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Trials and Tribulations

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The girls start their training.

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“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.” Dean yelled as he entered our room.

I managed to go to sleep quite early last night considering all the evil we now know that's in the world. Hozzie's scared of the dark, and the fact that these things exist didn't exactly help her have a peaceful nights sleep. So I let her hold my hand during the night. It was quite common for her to do that back in England anyway, and to be honest, I like how we sort of share a bond over it. However, I still hate being woken up, and when it's because of something loud, I have no time for reasoning. So as soon as that loud noise went through my ears, I rolled off my bed in shock. Hozzie was still holding my hand, so I accidentally pulled her down with me, and she landed on top of me.

“Shit!” I exclaimed sleepily.

“Penina, what the hell?” Hozzie asked in a bit of an amused tone. She got up and sat back down on her bed, but she was still awake. I barely felt human, so I just stayed on the floor and closed my eyes. The floor was far more comfortable than it would've been at any other time of the day.

“5 more minutes.” I mumbled. Of course I didn't really mean that. Whenever I say 5 more minutes, what I really mean is 5 more hours.

“Sorry sis, you gotta get up now. Evil doesn't wait.” Dean said. I just stuck my middle finger out at him before letting it flop back down on the cold wooden floor. It felt quite refreshing.

“I don't care.” I retorted.

“Fine, we'll do this the hard way. Sammy!” He called. I could hear his footsteps and he came into the room.

“What's going on?” He asked in confusion. I assumed he was looking at my body all strangely shaped on the floor.

“She wants 5 more minutes.” Dean explained.

“Oh, okay. So you mean she wants to sleep for the whole morning?” Sam asked.

“Sue me.” I mumbled, but I don't think they heard what I said.

“Penina, we're gonna give you 5 more seconds to get up, and if you don't, there's a tub of ice all ready for you.” Sam said. I instantly jolted up and sat up on my bed. I hate being woken up more than I hate being tired, so today wasn't going to be good.

“Great. That wasn't too bad. Now, after breakfast we're gonna be training you individually for different things. Think of it like summer camp or something. You guys have to be down in around half an hour.” Dean said, then they both left the room. Once we were positive enough that they were out of earshot, we looked at each other.

“Who the hell do they think they are? I need my sleep.” I said.

“I know, but they're new to this too. Let's just give them a chance, okay? If we really don't like training, we'll just tell them that we don't want to do it anymore, okay?” She told me. I nodded my head and got up. We went to different bathrooms, got ready, and went downstairs at the same time.

“I really hope they didn't make bacon. I can't eat it.” I said to her.

“Just tell them if they do. They might understand.” She said. I flicked my damp hair behind me.

“They better, or else I'll kick them right in the bony behind.” I said, making her laugh. She was still chuckling when we got in the dining room. Sam was reading some old book and Dean was slaving over the frying pan.

“What's so funny?” Sam asked.

“Nothing. What are you reading?” Hozzie asked, even though she was still smiling.

“A lore book about Rugaru's. It's all part of the research we have to do for hunts.” Sam explained.

“Crap. Do we have to read?” I asked. “I'm not much of a reader, I just find books really hard to get into. It really has to grab me you know?”

“Yeah, you do. Sorry to have to break it to you.” Sam said. Dean came to the table serving us our food. As I thought, there was bacon staring at me from the plate.

“Um, can I have cereal instead?” I asked.

“What? Do you think I'm a bad cook or something?” Dean jokingly asked. I shook my head.

“I have no clue how good or bad your culinary skills are. But I can't eat pork. Or shellfish. I don't know, it's a bit of a strict diet.” I told him.

“Why not?” Sam asked. I shrugged.

“Our mum was Jewish. She gave us the choice about whether or not we wanted to practise the religion or not. I decided to, and then I got bored of it. But some of the rules have just stuck to me.” I explained.

“I couldn't be bothered. It sounded interesting, don't get me wrong. Just not something I'd leave the house for.” Hozzie said.

“Well, cereal's in the drawer next to the fridge, and I'm guessing the English keep milk in the fridge too.” Dean said. Once we had all eaten our food, Dean told me to follow him. I groaned and did as I was told. I was led to an open wooded area. I'm assuming it was their garden, so I didn't really think twice about it. “You're right. Reading sucks. So I’m letting you do something practical.” He said.

