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Discoveries and Questions

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The girls get their first taste at their new lives.

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“My name is Castiel, and I’m an angel of the lord.” He introduced.

If he really was an angel, he didn't seem all that angelic. He had short, dark brown hair, and he had piercing blue eyes. He was shorter than Sam and Dean, but still taller than us. He had a very stoic expression on his face, and anyone could mistake him for just another everyday businessman. Yet there was something about his posture that made me know he wasn't just another guy.

“Cas, what's going on?” Sam asked.

“It's Crowley. Ever since he became the king, he's starting to get power lust stronger than I’ve ever seen. He's becoming too full of himself, and I think you should probably summon him. I think he may be in Poughkeepsie right now.” He explained.

“What, now?” Dean asked, seeming a little concerned.

“There's somewhere we can go. Follow me.” He told them. Sam nodded at us to follow them, so we did. We went a bit slower so we had a bit of a chance to be on our own.

“Okay, do you think this Crowley guy is good or bad?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? Anyone who's driven by power has got to be the bad guy.” Hozzie said. I shrugged.

“Well, what do you think about Sam and Dean?” I asked.

“I don't know. They seem nice, but what if there's more than meets the eye? Plus, that angel man was kinda creepy.” She answered. I nodded my head.

“Maybe. I still think that they're better than we think.” I said. We carried on talking about this new situation until we ended up in the disabled toilets.

“Why are we here, Cas?” Dean demanded.

“To summon this Crowley guy. Don't you listen?” I joked before fiddling with the taps. I was getting slightly bored.

“No we're not. Trust me.” Sam said. “Poughkeepsie is our safe word.”

“Oh.” I said simply.

“Penina, stop fiddling.” Hozzie said. I groaned.

“I can't help it.” I complained.

“Look, there are demons out there. It's the biggest army I’ve ever seen. England doesn't exactly have its fair share of hunters. So we need to get you back to America as soon as possible.” He said.

“And how do you plan to do that?” Dean asked. Castiel then got us to stand next to each other as close as possible. He then managed to touch all of our foreheads at the same time, and in the blink of an eye, we were in an airport car park. I took a look at Cas out of utter shock and surprise that anything could do that. But he looked dangerously injured. His skin looked pale, he had a nosebleed, and he could barely stand up.

“Dammit, Cas. You didn't need to do that.” Dean said, pulling Castiel's arm over his shoulder to help him walk.

“Girls, I know this isn't exactly your doing, but if you could help him as much as you can in the car, that'd be awesome.” Sam said. I nodded my head and picked up my bags.

We ended up going into a really old fashioned car, but it was nice. It was very spacious, on the inside, and a shiny black on the outside. We threw our bags in the boot, and helped Castiel sit in between Hozzie and I. He was clearly in a lot of pain. I got a tissue out of my handbag and held it to the angels nose.

“It's alright, Cas. When we get to the Bunker, we'll get you fixed up.” Sam said.

“What's the bunker?” Hozzie asked as she checked Cas's temperature.

“It's where we live. You'll see.” Dean said. He started the car, and the engine roared. Usually I hated loud noises like that, but this wasn't too bad. It seems there's been a lot of exceptions around these boys. After a journey that seemed to last hours, we stopped in front of this weird looking door.

It looked like a place where people would come to fix problems in tunnels or something. There was a door inside a circular brick wall which was inside a circular concrete wall. We had to get Castiel inside before getting our luggage. We got him to lay down on a bed so that he could rest up before Hozzie and I went back outside. I didn't really get a chance to take a look at this Bunker, but it actually seemed pretty awesome so far. It's like that place you'd imagine if you had a secret door in your bookshelf. I opened the boot, and Hozzie and I took out our bags. We turned around to go back in, but Dean was there blocking the door.

“There's something else in here too, you know?” He asked. I shrugged.

“Is it a snack?” I questioned. Dean chuckled but shook his head.

“No, but how about we get some pie later?” Dean offered.

“Yum. Please.” Hozzie replied.

“I'd rather get cake instead. I hate pie.” I said.

“You better watch your mouth, kid.” Dean said in a semi-serious tone. “But, there's something really important in this baby.” Dean said. He opened up the boot again, but opened up another compartment. There were all sorts of weapons in there. Guns, knives, and a ton of symbols on there too. “So, Hozzie, what's your favourite kind of pie?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Well, steak pie, but if it's a sweet option apple's my favourite.” She said. She wasn't unfazed by the boot at all though, she was just sort of at a loss for words, so she said her answer very absent-mindedly.

“I hate guns.” I said blankly.

“Well sis, there's not much else you can kill evil with.” Dean said. I just sighed, closed the boot door, and made my way inside. Guns make my stomach crawl. They don't scare me themselves, but anyone who thinks that they're not a bad idea scare me. Of course I knew that they needed guns. I mean, in this line of work who wouldn't? It's just that the idea of them creep me out. Once we got inside, we dumped our bags and made our way to Castiel. He seemed to be improving quite quickly which was good. Sam was reading up on some sort of book. It didn't look like a very light read.

“How are you feeling, Castiel?” I asked him. The two brothers looked at me in shock. I don't think in the hours that they've known me they've ever seen me be sincere. But the truth is I’m actually quite a nice person when I want to be. I’m not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination. I just use sarcasm a lot.

“Much better, Penina. Thank you.” He said.

“Well how come you're nice to him?” Dean questioned. I shrugged my shoulders.

“Because he's in pain. I actually do have a shred of humanity in me, believe it or not.” I told him.

