbu or you wouldn’t have got hurt. Now I have to be going but the doctor should be on his way to check up on you so see you later.” Inochi said before leaving.
A couple of minutes later a brown haired man walked into Naruto’s room and said, “Hi there Naruto I’m your doctor I’ve been assigned to see if you have any problems from getting knocked out if not your free to go.”
“Nope I don’t have any problems doc,” said Naruto.
“Okay well I guess that you are free to go,” the doctor told him.
“Thanks doc I’ll see you later.”
“Right good bye Naruto.”
(Twenty Minutes Later Inside Naruto’s House)
“Alright time to talk to Kiara this is going to be so weird. Huh how did she say I could get in contact with her oh yes I lay down on my bed and go to sleep while thinking about her and the cage.” Naruto thought to himself.
(Naruto’s Mind)
“Humm This place is filthy I wonder if there is a way to clean this place up I’ll ask Kiara when I see her.” Looking around Naruto walks down the hall and enters the room where Kiara’s cage is. Walking up to the cage Naruto looks into it and asks, “Kiara you in there it’s me Naruto?”
Moving his face next to the bars Naruto goes to enter the cage when a face appears in front of him and roars at him.
“AHHHH!” Naruto yelled out.
“Hahahahahaha that was so funny you should have seen your face when I did that you looked like you were about to die of a heart attack.” Kiara the kyuubi laughed at him.
“That’s so not funny Kiara I could have shit and pissed myself.”
“Hahaha that would have been awesome if you did shit yourself I would have died laughing.” Kiara said.
“Okay enough Kiara I came by because you said that you needed to talk to me about something what is it?” Naruto asked.
“Well as you know I’m sealed inside you for the rest of your life and I kind of don’t want my reputation ruined so I was thinking that I should train you in order to make sure you are strong enough to survive in this world.” Kiara said to him.
“Well that’s nice but before we get started with that I have two things that I would like to ask you. first why aren’t you wearing any clothes and second how do I change this place to something nice so that me and you don’t have to sit here on this crappy floor?” Naruto asked.
“The first is pretty easy I don’t like to wear anything because they don’t feel right on me. And second all you have to do to change this place is think really hard on what you want and then will it to happen.” Kiara said.” Now for your training we will start it tomorrow and you don’t have to worry about any injures you have me inside you to take care of all that so you will heal faster than normal people. Now for your training for the next three years until your ten you will only be doing chakra control exercises and physical training. The reason for why you will only be doing those is because you have too much chakra and you won’t be able to control it later in life if you don’t start now. Here is your training time table and what you will be doing until your ten.”
4:00 wake up.
4:15 eat breakfast.
4:30 go outside and run for a while.
5:00 do pushups.
5:15 do sit ups.
5:30 do squat thrusts.
5:45 do pull ups.
6:00 practice fighting style.
6:50take a shower and get dressed for school.
7:00 go to school.
3:00 come home and do homework if have any.
4:00 chakra control.
5:00 eat dinner.
5:30 sit down and relax with a book about war and stratigy tactics.
6:30 more chakra control exercises.
8:00 go to bed, than start over the next day.
“What that’s a lot of stuff to do are you sure I can do all this?” asked Naruto.
“Yes I’m sure if you can do everything for one year without complaining I will tell you who your mother and father are.” Kiara said.
“You know who they are did they abandon me?” Naruto ask.
“Yes I know who they are and no they didn’t leave you, they loved you more than life itself. Your mother died during child birth but your father he died fighting me I’m sorry to say.” Kiara told him with a sad expression.
“It’s not your fault you were under someone’s control at the time.”
“Thanks for understanding kit now go to sleep and we will talk in the morning.” Kiara said.
(Morning Time)
“Huh its morning already wow time sure does fly when you’re tired now time to eat and go to school.” Naruto thought to himself.
“Naruto can you hear me,” a voice called out.
“What Kiara is that you how can I hear you?”
“Yes Naruto it’s me now talk in your head you don’t want people to think you’re crazy by talking out loud to no one do you?” Kiara asks.
“Oh how’s this?” asked Naruto.
“That’s fine as to how you can hear me is because I made a connection between us last night I thought it would be easier to talk like this. Now if you don’t want to talk to me all the time all you have to do is think of the connection ending and I won’t be able to talk to you until you will the connection back.” Kiara said.
“Okay I’ll talk to you later.”
(Class Room)
“Good morning everyone I will be your teacher for the next couple years. My name is Iruka Umino but you can call me Iruka sensei now is everybody here?” the teacher asked.
“Yes Iruka sensei,” the class replied.
“Okay now what can I do for you Naruto was it?” Iruka asked Naruto who was standing in front of his desk.
“My doctor told me to give this note to you,” said Naruto.
“Ah thank you well it looks like you won’t be able to do anything physical for a week. Now take a seat and I will get started on the first lesson.” Iruka said. “Now class the first lesson will be about the history of the leaf village.”
“Crap this class is going to be boring I can already tell.” Naruto thought to himself.
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