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Winds of change

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Synopsis: Beck is a controlling and manipulative boyfriend. Aubrey has always felt something for Ben. Will Ben choose the person he always wanted to be with, or will Beck find a way to still be wit...

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A/n: If anyone on here is a fan of rapper, Drake and the TV show, Victorious like I am (don't judge me lol) I hope you all like my story. I don't own the name Drake or any of his songs. I don't own Victorious. And I don't own Hollywood Arts. I own the plot of this story, and my original character name. The lyrics are from Drake's song 'Connect'. Leave comments if you want and nothing too nasty. Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1: Dream about you



eyes closed just swangin.

Same city, same friends if your looking for me.

Same city, same friends if your looking,

I'll be here just swangin'.

Don't talk to me like I'm famous,

And don't assume cause i don't expect assumptions babe.

I'm just trying to connect with something back.




Ben's P.o.v.

He takes off the Headphones. "What do you think?". Asks Aubrey.

"I like it. It's got a good feeling for when you're driving your car at night. Or riding your bike". I say as I smile.

He laughs. "Thanks. I think I'm finished for the night".

I take the last bite of the pizza we had delivered and I said "One more verse. Come on!". I say as I beg.

"No! I'm getting tired. And besides, I still haven't showered".

I chuckle and shake my head. "Wow". He looks at me confused. "What?".

"I didn't think you were a girl. Does that mean I can call you Adrian?". I say jokingly. He playfully nudges me with his elbow against my arm and laughs. "Shut up". Aubrey says.

I give him a small smile but it drops after I get a text message from my boyfriend, Beck.

That's just great.

From Beck: Where are you? You've been at his house for too long.

From Beck: Call me immediately. Hurry up.

Beck and his PMS is starting to annoy me more and more. Me and Aubrey are best friends. We've been best friends since second grade. I'm not the type of guy to go snooping around with someone else while being in a relationship. He knows this, so, what's Beck have to fly off his handle about?.

"Who texted you?".


Aubrey nods and takes a sip of his root beer. "Do you want some?".

"I'm okay". I text Beck.

To Beck: He just got done with the chorus. Babe, you need to chill out.

From Beck: I told you to call me didn't I?

From Beck: This is the 3rd night this week that you've been at his house...."Recording music".

To beck: You're making it into something its not. I think you need to take the night to cool off. I'll see you tomorrow, Beck.

I get up from sitting on the chair and say" I'm going to head home".

"You leaving me already?".

"Yeah, it's getting late". Audrey's face turned into a frown.

"Okay. Are you going to be in school tomorrow?". He asks.

"Of course".

"Alright. Can we work on recording my song 'Trust Issues' tomorrow? Or do you need to spend time with Beck?".

"You're asking me too many questions. Are you writing a book? And sure, we can record tomorrow. Beck is pissed at me, but, fuck him. He'll live. Plus me and him are going to the movies this Saturday".

"Oh, That's cool. And yes, I'm writing a book. it's called a million questions to ask Ben Augustine". Aubrey says as he smiles. I stick my tongue at him. Aubrey rolls his eyes at me playfully. "Beck will be fine. I'll see you tomorrow, be safe". He says.

"You too".

I leave Aubrey's house and drive to my house.

Aubrey's P.o.v.

I wish he didn't have to go. I'm not sure what he sees in Beck, but but the way Beck treats him is not right. The hell with Beck. I hope sometime soon to show Ben that I can be the guy for him. That I won't be as cold and insecure and I'll ACTUALLY treat Ben RIGHT. I don't want to ruin our friendship, however, I been in love with him since second grade. I wish there was some way I can tell him. He should have someone who wants him around all the time and not feel like he's being thrown away.

Ben's P.o.v.

I don't know what's gotten into Beck. It's not like I'm going to lose any sleep over him being jealous. I saw my dad passed out on the couch. My parents probably had a fight. I sigh and went upstairs to my room. I finish the other half of my homework and get some studying done. After taking a shower-the night ends with me crashing on my bed and dreaming about....Aubrey.
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