“How about I show you guys to your room?” Sam said. We nodded our heads, and followed him.

We went into a massive room with two beds. It appeared to be a twin room, which perfectly suited us. There was a picture of Hozzie and I as kids already on our shared bedside table. It made me smile, because we looked happy in that picture. We must've been barely 1 year old, dad was holding us in each arm, and a teenage Sam and Dean were standing either side of us. We were all on top of the car, and it looked like we were having a fun time. It's weird though. If we met Sam and Dean when we were babies, how come we haven't seen them since?

“When was that?” I asked, pointing to the picture.

“It was around a few months before your first birthday. We had no clue that this was you guys at all. That day dad said that he would take us to meet our sister and her friend for the most part, we had no clue which one of you was which. All babies look the same to us. I don't know why dad had to lie to us though, but I don't suppose it matters now I guess. I mean, we've got you both now. Anyway, you guys must be exhausted. How about you have a bit of a rest, alright? I'll go check on Dean and Cas. Welcome to the Bunker guys.” He said before leaving the room. I sighed and flopped onto the bed on the left. Hozzie did the same to the one on the right.

“Welcome to the Bunker. More like welcome to hell. Not like there must be that much difference. There's already an injured angel.” I joked.

“Look, they already told us we don't have to be hunters if we don't want to. Let's just enjoy the company, and the fact that they're gonna give us pie whenever we want.” Hozzie said. I giggled.

“Hozzie, I hate pie. But I know that they're trying their best. I just don't get it though. We would've been fine where we were, wouldn't we?” I asked.

“Probably not. I mean, if we're finding out that all these things exist in such a short amount of time, something big must be coming.” She explained.

“Well, should we be hunters? I mean, I know that we don't have to be, and god it's probably the worst idea we could ever have thought of, but it could be kind of exciting. I’d get bored doing nothing all day, and who knows? Maybe if we eventually get rid of evil for good, we can do whatever we want. I mean, we could be heroes. It'd be so much fun to help people.” I told her.

“I don't know. We should think about it overnight. Honestly I’m just glad we didn't have to fly today. Imagine if we did and I started screaming when we were boarding the plane.” She said. I giggled.

“Then maybe you and Dean would've clung to each other saying that we were all gonna die.” I said. She started laughing too.

“We would've rather swam there than fly.” She said. “But imagine what you would've done if for some reason we had to get there by riding on a spider.” She said. I shuddered at the thought.

“I'd burst into tears probably.” I answered.

“Exactly. Planes can be terrifying.” Hozzie told me. I nodded my head.

“You know what else can be terrifying?” I asked. She shook her head.

“What?” She asked. She had no idea about the prank I was about to play on her.

“That guy behind you.” I said, pointing to the wall. She slowly turned around.

“BOO!” I yelled once she faced the wall entirely. She almost jumped out of her skin. I knew it was cruel, but it made both of us laugh. She playfully punched me.

“That's not funny!” She said, although she was still giggling.

“I thought it was pretty hilarious.” Dean said in the doorway, making us both scream. “Relax. I'm just telling you that we're gonna go out for dinner, and that training starts at 9:00 sharp tomorrow morning.” He continued.

“Wait, what training?” I asked.

“For becoming hunters.” Dean said.

“What if we don't want to be?” Hozzie asked.

“Then I’m a monkey's uncle. Come on. Get ready. We're going out to an all American diner. We're thinking Cas might need a burger fix.” He said. We stood up, still shaking from the shock of him scaring us, and made our way downstairs.

“I've never even been to America before, and now I'm going to a diner. How cool?” I said to nobody in particular.

“You guys have never been to America before?” He asked. I shook my head.

“We've always wanted to go.” Hozzie said. “There's just so much more excitement in America than England.” She elaborated.

“Plus America has air conditioning in its buildings, and I think that's pretty special. I hate the heat.” I said. After a bit of a chat and a short drive to the diner, we went inside, and Castiel instantly ordered a burger. The rest of us just took a look at the menu. After a nice dinner, and Castiel ending up healing whatever caused his injuries, we decided to take a drive at night.

“So, what's the creepiest monster you think you've ever hunted?” Hozzie asked, getting more comfortable around these people.

“Definitely the shape-shifter. It's so weird to see yourself do things you wouldn't even think of doing in a billion years. Like becoming mass murderers for example.” Dean told us.

“What about the Wendigo? That was almost as tall as me.” Sam joked. “What's the scariest thing you guys have ever heard of?” He asked us.

“The changeling. They sound scary as hell.” Hozzie said. She likes reading up on this sort of thing a lot.

“What about you, Penina?” Dean asked.

“Humans that are capable of doing inhumane things. Namely Tony Abbot. I feel really bad for Australia to be honest.” I answered. They all giggled, apart from Castiel.

“Metatron is the lowest of the low.” He told us all.

“Who's Metatron?” Hozzie and I asked.

“He's kicked all the angels out of heaven. He's one of our biggest challenges right now. If only Dean hadn't thrown his amulet away.” He said.

“What amulet?” I asked.

“It has a black leather string, and a charm attached to it. It's got a golden Aztec sort of face on it. It would've been able to trace god if we still had it.” Castiel described. That rang a bell. If I packed all my necklaces, I might have it in one of my bags. But I think I should probably hide it from all of them for now. Besides, Hozzie and I have a big day tomorrow, and we don't need this kind of drama to tire us even more. I guess we just need to get to sleep and brace ourselves for tomorrow morning.

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