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chapter 3.

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sexy one shot's.

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It was night time and an hour after the DA meeting and Harry was waiting for Hermione to finish up with what ever it was she was doing in the come and go room. After waiting twenty minutes Harry had enough and decided to see what was taking her so long. When he entered the room he found what looked like a girls shower room with bathroom stalls and open shower areas. Looking into the shower area Harry spotted something that took his breath away, ther taking a shower was Hermione who was rinsing the soap off her body. After standing there for a couple of seconds staring at her in shock, Harry noticed his trouser pants seemed to get tighter.
Deciding to take his cloths off and join Hermione in the shower he got undressed, once fully unclothed he walked up behind Hermione completely naked and cleared his throat catching her attention.
“W-What! Harry what are you doing here,” Hermione yells. While trying and failing to cover up her body.
“well, I have been waiting for you outside when I decided to come in here and get you. But imagen my surprise when I discover you showering, so I thought why don’t I join you.” He says while coming up to Hermione and bending down to kiss her on the lips. Moaing into the kiss Hermione throws her arms around him and hugs him while kissing him.
Pulling away Harry says to her, “why don’t we turn this place into a bedroom and have some fun.”
“Okay,” Hermione whispers to him.
Quickly concertraiting Harry turns the room into a bed room and moves Hermione onto the bed forcing her on her back and spreading her legs for him. Harry worked his way down from her neck to her pussy with his mouth, once at her pussy he started to lick, kiss, and suck on her lips. Each kiss, lick, and suck brought fire to her body.
‘Harry” Hermione breathed out.
Harry licked the inside of Hermione which caused her to buck her hips more and more. Hermione felt her thighs get grabbed as Harry worked his tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. Hermione screamed as Harry’s tongue did things to her that she thought were impossible, The dark haired wizard delved his tongue deep between her pussy lips, licking and suckling at them. His tongue delved even deeper than ever before and these actions caused the her to cum onto Harry’s face.
"Harry, I need you in me," Hermione moaned out.
"So good, I'm going to fuck your brains out," Harry told her.
Hermione felt herself get extremely excited about that possibility. Her walls clenched at the thought of him being inside her, ravishing her, fucking her brains out like he promised. Her walls moistened and both sets of lips hungered for his meet.
Hermione was hoisted up and plunged with his cock pushing between her walls. The woman closed her eyes, biting down on her lip as he stretched her out.
"Yes," Hermione moaned as she felt her nipples stiffen and Harry captured one into his mouth.
Harry's mouth latched on her nipple, suckling her like a nursing babe as her hips worked around his probing penis. The bushy haired women was going to ride him into the ground. Her walls tightened around him and Harry grabbed her around the ass.
His dick speared into her body and Hermione moaned hungrily as she felt her walls stretch out.
Hermione kept riding him up and down, she was riding him hard as Harry played with her breasts. Harry explored every nook and cranny of Hermione’s body as he fucked her. She bounced higher and higher on his cock moaning out as her orgasm approached.
“Harder, Harder,” she screamed out in orgasm.
“Oh god I’m cumming.” Harry moaned.
For a while they just laid there basking in there orgasm and held on to each other, After a couple of seconds just lying there they got up and looked at each other.
“We should do this again sometime,” Hermione told Harry.
“Agreed,” Harry said before leaving the come and go room.
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