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Milly's Revenge

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A Firesider is fed up

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A church in Ireland held Milly Montgomery the youngest Fireside girl and she was determined to get even with a boy who got her ejected from The Fireside Cubs.
Milly(Thick irish accent chuckling) Time to teach this boy about haggis and other Irish things tha girl's like me are forced to embrace.
Milly cackled triumphantly growing into a priests wardrobe an evil smirk on her face.
Milly: When he comes to give confession he'll pay for his sins by becoming my little sister ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Screaming boy faces were imprinted on Milly's stomach which bulged to an enormous length the rest of her body joining it making the priest wardrobe bigger.
Milly(Patting her stomach) All my bullies that fell victim to haggis always room for more he.he,he,he,heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
The sky in Ireland turned a bright red with Milly's face taking place of the sun her eyes scanning the planes landing in Ireland for her bully.
Milly(Sneering) Found himmmmmmmmmmm time for some turbulence.
The boy's plane wing got hit by lightning and it caught fire descending quickly to the runway with no brakes.
Milly(Booming voice) Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is your pilot speaking and were begining our descent into Ireland.
Milly cackled seeing all the passengers even the boys family died leaving just her and the boy the only surrvivors.
Boy(Shivering) My-my-my-my-my family what did you do to my family?
Milly(Sneering) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing just crashed their plane, killed them, and got even with their son.
Boy(Trying to run off) I'm not going to let you take me.
Milly(Giggiling) Let-me-you-don't-have-to-let-me-that-tar-will-make-your-running-kind-of-slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he-he-he-he-heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
The boy gulped feeling ooey gooey tar suround his feet and ankles it quickly making it's way up his legs.
Milly(Wiggling her fingers) It's attack of the Ooey Gooey Tar Monster haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That is until I snatch you and bring you to my hideout.
Boy(Struggling) I-will-never-let-you-have-me-I-know-the-prophecy-well.
Milly(Walking up to the boy) Not too well or you never would've fallen asleep idiot.
The boy found stirring Wolf Cubs and Milly's eyes were evil slits having the perfect diversion for them.
Milly(Tisking the Wolf Cubs) All these babies with no mama how worried she must be about all of you.
Boy(Gulping) Wait what mama?
Milly(Pointing to the back of the plane) That mama they have a papa too.
Isabella and Billy were seen in the sunlight all the wolf cubs gulping at their leaders who didn't look happy.
Billy(Handing Milly wolf pajamas) Milly Montgomery I reenstate you as a wolf cub.
Milly(Walking up to the boy) Perfect now I have a vendetta to end.
Boy(Struggling) What-are-you-going-to-do-to-me?
Milly(Sneering) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have plans for you big. big, huge, ginormus plans.
Isabella(Giggling and throwing another costume to Milly) Infant sized small I'm thinking Mills. Any bigger you just let Billy and me now.
Milly yanked the boy out of the tar chuckling as she led him out of the plane her church coming into view.
Boy(Struggling) Come-on-Wolf-Cubs-don't-let-a-girl-tell-you-what-to-do-you-need-to-fight-the-urge-to-obey.
Milly(Laughing) Fight-the-urge-to-obey-they-can't-do-that-Isabella-has-a-nifty-necklace-that-she-used-to-make-us-obey-that-I'm-sure-Billy-and-the-others-are-hypnotized-by.
The boy was John Ward and Milly smirked knowing soon he would be his worst nightmare a younger sister to his worst enemy which is Milly.
Milly(Opening the church doors) In you get John and boy are you gonna love my plans for little old you.
Isabella cackled as a necklace glowed pink and all the wolves including Billy were under her spell.
Milly(Pointing) See they're all under her control now just like soon enough you'll be under your big sisters control.
John(Confused) Big sister what big sister?
Milly(Twirling around John and reading from a journal) Dear journal
Today I met my worst nightmare and also my worst enemy in a Fireside outfit. She calls herself Milly and she's Irish. Today she mentioned making me her little sister so I locked her in a church in Ireland hoping she stays there.
John: But you didn't stay I swear you're the most disobedient dog ever. I mean you should have just stayed put.
