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chapter 3.

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naruto gets a harem.

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(Time Skip)
Naruto Uzumaki was now twelve years old and was now sitting in a classroom about to take his genin exams.
Right now though as class was taking a break Naruto was with the kyuubi known as Kiara inside his mindscape which resembled a bedroom with Kiara sitting on a chair and Naruto kneeling down in between her legs.
“Mmm yeah Naruto just like that.” Kiara moaned as Naruto’s hand moved up and down her shaft while his other hand played with her balls.
Naruto had found out about Kiara’s condition a couple of years ago when the shinobi academy decided to teach its students about sex.
At first Kiara thought Naruto would be freaked out or disgusted by it but he had told her that since she had been his friend for years and since he had seen her naked everyday he was pretty much used to it.
Of course getting him to touch it was another story. He had let her take his hand and place it on her dick and start to stroke it. Seeing the pleasure that Naruto could give her with just a hand job, he slowly got used to it. They had yet to go further than Naruto giving her hand jobs since he was still too young but Naruto had promised that when he made genin they would take things further.
“Oh yes Naruto I can’t wait until you become a genin,” Kiara moaned. “Here I cum.”
Preparing himself for the massive load that, as he discovered both Kiara and himself were prone to produce, he quickly redirected her cock to his face and started to pump faster. Thirty seconds later Kiara’s cock started to twitch violently in Naruto’s hand. Closing his eyes in preparation for what was to come, Naruto’s face was suddenly hit with a huge load of cum. A full minute later when Kiara had finally stopped cumming she giggled at Naruto when she saw a big drop of cum fall from his cheek.
“Luckily we are in his mind,” she thought to herself.
Licking his lips Naruto gathered some of her cum in his mouth and swallowed it.
“No matter how many times I swallow her cum she still tastes great.” Naruto thought to himself with a smirk.
Looking down at his body he gathered some more cum with his fingers and lifted it to his mouth. Before he could put it in his mouth Kiara quickly grabbed his hand and put his fingers in her mouth slowly licking her own cum from them.
“You know Naruto,” she said after she was done. “You’re going to love my cum even more when it’s inside your ass.”
Naruto didn’t even get a chance to respond when something hit him square in the face.
“Naruto the final exam is about to begin. Pay attention!” The academy teacher known as Iruka yelled.
“Sure sensei,” Naruto nodded.
“Good now then when I call your name you are to come up here and perform the three standard jutsu, the henge, the kawarimi, and the clone jutsu.” Iruka explained to the class.
Mizuki a silver haired man standing next to Iruka was holding up a clipboard.
“Alright kids first up is Naruto Uzumaki,” the man said.
“Alright Naruto, now please perform the henge no jutsu for us?” Iruka asked while Naruto walked up to his desk.
“Henge no jutsu,” Naruto exclaimed after going through the necessary hand seals. Both teachers were impressed when Naruto appeared as a perfect copy of the fourth hokage. Iruka made a mental note to talk to the third hokage about the fact that both Naruto and the fourth looked so alike.
“Good work Naruto,” Mizuki said.
“Now please perform the kawari-“ he stopped when he realized he swapped places with Naruto.
Blinking the man smiled.
“Good work NARUTO! He screamed the last part when he suddenly found himself back in his original position.
Seeing the angry look on Mizuki’s face Naruto chuckled nervously. “Sorry sensei I couldn’t resist.”
“That’s fine Naruto just warn me next time.” Mizuki scolded.
“Sure thing,” Naruto said with a smile.
“Now please perform the bushin no jutsu?” asked Iruka.
“Bushin no jutsu,” Naruto exclaimed as six clones appeared around him.
“Good work Naruto you pass,” Iruka said as he threw Naruto a headband.
“Alright next up is Sasuke Uchiha,” Iruka told the class.
Standing up with a smirk, the Uchiha arrogantly strode to the front of the class, Ignoring the whispers that broke out.
“Look at him Sas-gay thinks he’s so great.”
“I hope he doesn’t pass, could you imagine if he does pass? It’s always Uchiha this and Uchiha that.”
“Ok Sasuke you know what to do.” Mizuki said as he silently agreed with the class.
With a smirk Sasuke performed all three jutsu with relative ease.
“Good work,” Iruka said handing over a headband.
“Tch great, now he probably thinks he’s the king of the world or something.” A bot said to the student next to him.
(A little while later)
“To those who passed I say congratulations, to those who didn’t I say better luck next time.” Iruka told the class with a smile.
“Now as you all know those who passed will be placed on a team of three genin and a jounin-sensei. The teams are as followed;
“Team on will be….”
“Team 7 will be Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Inuzuka Kiba. Your jounin-sensei will be Kakashi Hatake.”
“Team 8 will be Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuga Hinata, and Yamanaka Ino. Your sensei will be Kurenai Yuuhi and Anko Mitarashi.”
“Team 9 is still in circulation so team 10 is Akamichi Chouji, Nara Shikamaru, and Aburame Shino. Your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma.”
“Good luck everyone,” Iruka said as he dismissed them.
“Alright it’s time to celebrate,” Naruto shouted pumping a fist into the air.
“With a bang,” Kiara the kyuubi said as she licked her lips in anticipation.
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