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chapter 4.

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sexy one shot's.

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Harry Potter was walking to his dorm room after his meeting with Dumbledore where he was told of the prophecy that was responsible for the deaths of his family and the reason for why he was forced to live with his aunt and uncle. Angry that Dumbledore believed a prophecy from that fraud Harry had stormed out of the head masters office convinced that Dumbledore had lost his mind. Even if the prophecy was real why hasn’t he trained me so that I could beat the dork lord. It’s almost as if he wants me to die, stopping at that thought Harry decided to think about it all latter.
“Hey Harry wait up I need to talk to you,” a female voice called out from behind him.
Turning around Harry saw Cho Chang running down the hall towards him looking at her He asked, “What can I do for you Cho?”
“I wanted to catch up to you and say how sorry I was about Mariette selling the group out to Umbitch.” Cho explained.
“Its fine Cho it wasn’t your fault that she betrayed us.” Harry said.
“I know that but still I feel as if it was all my fault.” Cho said. “ So I heard what happened at the ministry of magic, I wanted to say I’m sorry that you lost your godfather and that if you need someone to talk too I’ll be here for you.”
“Thanks I’m just going to go to my dorm room to lay down because I’m tired and sore from battle.” Harry told Cho.
“I see come with me Harry I have something that will make you feel better.” Cho said as she grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him inside an empty class room and forced him to sit down on a chair.
“Just sit there and close your eyes Harry I’ll be right back in a moment.” Cho said.
Listening to what Cho said Harry just sat there on the chair and kept his eyes closed waiting for whatever it was Cho was going to do, Harry was about to open his eyes only for him to hear Cho walking back to him. Deciding to ask Cho what was going on harry stopped when he felt a blast of cold air run across his legs, penis and balls. Shocked at this Harry opened his eyes only to see Cho Chang a girl who he has been fantasizing about for two years swallow his cock into her mouth and proceed to give him a blowjob.
“W-What are you doing?” Harry asked.
Pulling her mouth off of Harry’s cock Cho looked up into his eyes and says, “relax Harry and let me please you.”
Without waiting for him to respond Cho slide Harry’s now nine inch rock hard cock into her mouth and deep throats him causing Harry to moan out in pleasure. Bobbing her head up and down she sucked Harry’s cock like it was a lollipop. Licking the underside Cho swirled her tongue around the tip as she sucked on his cock. After a couple of minutes Cho felt Harry’s cock start to twitch and throb signaling he was near his orgasm. Moaning out Harry told Cho that he was about to cum causing her to speed up her sucking and shoved Harry’s cock down her throat. Cumming in Cho’s mouth Harry watched as she swallowed all of his cum.
Pulling off of Harry’s cock and licking the cum off her lips Cho looked up and asked Harry,” how was it?”
“It was great Cho but why did you just suck me off?” Harry asked.
“Well I used to do it for Cedric when he was feeling depressed and I have always wanted to do it to you.” Cho said.
“Cool let me return the favor,” Harry said. “Now get undressed.”
“Okay Harry,” Cho said as she pulled off her shirt and pants. Taking off her bra Harry got a look at her c-cup breasts and her pink nipples which were hard as a rock. Watching as Cho pulled her panties down Harry got a good look at her clean shaven juicy pink pussy lips. Walking up to Cho Harry kissed her on the lips with tongue, moving down he sucked on her neck before he moved to her breasts where he sucked on her nipples and bit on them softly with his teeth.
Pulling away from Cho’s breasts Harry looked at her and said, “Lay down on your back and spread your legs for me.”
Following what Harry told her Cho laid down on the floor and spread her legs open for him. Looking at her pussy Harry slipped a finger into her while he licked and kissed the lips of her pussy. Pulling out his finger Harry moved his face towards her pussy spreading her pussy lips open with his fingers Harry licked Cho from the top to the bottom of her pussy. After licking Cho for a bit Harry used his fingers to expose her clit. Once exposed he attached his mouth onto her clit and sucked on it for a couple minutes causing her to cry out in pleasure and cum all over his face. Moving away from her pussy Harry positioned his cock at her entrance and entered her.
Moaning out Cho told Harry, ”No Harry don’t I’m too sensitive.”
“Sorry Cho but I want a go at your pussy,” Harry said.
Moving his hips back and forth Harry humped Cho’s pussy causing her to scream out in ecstasy. Grabbing onto Cho’s legs Harry slammed into her and looked down at her to say, “Good god Cho you’re so tight!”
“I know Harry I’ve only had sex twice before.” Cho moaned out in between Harry’s thrusts.
Pounding into Cho Harry felt her walls constrict and tighten around his cock as she came. Moaning out Harry pulled his cock out of Cho’s pussy and stood above her when he came shooting his seed all over Cho’s breasts, stomach, and face with his cum. Looking down at Cho Harry said, “You’re a mess go get cleaned up then go to bed and maybe we will do this again sometime.”
“Okay Harry I’ll see you later,” Cho said as she left the class room.
“Yeah, Yeah, see you later,” Harry told her. Once she left Harry said to himself, “That was a very good fuck I might have to do her again.”
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