Milly(Smirking) Writing about your fears is not a good idea because now your worst nightmare and worst enemy are in the same place.
John got pushed into the church and Milly laughed evilly locking the doors in case any wolf cub stragglers came to rescue John.
Milly(Leading John to a confessional booth) Time to confess your sins and feed you lunch.
John liked the sound of lunch having no idea what haggis was or that Milly was going to force feed it to him.
Milly(Closing the other side of the confessional) Confess your sins my son or sister.
John: Uhhhhhhhh yea I think not.
Milly(Slinking closer to him) Fine a straight to the action sort of guy I like that.
John(Trying to push her away) I'm not becoming your younger sister either.
Milly(Sneering) Wanna make a bet?
John nodded as he jumped up in his own bed Milly's cold cackle echoing across his room.
John(Rubbing his eyes) I'm never sleeping again.
John's little sister(Opening his bedroom door) MaMa says dinner's ready.
John(Stretching) All right I'm coming down right now Alice.
Alice(Yelling downstairs) He said he's coming MaMa.
John trudged downstairs following Alice to the kitchen where sleeping pills were mixed with his food thanks to his mom.
John(Poking his food) I'm sleepy not really hungry a lot more sleepy.
John's mom: Something wrong with the cuisine?
John: I tell you mom when you have an irish girl haunting you and looking to turn you into her sister tell me what it does to your appetite.
John's mom: Maybe you just need to eat.
John pushed his plate back not seeing the shadow behind him belonging to Milly which meant he was sleeping again.
Milly(Sneering in a butler's suit) Please madamme allow me. Bon appetite asshole.
Milly pushed John into a high chair cackling as a gray lump of meat met his once hamburger on his plate.
Milly(Sneering) Tisk tisk looks like someone forgot to eat their haggis. No worries looks like I'll just have to feed it to you.
John was tight lipped hearing his food literally call out for his help.
Milly(Scooping up haggis) You knowwwwwwwww there is another option.
John's eyes were intrigued as Milly snickered loving the second option.
Milly(Taking off her shoes) You could become me my shoes begining your transformation.
John not wanting to be a pre teen girl opened wide with Milly giggling.
Milly(Feeding John) I knew you couldn't resist being my little sister. I mean being a pre teen girl could be fun but being a three year old is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.
John: Why not just make me a newborn and I can grow into a Montgomery lady on my own and join the Fireside Clubs like you did?
Milly(Sneering) That's a brilliant idea sis.
Milly force fed John more haggis and one of John's friends fell into the dream just as his haggis was finished.
Milly(Sticking her tongue out at the boy) You're tooooooooooooooooooooooo late John just finished his appetizer before the main course and let's just say him and I are on the same page.
Boy: I'll defeat you, save him, then put him into hiding until I know it's safe and he's not a Montgomery.
Milly(Chuckling and taking off her shoes) Hit me with your best shot Idiot.
John feeling weaker than when the dream started wasn't about to warn David Morgan about what happens when Milly's shoes come off.
David(Raising his fists) Well do you wanna get hit or what?
Milly grinned walking up to David blocking his fists and muscles bulged from her arm's.
Milly(Forcing David to the floor) Now to show you my secret weapon.
John shrank into a newborn baby a woman looking exactly like Milly grabbed him snuggling him.
Woman: Play nice Mills I'm going to put Star down for a nap.
Milly(Taking off her clothes) Will do mom as a matter of fact we were just saying our goodbyes.
David(Struggling) We were what?
Mrs. Montgomery: Just keep it down Star needs her nap after lunch.
Milly(Saluting her mom) You're the boss MaMa.
Mrs. Montgomery walked off as David made to scream until Milly gagged him with three sash's tied together.
Milly(Beaming) I knew learning to triple knot was the best thing for me.
David's eyes were fearful as Milly went into her closet and pulled out a Fireside Cub costume.
Milly: You should consider yourself lucky most boys don't even get past initiation into The Fireside Cubs these days.
David screamed again but Milly chuckled knowing all his screams would be muffled thanks to the sash's.
Milly: You know you could never have saved him even if you were here on time. See if it came between him leaving that attention hog of a sister of his or joining me as my little sister he'll always pick the obvious choice.
