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chapter 5.

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sexy one shot's.

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Harry was bored being stuck in his room for the past two days and was about to fall asleep when he heard something move downstairs. Knowing that his aunt and uncle were away with his cousin at a car show he decided to go see who was in the house. Grabbing his wand Harry went downstairs only to find three people in the living room.
“Hello Harry,” Mad eye Moody said as he came over to great Harry followed by a pink haired woman who he never met before.
“Uhh… hello Made eye, Remus, and lady I never met before.” Harry said.
“Hello,” Remus and the pink haired woman said at the same time.
“Are you packed to leave for the summer?” Mad eye asked. The surprise look on Harry’s face was all he needed to know. “Well you better hurry we don’t have much time, Tonk’s go with him and help him pack.”
The young witch with pink hair now named Tonks followed Harry into his room. Even though he had no idea what was going on Harry could see that Tonks was a very beautiful woman. Whispering a spell that would make the room sound proof, Harry asked Tonks. “So do you know a spell to help me pack quickly?”
“Yes I do just learned it in fact. I don’t think they know that yet.” Tonks said as she did the spell and watched as all of Harry’s things flew into his trunk. “There all packed.”
“Yeah it is thank you,” Harry said right next to Tonks. He was so close that Tonks could feel his hot breath down her neck. “Hey Tonks why don’t you take off your clothes and we could have some fun before we go.”
“Sure,” Tonks said as she took off her pants and jacket leaving her in the nude as she was surprisingly wasn’t wearing any panties.
“How nice you must have been expecting something like this to happen.” Harry said.
“No I just don’t like wearing any under clothes.” Tonks told him.
“Very nice,” Harry said after taking off his clothes exposing his rock hard nine inch cock. “Why don’t you get on your knees and worship my cock.”
Getting to her knees Tonks grabbed Harry’s cock with her right hand and began to jerk him off while she licked and sucked on the head of his dick. Moving her hand away Tonks engulfed Harry’s cock into her mouth licking the underside and slobbering all over his cock. Once his penis was wet enough Tonks pulled her mouth off of him and used her shape shifting ability to make her breasts an f-cup size and started to give him a tit job.
Looking up at Harry while giving moving her breasts up and down his cock Tonks asked him,” Does this feel good Harry?”
“Oh yeah Tonks this is amazing,” Harry said.
“Good,” Tonks told Harry before she moved her mouth to the head of his cock and sucked on it while jerking him off with her breasts. After a while of jerking him off Tonks felt Harry’s cock start to twitch and throb telling her that he was close to cumming. Speeding up her movements Tonks heard Harry moan out that he was cumming only to feel his seed shoot out of his cock and hit the back of her throat causing her to cough up his cum and spill it onto the floor between them.
“Tonks why did you do that for, If you didn’t want to swallow my cum all you had to do is say so. I would have cum somewhere else.” Harry said.
‘Sorry Harry the force of your cum just surprised me is all.” Tonks told him with an embarrassed smile.
“That’s all right I guess,” Harry said. “Now get on the bed and spread your legs so that I could return the favor.”
“Okay Harry.”
Once on the bed Tonks spread her legs for Harry showing off her shaved pink pussy lips. Looking at her pussy Harry laid down on the bed and licked around the lips of Tonks’s pussy. Sliding his tongue inside her Harry ate Tonks out enjoying the sounds she was making. After a while of eating Tonks out Harry stopped and asked Tonks to make her clit bigger and longer. Nodding at Harry Tonks did as he asked and made her clit exactly three inches long extending from her pussy. Seeing this Harry nodded in satisfaction and engulfed her clit into his mouth and suckled on it. After a couple of minutes of this Tonks yelled out that she was cumming only for Harry to stick two fingers up into her pussy and finger her making her cum even faster and harder.
Licking Tonks’s cum off of his face Harry looked at her and asked, “Did you enjoy that?”
“Yeah I did but I don’t think we will be able to continue anymore I’m to sensitive now.” Tonks told Harry while breathing heavily.
“That’s fine I’ll just have to use your ass until you’re ready,” said Harry.
“What! I’ve never done anal before,” Tonks said to Harry in worry.
“Relax I’ll go slow now bend over and show me your ass.” Harry demanded.
Doing as Harry demanded Tonks bent over the side of the bed and raised her ass into the air. Moving up behind her Harry used his wand to clean Tonks’s ass as well as lubricate her for easy access. Spreading her ass cheeks apart Harry slide a finger into her and began to finger fuck her in order to get Tonks used to having her ass penetrated. Sliding a second and then a third finger into her ass once she got used to the first and second Harry continued finger fucking Tonks for a while before pulling his fingers out of her ass.
Getting Tonks’s attention Harry asked her, “Are you ready?”
“Yeah I’m ready just do it already,” said Tonks.
Entering her ass Harry groaned out at how tight she was, moaning out Harry slowly begins to thrust in and out of her. Picking up speed Harry hears Tonks start to moan as he thrusts inside her ass. Knowing that Tonks was getting pleasure from this as well Harry started pounding into her with reckless abandon. After a few minutes of pounding into Tonks’s ass Harry felt his balls begin to tighten signaling that he was near his orgasm. Yelling out to Tonks that he was about to cum Harry sped up his thrusting and with one final thrust he emptied his balls in her ass as deep as he could.
Pulling out of Tonks Harry collapsed on the bed next to her and said, “I don’t think I have the energy to keep going anymore.”
“That’s fine Harry we have to go anyway, Mad eye and Remus are waiting for us.” Tonks said.
“Alright let’s go.”
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