“Like what?” I asked. Instead of saying anything, he just handed me a pistol. I despised it. I hate everything about guns, and I’ve never thought anything different since the night mine and Hozzie's mum died. “No.” I said.

“Lemme guess. You think guns aren't the problem, but the people in control of them are, right? You think all guns are enough to take down the world? That they're just metal evil?” He asked. I shook my head.

“No.” I repeated. “No, they're not the problem, no, the people handling them aren't the problem.” I told him.

“Then what is the problem?” He asked. Whenever people ask me that, despite my natural will, I always think about it.

”You're so pathetic. Both of you are!” Mum yelled.

”Then why don't you just let us piss off to dad? Whenever he's around, he doesn't seem to mind us.” I argued. Hozzie hated all the screaming we were doing, and ran up to our room in tears.

”When's the last time you've ever seen that lowlife? You honestly think he cares about you?” She asked. There was something about the way she said it, the way that it was so cold, that made me think that she didn't care about us either. “You know what? I absolutely hate that man. I hate him even more now that I've realised you two inherited a lot of your personality from him. Especially you, Penina. You're the worst.” She said.

”What, so you hate us?” I asked bitterly, trying to stop my tears from falling.

”You should already know that, Penina. At least Hozzie's smart enough to stop asking me questions and leave the room.” She spat at me. Before I had a chance to say anything back to her, she pulled a shiny metal object from behind her. I was so sure that she was going to kill me. She pointed the gun at me, and placed her finger gently on the trigger. “Goodnight, you irritating piece of work.” She said. I was frozen in the spot. She then turned the gun around to face her, and after a loud bang, I watched her body fall to the ground.

I snapped out of my memory and faced Dean.

“I just don't like guns, alright?” I persisted. I don't want him to know about the reason why my mum died so soon. After I told the police, they told me it was probably a very severe depression she had that had just gone unnoticed, which to me made no sense. She was always so happy and she never stopped telling us how much she loved us.

“Look, I get it. Guns aren't all that great, but you've only heard about them being used to kill humans or people who hunt animals. But you're gonna have to trust me. It's like water, alright? It can kill you, but it can also save you.” He explained.

“Please, Dean. Please don't make me touch that thing.” I requested. He then sighed in resignation and put it back into wherever he hid it in the first place. I'm guessing he has a hidden belt or something to keep all his necessary weapons in. “I'll try to get over it at some point, but not yet.” I said.

“Whatever it is that you hate about them, I promise that Sam and I will make sure that it doesn't happen. So how about we do something basic for now? Self defence sound good?” He asked. I just nodded my head. “Great. Now try to attack me.” He said. I didn't need to be told twice. I was full of rage. Not at him necessarily, but at this whole situation. So I went to punch him square in the jaw, but he blocked me. So I tried again with my other fist, but he did the same. I tried to hurt him in any possible way I could think of, but he always managed to stop me. This went on for about 10 minutes before I got out of breath and gave up.

“Why can't you just let me cause you some pain?” I asked, panting after every couple of words. Dean just giggled.

“You know, that's not too bad. I know you didn't even get any punches in, but your actual technique to punching and kicking was awesome.” He commented.

“Well how come I'm not getting you?” I asked.

“Because I'm awesome. I didn't manage to become so good overnight. I've been training my whole life. So maybe you'll get there some day.” He said with a hint of pride in his voice. He patted my shoulder twice, then spun me around.

“Right, time to switch. Sorry about this, but I had to read too.” He said. I groaned.

“I always feel like such an idiot whenever I say that I hate reading.” I confessed. We were already making our way inside.

“The only idiots in the world are people who think they're better than other people because they do things that others don't. Remember that. Besides, Sam's a nerd.” He joked. I smiled and nodded my head. We made our way into the dining room, and Sam snapped his head towards us.

“It's switching time already?” Sam asked. Dean just nodded his head.

“She's worn herself out already.” Dean said, playfully messing up my hair. I swatted his hand off and brushed my brown and orange locks with my fingers. I looked at Hozzie and noticed that she was really into whatever the book was. However, in about 5 minutes, we made our switch. I was sitting around the corner of the table from where Sam was sitting.

“Okay, so, do you know anything about the supernatural at all?” He asked. I shook my head.

“Not a thing.” I answered.

“But you know about some beings, right?” He asked. I shrugged.

“Werewolves, vampires, demons, zombies. I don't know. Those sorts of stuff.” I told him. He nodded his head.