David struggled against Milly's muscles as she giggled deeply putting her arm over his throat him finding it hard to breathe.
Milly(Beaming) One flick from my little finger could injure you permanently you little weakling.
Milly cackled taking her socks and underwear off the smile never leaving her face.
Milly: Don't worry though soon enough you'll have these muscles and a vigorous training regimen.
Milly unzipped and unbuttoned David's shorts and took them off chuckling as his shirts were also removed.
Milly(Tisking David) My, my, my being outbeaten by a girl how sad that must be for you.
David flipped Milly off as she giggled knowing soon that finger would never be used by him ever again.
Milly(Taking David's underwear off) Great now to show you how special my undies are.
David saw Milly's pink ruffly underwear slip over both his legs and up to his waist.
Milly(Beaming) John forgot to mention I'm looking to trade up body wise seeing Holly just isn't going to make the cut.
Holly the Fireside girl moaned as her uniform became a Wolf Cub uniform.
Holly(Yawning) Don't- worry- it's- just- like- taking- an- extra- long- nap- at- least- it- was- for- me.
Milly(Ushering Holly out) Things will be different with you weakling. I just need to collect a soul in your body and you'll be me forever.
David struggled seeing the Wolf Cub costume dance in front of his eyes next Milly chuckling at him.
Milly(Sitting on him) My butts the boniest, skinniest, most painful butt of all time.
Holly walked back into Milly's room glad Milly was trading bodies with someone else making Holly Milly free.
Holly(Holding David down) Looks like you could use a hand or in my case paw friend.
Milly and Holly giggled as the Wolf Cub costume was forced over David shrinking him to pre teen Milly's weight and height.
Milly(Stretching her arms) Girly clothes as far back as the eye can see and it's all mine/ yours now.
Holly(Going through Milly's closet) Luckyyyyyyyyyyy I wish I had half the clothes Milly has.
Milly(Grinning) You did you just wore them as me not yourself.
Holly(Sneering) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yea but now he's your body right?
Milly(Forcing her socks and shoes on David) Not quite but these will finish him off.
Holly(Skipping off) I think I'll give the deed to the Fireside Girls which I own to Ginger. Her fink will make it impossible for boys to stay awake and away from her nightmare realm.
Milly(Cackling) Sounds good to me and John who won't be a follower but a leader meaning no Wolf Cubs for him.
Holly cackled evilly rubbing her paws together knowing Ginger would never resist becoming a leader of any organization.
Milly(Spinning around naked) Soooooooooooooooo who's ready to be an Irish preteen?
Milly(Sneering) Oh i'm going to now to find a soul to seal the body and soul swapping deal.
David gulped knowing where she could find a soul and suddenly her eyes lit up with evil.
Milly: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM your soul will do nicely it's traveling time.
Milly twirled a necklace around three times and her body disappeared inside of David as he grinned thinking he won.
David(Smirking) That was too easy now to get back to my own life and leave these- owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Milly's POV: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, and another haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa looks like your bodies perfect.
David fell to the floor his body molding freckles growing all over his body Milly's cold cackle erupting from his mouth.
Milly's POV: Now to find that stubborn soul and then it's sayanora sucker ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa.
David felt his boyish urges fading as inside his body Milly sneered spreading her arms and bugs wiggled in his body attacking his soul until it became a second Milly.
David(Weak) What-have-you-done-to-me-you-stupid-irish-bitch?
Milly's POV: I improved by becoming SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRR MILYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Awesome sauce huh?
David's hair became curly and light brown with a yellow bow on the side, blue eyes, an irish accent, and a chubby body Milly laughing inside of him.
Milly(Kissing a mirror) And that's our game thanks for playing and to the losers I say awesome sauce with a side of amazing juice.
Milly cackled coldly plopping down on her bed her closet fit to burst with clothes and shoes.
Mrs. Montgomery: Star's napping so who wants to help her mama bake cookies?
Milly(Jumping up) You don't have to ask me twice I'm eating raw cookie dough if it kills me.
Mrs. Montgomery(Rubbing her daughters head) Let's jump to it then.
Milly(Hopping) Hop, hop, hop, hop to it mama.
What else does Milly have in store read part 2 to find out
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