“Well, do you know how to kill a vampire?” Sam asked.

“Aren't they already dead?” I asked. He smirked and nodded his head.

“Yeah, I guess. But I mean completely dead. To stop an individual vampire from ever walking the face of the earth again.” He said.

“Then no.” I answered. He smiled and nodded his head.

“That's good then. We can start your knowledge off on a clean slate. Vampires die by getting rid of their head. Whether you chop it off or stomp on it enough that it just ends up falling off, it doesn't really matter. But their head coming off their bodies does matter.” He said. I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You've killed a vampire then?” I asked. He nodded his head.

“A few times. There was a time when we thought that vampires were extinct, but we were wrong.” He said. I nodded my head, not wanting to take this conversation about vampires any further. The fact that they exist creep me out. But I guess that wasn't the worst thing to ever exist. After a few minutes of silent reading, I heard the one thing I never wanted to hear again. Gunshots. It immediately made me want to run as fast as I could.

“Sam, can you get them to stop?” I asked, panic evident in my voice. He looked at me in worry.

“What's wrong?” He asked. Another gunshot sound rang through my ears, making me cover my head in utter panic. I can't go through that fear again. I absolutely refuse. Sam ran up to me and tried to comfort me, but it didn't work. I can't get the image of that moment out of my head.

“Please, just stop it!” I begged. I knew that Hozzie wasn't as against guns as me. In fact, she probably didn't think twice about them when it came to this kind of stuff, but she was lucky. She got away from it all.

“It's alright. Okay? The sound isn't coming from in here.” Sam said. I nodded my head.

“I know, but I can still see it.” I screeched. My tears were burning my already aching cheeks.

“Cas!” Sam screamed. The sound of wings went through my ears, temporarily blocking out the noise of the shooting. I felt a familiar pair of fingers on my forehead, and I opened my eyes in a bright, white room. I felt somewhat different. I could still feel something, but for the most part I felt numb.

“Castiel?” I asked calmly. My tears had vanished, and I looked around. It was nothing but this big bright light. There was no sign of Castiel anywhere for a bit, until he suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Penina.” He said in a greeting kind of tone.

“Castiel, what is this place? Have I died?” I asked, but I wasn't that confident that I had. Cas smiled and shook his head.

“No. You're perfectly alive and well. I just made you go to sleep for a bit. You were very scared, and we don't know why.” He said. I nodded my head.

“So, wait a second. You're in my mind?” I asked. “Shouldn't that make you weaker?” I asked. If him transporting us from place to place could put him in such a dangerous condition, than surely this should be worse for him. He shook his head.

“Quite the opposite, in fact. As Dean would say, humans charge our batteries.” He told me. I nodded my head.

“Why are we here then?” I asked.

“To see what you see.” He answered.

“What do you mean?”

“You said that you can still see it whenever you hear a gunshot. We need to know what it is.” He said. I shook my head.

“No! Please don't make me see it again.” I pleaded, but he wouldn't listen to me. He made a gun appear in his hand, and he shot it at nothing. But the sound made me go back to that moment.

”Goodnight, you irritating piece of work.” She said just before shooting her chest. The only thing that was different about this moment this time is Castiel observing it. He was right next to me. She fell to the ground, a gun still remained in her hand. Her blood ended up soaking through her white sun dress she was wearing that day. Her blue eyes were still open, and her dark brown hair looked an absolute mess.

”Hozzie!” I screamed to my sister. I looked away and tried to warn her not to look, but as soon as she saw the blood it was too late. Our mother was dead, that much was obvious. She was crying too hard to properly see it anymore. I turned to face it, and I could've sworn I saw the smallest amount of black smoke escaping from the vents, but it didn't seem to matter. Our mum had just died, and apparently having us as daughters was perfect leverage.

As soon as that image stopped, I went back to the white room with Castiel. I was hyperventilating, and he just walked up to me.

“Your mother didn't kill herself.” He said simply. I looked up at him in utter confusion.

“Yes she did.” I told him. He shook his head.

“It was a demon. A demon killed your mother. It's time to wake up now.” He said. After he touched my forehead one more time, I woke up in Sam's arms and gasped as everyone looked at me.

“Penina, are you alright?” Hozzie asked, kneeling down to look at me. I shook my head.

“Mum was murdered.” I told her.

Enjoy! :D
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